May 20, 2015

Satsang: Awakening and Consciousness (the science of what Is)

There is the Realization of the Self! Realization, the liberation here is the end of fear. The end of fear is the end of the belief, it is the end of the mind, it is the end of that chaotic movement, conflicted, troubled, unconscious, mechanical, which is the mind, which is the thoughts in motion, that are not observed inside this mechanism, this organism.

Here we recommend you to just enjoy what comes and goes, do not get mixed with what comes and goes. Notice that sensations come and go, thoughts come and go, ideas come and go, comparisons, judgments, these notions of right and wrong. Ideas such as; “this should be, this should be not, this can be, this can be not, this can happen, this can not happen, that is right, that is wrong”. All these come and go, and life remains immutable Consciousness within itself, witnessing all this change, without a destination, without a future, without a project. For us there has to be a project, everything must have a reason and a way to happen, but that is only a mental belief.

Life itself knows another order, which is not the chaos as the mind knows, nor the order as the mind knows either. It is an order of another order. And here this science of what Is, which is Consciousness, means this vision. Notice that the understanding is present in silence. When there is an understanding the silence is present. In the understanding there are no questions, no explanations, no answers, none of those are necessary. So understanding accompanies the silence, and silence can be evidenced. When there is this direct observation of what Is, there is silence. And this silence, without question, without explaining anything, without answering anything, is the simple vision of the Truth, which is understanding.

And with this understanding there is no contradiction, no conflict, no order as we know, and no disorder. It is just life happening without any project, without any planning. Something without a past, without a future, out of time.

Awakening is that, it is this Awareness conscious of itself, immutable, quiet, understanding, peace, this freedom of watching what is manifested, knowing it is like that and it can not be any other way.

So all this weight disappears, all this sense of exclusion disappears, this whole sense of isolationism, separatism, of inadequacy disappears.

Transcription from a Satsang recorded at Laranjeiras – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Edited on 15/04/2015