August 23, 2016

Consciousness is the Only Real Substance

How nice to be together in one more meeting here by Paltalk. We are one more night in this meeting, which I consider the greatest of all meetings in our lives. This meeting is called Satsang. This is the greatest of all meetings. Satsang is the encounter with the Truth, the encounter with your Divine Nature, and here we have this investigation of what really matters.

We live in this big mess. In the mind, everything that we know is only confusion. It is the nature of mind. Everyone can see very quickly how this mechanism, which we call the mind, works. How complicated! How contradictory, confused and perturbed this mechanism is! This is because we speak one thing, feel another, think in another and still do another one. Contradiction is something present in this chaotic, turbulent state, in great disorder, which is the mechanism that we call the mind. Neurosis is something common to all. We have psychiatrists here in the room, and what we are putting here is indeed a fact. It is like this, only changes the intensity, the extent, how this neurosis is expressed in each mechanism. This is the state of the mind - this proper division, these two apparent present things, this dualistic behavior, in which the mind perceives that there is what it perceives as if it had a separate existence. The mind creates this separation.

So, there are two things: awareness and appearance (the objects, the world). This is the belief - a separate entity believing in this. Here there is the illusion. This "I", this "me" inside the body, out of the "world", living the objective experiences. From inside the body, looking out to the world outside. This is something that we accept in a very conventional way, very legitimate, as being real. This is the division, this is the neurosis. All suffering, all misery, all confusion and all internal disorder are based on this belief.

Tonight, we are inviting you to discover the illusion of this. When we explore it, we investigate this awareness, perceiving, understanding this illusion, going deep into it through self-enquiry, meditation and this surrender, we have the possibility to go beyond this duality, beyond this confusion and this suffering, beyond all this disorder, beyond this neurosis. In this way, we can find that there is no such limitation, this confusion as if it were something real, because this is something present in this duality, it is something present in this dual mind. Thus, there is no such "person". There isn´t anything personal in this Consciousness, which is our Real Nature, which is unlimited.

Here we are before this silence ...the finding of this Silence. Truth is what we are, not on what we are identified with, in this illusory experience, this dual experience - "I and the world." So, the relationship between consciousness - that is what perceives - and what is perceived, in fact, is an illusion.The body, the mind and the world, as any experience, appear in this Consciousness and they are not separate from It. There is no separation.The only real substance is Consciousness. It is the mind that has created the illusion of "someone" present now, here, with an own life, private, personal. It is the mind that has turned this story into something of an entity "real," "present," but it is just a story, not an entity present. Seeing that way, nothing is serious. It is a great divine game, everything is appearing and disappearing, everything is going. All this despair, all this disturbance and all this suffering are on this seriousness. And this is just a dream, a divine dream, there is nothing serious going on. When the mind tries to go through an entity, then it gets serious: it assumes a name, assumes a body and assumes a story. Thus, everything is very serious.

The way we usually know is the way of being something. Our conditioning, the conditioning we receive is this: we have to be something. And here, the secret is to Be. The idea is "I am something" and, here, the proposal is: I Am! This "I Am" is nothing. "I Am" means nothing. It is a different movement from the one we received.

The only advice is: you are not real. The only advice is: do not believe in thoughts. OK?.

Let us finish here tonight. See you next meeting! Namaste!

* Transcribed from an online meeting in the evening of March 2nd, 2016 - Meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 22h by the Paltalk app

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