August 19, 2016

Meditation requires no effort to happen

Maybe you ask me what meditation is. Meditation? Do not meditate on that. If someone orders you to stop thinking, and you strive in this direction, you soon will discover that there is no way to do that. It is because the thought happens without you. And, here, we have something interesting to be said: in the same way, meditation is something that happens without you. So, effort won't cease thoughts from happen, as meditation requires no effort to happen.

Your Natural State is already meditative, when there is no identification with the mind. When there is not this obsession, fixation, this undue importance we have given to the thought, then meditation is present; and that is very natural.

Listen to this calmly. I'm saying that, when you look at something, thought is not present, but a second later it comes up, and, when it does, it says "I want" or "I do not want"; "I like" or "I dislike"; or anything else. However, at that moment of the look, at that instant of the look, there is no thought. The same happens with the thing of hearing. You hear a sound, and at that very moment you are listening to it, there is no interpretation on it, no thing as "I like it", "I do not like it", "it disturbs me", "it does not disturbs me", "it’s good" or "it’s bad". Therefore, I want to invite you to stay there, only in the listening, without judging, without translating, without interpreting. Stay there in the looking, in the viewing, without saying "like" or "dislike". This is possible when you are aware to this movement of the thought that happens. Such attention puts an end to this conditioned pattern, a mindset, that is always putting us in this unnatural challenge of "being someone", "being something" - "someone" who likes or dislikes something, who listens to, or sees something. Have you followed what I’ve said?

Be natural is not being "someone", here, right now. This, folks, is so simple ... It's really simple! That is the work. Notice this: It is not your work, it's just the work. Because, if you entered doing something, you destroyed it. You do not fit there, the work takes place without you. You are not inserted into it, you are not involved on it, you have nothing to do with that.

We have, very strong within each one of us, this thing of showing up, always. Especially when we aren’t requested, we have to show up! You do not have to get involved with anything, or get involved with everything, but the mind is always getting involved with anything, always involved with everything, and that breaks off, disrupt, your naturalness, your Natural State, which is Silence, which is Stillness, which is Peace.

So, I want to say to you: stay there! Even when you go out, to the "outside", talking, having a conversation, taking positions, keeping your positions, even though you have to be there, in the "outside", do not leave home, stay there! This is the art of Being, to be yourself. This is natural, very natural. There is a present "discipline", but it is a subject of a new order - it is the discipline of self-investigation, of meditation and surrender. Is that clear? This comes in a natural way, as natural as a fish swimming, a bird flying, and the sun shining. This is being natural.

* Excerpt from a speech held in February 2012

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