March 21, 2016


We must look into this: what does all the dependency that we have mean? Why is it here? We are deeply dependent! We depend on “others”. In relationships, there is only one level which is important: the common level, the natural level, the physical relation with things and people. For me, “people” are synonymous to humans; they view themselves as the body-mind, something free from a “psychological structure”. That is because this “psychological structure” is the real cause of all confusion in our lives, created by this same dependency that we have. So, we carry much dependency, from things and from people.

This dependency, is on the base of this “psychological structure”, something purely mental, and it is exactly on this level that we don’t need to live that way. There is a new way to live, something that is only possible when we are free from all forms of dependency, from things, situations, places, and people; free from the psychological level, not physical. The physical level has a place, an importance, it is something very appropriate. However, I am speaking about the psychological dependency, which is entirely mental.

Our lives have been like that.  There is something that we have always been saying here: the importance of being “alone”. And when we talk of “being alone”, we mean, “staying alone” - psychologically, not physically. Relationships are important, but the mind’s view of a “relation” is full of conflict; it is something very burdensome, heavy, and difficult. That is how we have been living our lives-  all of us. So, what we need to ask ourselves is: what place do our relationships have? What value they have, if not the value of conflict, of confusion, of fear, of envy, of jealousy, of possession, that is, something that produces great suffering, great misery?

So, we need to explore this, look at it, many times you find out that you can be free of it; it is something dispensable, not necessary. This is the “life” only exists in the “mind”, it is the “I”, the “personality”, the “non real life”; but this is not Your Life. In other words, you believe in this so-called, “my life”. So, I will refer to this unreal life as “your life”, not your “Real Life”. In Satsang we are dealing with the Real Life.

Real Life is free from the sense of separateness, this mental structure. It is free from all forms of dependency that occur in everyday relations, because it is only in this level that dependency happens. Contact with people, things, situations, and I repeat, “people” are other human beings – will always be there. Therefore, one should not believe that we have to avoid such contact. We have also been avoiding contact; whether running to the monastery, where the purpose of the retreat is to remove us from the company of others, or desperately racing to get illicit or licit drugs, such as psychotropic medications.  These are few ways which people use to escape a life full of conflict; a life that is psychologically dependant on “others”. Right here now, in Satsang, I would like to say something to you: there are no others, if the “You” (the illusory identity) is absent.

Let me reiterate, if the “psychological structure” is absent, there are no “others”. If “you” are not present, then everything comes to an end: all forms of escape, various dependencies, conflicts, fears, desires, jealousies, even the idea of having friends and enemies, and having “someone” that “I” love – in fact, “someone” who “I” depend upon. In Love there isn’t this “someone”, because when “you” are not there, the other is not there either, and only then, Love is present.  Therefore, when there is Love, everything ceases, absolutely everything, and only “He” triumphs. Only He, in himself, is manifested. And this is the most simple, authentic, real and truthful way of living. Love is the only Real Life!  In Love there is no “other”, because “You” are not there, this “you” who you believe yourself to be. There is only this You, that you Are, the ultimate Truth. You are Love, there is only You; then the “other” is not seen.

Human beings are seen, so-called “people” are seen, but all is seen in You. Here, there is no such thing as the “love of neighbor”, there is just Love, that is present when no other form of dependency is present. That is Freedom, that is Beatitude, that is Peace, Realization, Truth. That is God, That is You!

*translated from a Satsang on March 2012

March 14, 2016


How wonderful that we are together once more, in this moment, with this opportunity. The first thing that we are concerned in these meetings is the nature of Consciousness, of Reality, of the Truth.

Satsang means “the encounter with the Truth”, “the encounter with what IS”. When we speak about the nature of Consciousness, about Reality, the most direct path is to deal with this through “Silence”. When we speak, we point to something that is present, which we become aware in this “Silence”. If we want to speak the truth about the nature of Consciousness, or about the nature of Reality, the direct path is to remain in this “Silence”. This is the highest teaching – the Silence is the real way for us to have this approach.

We make use of words, but there is something present in these meetings that is much greater than the words. In these meetings there is a Divine call to this hearing; it is a call to an unconditional way of hearing – to “hear” in this instant, to “hear” in “real time”.

Therefore, if we are quiet, listening from this “Silence”, in this “Silence”, with no conclusions, no opinion and no history, then we can have a direct contact with That that we are.

Thus, what we have in this moment, in this instant, is this Reality; not something that we can define. God is this Consciousness and that cannot be defined. In fact, few of us are mature enough to notice this Reality – the Reality that is Consciousness, that is already present in this “Silence”.

We are here, in this meeting, to experience That. I would like to invite you, invite all of you, to this Presence, this awareness.  Therefore, this is a calling. This is a moment of Presence, of Consciousness. Here every word is secondary, they are not important. So, open your heart for the “Silence”.

The point here is this: it is not about agreeing or disagreeing in the words’, concepts’, histories’ level, but about this meeting beyond the history.

It is a wonderful fact that we are together. This moment is Meditation. The person that searches, that seeks happiness and love is like that moth that doesn’t know, but that it is searching for its own flame. The search for happiness and love that the person has is like that, because he doesn’t know he will disappear. When That is present, the “person” is not present.

Thank you for own meeting tonight. Namastê.