August 10, 2016

Meditation is already your natural state

When we say that you are Silence, we are saying that you do not suffer from agitation. We are not pointing to the absence of sound, but to the absence of any agitation. We are aiming for that stillness, which is being natural, that is to live naturally, and that's your challenge: giving up the challenge of “being unnatural" to live.

I'm saying to live, just live. Living means to listen, to talk, to smile, to walk, to work, to go home, to sleep, to get up, without ever identifying yourself with the illusion, never trust what your graduation has given you, in the social training you received from your parents, educators, those who came before you. So, I'm pointing to something unique here, if you can notice it. When I say it is something unique, I'm not saying it's something unnatural, especially in this sense. I'm saying that it's something simple, direct, real and true accepting the silence, the stillness of this undisturbed natural state. You can be "outside" without leaving there. Only the action happens on the outside, and this internal presence makes this possible. You never leave home, although you are busy all the time, involved with the outside world. Listen to what I'm telling you here. I am talking about this art of dealing with the outside world, of dealing with the external life, but always being present in this silence, in this stillness, in this undisturbed state of Being, that is you.

So we've been talking about Meditation. Meditation is not a practice, it is not an exercise. Meditation is learning to look naturally, without being lost in this mental world, this world of thoughts, emotions, feelings, conditionings. That's what we're talking about right now.

It's a revealing moment! We have this moment here for each of us. It is the available moment, the only moment we have. When I say that it is the only moment, it is because there is no other time out of this one. All that is happening, is always happening at this moment, in this unique moment. Thus, we can look at this, for the value, to the beauty of Meditation, because It is this single step for this Silence, which is this natural stillness, which is You.

Meditation is now your natural state, it is not a practice. There is no method, no system, nothing you can do ... step number one, step number two, three, and so on. So if we're here willing to accept this challenge, which is giving up the challenge of being unnatural, we have to deepen this "thing" we have to open ourselves to this "thing", apprehend the deep and real meaning of it, this "thing" - which, paradoxically, is so simple - called Meditation.

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