January 13, 2015

The truth can not be revealed because it is not hidden

The truth can not be revealed because it is not hidden

Here we had a hint from a participant, who asked us if we could talk about trust. It is indeed an interesting subject.

I would like to ask you, when you enter an aircraft what do you do? When you go to the dentist and you sit on the dentist’s chair or see that girl dressed in white or the young man with boyish face, while you, on the other hand, are already middle aged or older, what happens? Do you ask for the dentist’s diploma? Do you try to know what were the previous experiences of that boy or that girl? How about from the taxi driver?

So when we talk about confidence, I do not know if we can talk about distrust.  To talk about trust or distrust is actually the same. The fact is that here you are faced with a very convincing illusion, a great trick. One world that seems solid, a sensory experience that seems very real, a trick of light and shadows, sounds and smells. We are facing an illusion, an illusion that needs to be investigated. We are facing the illusion of an identity in this experience, experiencing all this. And the point here is that there is no way for this to be investigated without this trust. The investigation of the illusion, the illusion of the sense of separation, is only possible in a deep trust. The word confidence here, we replace by the word surrender, just as you surrender to the pilot and to the dentist. This relationship with the Presence, with the Grace, with the Awareness. Here you are with the one who is established in his Natural State, investigating with you the truth about all this. You either trust this, or you continue in this beautiful and charming illusion...

You have the possibility to investigate about it in this trust. It is as if I have said to you: - You have already been trying your own way and it has not worked. So now I tell you, there is a way to do it. I can assure you that there is a way to do it. How can you handle this? You either get inside the aircraft or you get out; you either stay sited on the dentist’s chair or you leave.  But you need to face this situation of traveling or of treating your teeth. At some point you will have to stop and face this. Can you understand what we are saying?

As Ramana has said, the Guru is a lion that wakes up... He is a lion on the elephant’s dream. He is there to wake the sleeper elephant, but after the elephant wakes up, it realizes that there is no lion, or any dream. There is not any lion in his dream, or any dream at all!  So let me welcome you home, at your own Being, this unique place that is always what it is. The whole idea of an external world is just an idea, a concept, a belief. The idea that you are someone who experiences, someone who thinks, someone who observes is just an idea. In this experience, the idea of someone who experiences is only a belief. And once there is this belief, everything else appears.  All the illusion based on the sense of separation appears. This convincing illusion… And to get rid of this convincing illusion, deep and meaningful trust is required. This is possible in this relationship, only in this relationship, this apparent relationship. The lion’s presence in the elephant’s dream, to wake the elephant up, is also only an illusion, but a necessary illusion, a divine play, a trick of God to wake the elephant up.

We need to get rid of this illusion. And to free ourselves from this illusion we need another illusion (LOL). To get rid of the illusion of the non-realization, we need the illusion of a supposed realized, talking about His own achievement. A great divine play. There is only realization everywhere, supposed realized, supposed not realized, but to talk about it theoretically, ideologically, conceptually, is a big nonsense, a great nonsense...

You need to "know" this directly, to know what it is, to know what is realization, the end of this primary illusion, the illusion of the ego.  It is not an illusion that must be destroyed as we have spoken many times, because it is just a thought. You are just a thought, but a very much convincing thought. It is the dream of separation. The lion enters in this dream and awake you to your own True Nature. These sayings are always very strange...

PARTICIPANT: All this gives a shock in my mind. I feel confused...

MG: Confusion is part of the mind’s nature. The mind itself is the confusion, so do not care about this mess, this is part of what the mind is. You need to trust to what we are pointing here. This talk is about trust. We are saying that there is something there that is able to witness, to understand this confusion, so this confusion does not happen to you, it happens to the present confused mind. You are never confused, you never care about clearness or confusion, only the mind is concerned about clarification or confusion. If confusion is there, let it stay there. Trying to dissipate the confusion produces more confusion, because the one who seeks to dissipate the confusion is part of the confusion. Otherwise he would never try to get rid of it. If we do not do anything with confusion and let it loose, as we generally say in these statements, we begin to realize that it does not have an identity, it cannot be fixed, it is just a chaotic movement of the thought, a thought happening without a thinker. And then we have another question:
PARTICIPANT: If the sense of myself is illusory, to whom is the truth revealed?

MG: There is only the truth, and it is already what it is. It cannot be disclosed because it is not hidden. This concealment of the truth is only a movement, this confused, chaotic, foggy movement of the thought. Once having been unidentified from the thought, the truth is there, as it has always been. The truth is always present; it does not appear because it is not hidden. What falls is the illusion of the sense of separation created by the thought. We are giving identity to the thought, but the thought does not have an identity behind it. It is like this with emotions and sensations; there is not anyone in this experience of thinking, of feeling the experience of emotion, the experience of sensation... Wait, wait... (many participants are writing questions in the Paltalk room). You are asking many questions, pay attention at each answer calmly. When you are very interested in your question, you are only in the intellect, busy with this. Listen to the question that others make because in their answer might be for you too. You say:

PARTICIPANT: Why sometimes seems pointless to be here asking questions, since it seems to me that they will not lead me anywhere? But at the same time am I here again asking them…

MG: You see, the questions have a certain place in Satsang. They will always have a certain place in Satsang. But paradoxically, the truth is beyond the answers, because it is beyond the person that makes the question. But while there are questions, they must be made. More important than the answer is the end of the person who makes the question. But we cannot force it, that person will disappear with time, along with the questions he has it, while he believes he is someone...

We are always encouraging you to come to Satsang. You will soon discover why the only real answer is the Grace’s Power. What is experienced in this silence, in this contact, in this touch, in this look, in this proximity... There is something present in this talk; bigger than these questions and answers; it is presence of this silence. You can experience it there, although you cannot express it in words. This silence is your Real Nature. Your Real Nature is the end of the questions and answers; it is the end of knowledge and non-knowledge. Realization is the act of knowing without the knower.

The mind spends its whole life in search for answers. Everything the mind wants is to find peace. All spiritual quest rests upon this hypothesis, the hypothesis that the mind or this seeker, this person, this sense of identity one day will reach freedom, liberation, enlightenment. One day it will find the end for his questions and answers, but in fact the mind will always be in this movement, as long as this center, this “me”, this “I”, this game continues. There is a reality beyond all questions and answers, all understanding and not understanding, beyond all possibility of understanding or not understanding. But that means the end of the mind. When you have been in Satsang for a while, the questions you ask begin to fall, you begin to realize that there is no answer for many of the questions you have, because they are questions that are only in the intellect’s level.

Well let’s stop here, our time has reached the end. It is 11:04 p.m.
I am grateful for the presence of all of you. And more important than questions and answers that we can have during these meetings is precisely this moment of silence, this moment of hearts meeting.

Transcription from an online Satsang via Paltalk on 05/21/14
Edited on 04/04/15