August 5, 2016

Self-image and Fear

The practical side is: let this space, which is Silence, calmness, Truth, Consciousness, permeate your life so that "your life" disappears and only the Truth remains. And the Truth is Consciousness, this non-dual Consciousness, this Consciousness which is the Truth that You Are. Unlike that, what you got is pure imagination, pure fantasy of being someone, of living as someone.

Then, you worry about your picture on facebook... It is just your picture, the importance of someone. The book of faces, the report of faces is called facebook.

Any concern you have is based on the image you have of yourself. All the fear you have, the desire to be unique, to be the first... If you cannot be the first, you will be at least be the second. I see that in the dining hall. You strive to be the second, because you can’t be the first, otherwise you would, but nobody wanna be the last. Total unconsciousness! Total despair of not having any remaining food for the last one.

You look at a picture: who do you want to see first in the photo? In the film, who would you look for first? If you do not Awaken, you will die this way: scared.

These days, here, let's talk about it. Let's see if we can bring more Awareness, more Presence, so that "our life" ceases to be that "our life", because that "our life" has shown itself to be very miserable, very conflictive, very poor.

One day Christ said: when someone offer you a place to be seated, stay calm, do not seek for the first seats, let the guest put you in the place that is for you! Because the first will be the last and the last shall be the first.

Self-image! Fear! What are you afraid of? Why are you afraid? You are identifying yourself with appearances, losing yourself in appearances. You are very attached to the body, to the image: "I am somebody". You do that all the time! That’s why you have problems! That is why you are in trouble!

You are concerned about the body, the mind, with self favouritism. There is a Presence taking care of everything, supplying all, providing everything, bringing everything, taking everything. But you are centered in “yourself”.

* Excerpt from a speech held at the Ramanashram Gualberto locate in Campos do Jordão/BRAZIL and made ​​available on video at, in January 2016

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