August 25, 2016

The direct understanding

From the direct and real understanding of this Truth - that is, if you go directly to this real substance, to the substrate, to this basis of all knowledge, of any experience, without exception – you will find one single thing present here, which is this Consciousness. This Consciousness is what we are, this is the only substance. There is nothing out of It. There is nothing more. This substance is this Consciousness, which is Happiness.

It is not possible to separate Happiness from this reality that is this Consciousness. So, Happiness is not possible in anything outside: in material goods, properties, professional achievements, far less in relationships.

I invite you to Be, to assume what You Are: Pure Consciousness.

These meetings, in Satsang, are for this inquiry, this investigation, this immersion and this finding about that Consciousness that is Happiness. This Happiness is Love, and this Love does not come from outside - It is the nature of the Being, of God, of Truth.

This cannot be an abstract thing as a theory, one more concept and one more belief. This Consciousness is what permeates from outside to inside, from inside to outside; It is the substance, it is the Truth of this manifestation.

It is not the world and that Consciousness, it is not the “mind-body mechanism” and this Consciousness, it is not the “thought, feeling, emotion, action, pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, good and evil" and this Consciousness. I am saying this Consciousness is the only reality of all these appearances. Above everything, inside everything, within everything, under everything, there IT is.

What is the most intimate - no matter if it is the pain or the most terrible suffering – there it is this Love is which this Consciousness. It is only on the surface, on the periphery, on the appearance and on the way that it seems to us as pain and suffering.

If we leave the resistance, if we abandon this reactivity, if we do not confuse with this appearance, then, we remain in this Consciousness, beyond names and forms; we remain in our Being, in our Divine Nature, which is Love. And so, it is not possible to be affected. Living in this affectation is being identified with names, forms and appearances, in the way that what is changing presents itself.

*transcribed from an on line meeting via Paltalk on March 23rd, 2016 night.

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