February 2, 2016

About smoking, drinking, sex and drugs

The egoic mind is expert in keeping itself with continuity, and it will make everything to distract you.

Anything that can provide this “slide” to conditioning patterns is harmful, such as smoking, drinking, sex and drugs.

These distractions are a great refuge for some egoic patterns, because they “rescue” this ego and don’t let the pain come to surface. 

Everything the mind knows how to do well is to keep its continuity.

It will do anything, and that which can be a simple body’s act can become a great ego’s refuge.
If this flight is being fed, be radical, let the body die of inanition.

Sex is the same thing, because if it is an obsessive pattern, addictive, or dependable, it is a refuge, a misery.

You are not the body. This also applies to food’s types that make you ill, even the “small cup of coffee”.  I see people that say: I cannot handle being without my coffee because I get a headache…

*Transcribed from a meeting held in São Paulo in September 2014