August 12, 2016

The end of suffering

Ignorance plays an important role in your life, it took a very important role in your life. Ignorance, not in the sense of lack of knowledge. Ignorance, for me, is absence of the natural, absence of the real, it's illusion. And ignorance plays, today, an important role in your life. This is something that needs to be clear to you. When it is clear to you, it disappears because it is an illusion.

What important role is that? The role of suffering. Suffering is only possible for the stupid mind, the mind that is this unconsciousness, this alienation of the Real, this alienation of the Truth. So, ignorance represents this important role which is the suffering - present suffering due to this ignorance, only possible in that unconscious mind, this stupid mind, that non clear vision of pure intelligence.

The end of this illusion, the end of this ignorance, the end of this mind which is unconsciousness, the end of this stupidity, it is the end of suffering. And I'm gonna put, to you, now, a little bit about it. I will show you, in this speech, the impossibility of being natural and suffer.

Look around you, and you will see that pleasure and pain are something present, that all nature knows the pleasure and pain, and that has a natural purpose. There is, behind the pain and pleasure, a natural purpose. Without this, the existence on the planet, the existence of sentient beings, living beings, would be impossible. The nature of the animal´s body, as well as the plant´s body, the human´s body, all life on earth is happening with pain and pleasure.

Nature, for example, is endowed with sexual pleasure. The purpose of nature is the continuity of the species. Even the flowers reproduce in this pleasant game of this encounter. And everything moves contributing to the pleasure.

When small insects, such as the butterfly, carry the pollen from one flower to the other ... When the birds spread the seeds traveling from one place to another ... They feed themselves, there is a pleasure in eating, there is a pleasure in this satiety to eat or drink, and then the animals take this seed … defecate it ... it falls on the ground ... which means, there is a whole natural cycle of life expression going on the planet because pleasure is possible.

And this natural thing, which is the pain, it is the body's natural search, trying to protect itself from being destroyed, to continue for longer, in order to multiply, duplicate itself to other new bodies through sex. So, it is natural in Life, it is natural in the Existence, it is natural on this manifestation, the expression of pleasure and pain.

We could talk a long time about it, and I am not an expert in this area. All the body's defense mechanisms are linked to this searching to get the pain away. Because pain represents danger to this machine.

The whole nature suffers from the pain and enjoys pleasure. Sleeping is a pleasure, eating is a pleasure, having sex is a pleasure, drinking is a pleasure. Cuddles, caresses, massages ... all this is pleasure to the body. For all bodies! The animals love it! So do the plants! Regardless of species, all love cuddle, caress, massage, food, to drink, to sleep and to have sex. This is pleasure, it is something natural. And all species are also protecting themselves biologically, physiologically and neurologically from the pain. This is natural: to avoid the pain and seek for pleasure..

But what happens to you is another movement. It is not this natural movement which, by nature, is intelligent and true. This unconscious, egoic mind, - that I called, earlier, stupid - is looking for turning this into its own purposes. So what is natural becomes artificial, too complex to be Real.

I want you to notice this with me: realize your willingness to suffer, your unwillingness to accept what is natural and leave it there as something natural; realize your desire to transform what is natural in something for a personal purpose, individual, particular, for an illusory center for an illusory entity. This illusory entity, this illusory center is this sense of someone you believe to be.

Everything that happens in the natural way, takes place within this divine will, with a purpose in which the person has no reality. The person is not considered as a present being throughout this phenomenon called nature.

What I am saying is that all your suffering is an independent production of a supposed imaginary entity which is creating a world apart. Nobody and nothing compel you to suffer. All your suffering is in the illusion that you are somebody. Someone who can sustain pleasure and make of the pleasure something for a personal fulfillment.

Your resistance to pain and quest for pleasure are your suffering, and this suffering is an illusion of your own. This illusion is only yours, this suffering is only yours. You are suffering because you’ve created this suffering. And it is only in this sense that God has something to do with this suffering of yours: In the sense that the appearance of this suffering - supported by this self-delusion of being someone – it is a divine grace to shake you from this illusion.

If you can accept Life as it Is - with pain and pleasure, without any resistance to pain and without any search for pleasure - then, at this moment, you cease to self-claim as a separate entity and suffering ends. Life will continue presenting itself as pleasure and pain, it will continue offering you pleasure and pain, because that is the natural movement of Existence, this is the natural movement of Life, it is in the nature of the bodies to enjoy pleasure and experience pain. However, when there is the end of this illusion of being present, setting to yourself an ideal world, where only pleasure is possible - and a pleasure that represents a self-filling sense, which should be constant, and never fails - when there is the end of this world, there is the end of this stupidity of the egoic mind. When there is the end of this stupidity of the egoic mind, there is the end of this world, this illusory world in which you believe to be someone inside it.

So, suffering is something very stupid because it's something very personal!

That’s it!

*Speech transcribed from an excerpt of a presential meeting in Satsang at the Ramanashram Gualberto in the city of Campos Do Jordao/BRAZIL in December 2015.

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