August 16, 2016

There is no me, no I, no person present there...

The main point here is to assume What You Are. You are not the author, the agent; it does not come from you the authorship, the realization. It has always been like that, it will always be. Your birth, your appearance was just an event. To get to this age, in this physical body, this mechanism did not depend on you. As for the renewal of the cells of your body, the breath, the heartbeat, the growth of nails, hair, the digestion, to sleep and waking up all these days, all these years, you never did it... it just happened to you. Note this, because you are not the author, you are not the agent. This present power, inherent, innate - your Real Nature - have been done all this, not this "you" that you believe to be. Therefore, do recognize your Real Nature, relax in It - It is wiser than you, that this "you" that you believe to be. Thus, the invitation to the Truth, to the Realization, to Peace, to Freedom, to Love, to Happiness, is the invitation to accept who You really Are, giving up the belief of whom you believe to be.

Notice the beauty of it. It points to a main point here: you do not need to continue on the belief about who you are. This belief you have about yourself is an illusion. There is no "me", no "I", no person present there. There are no people here in this space. Always and always present, it is the Truth. The Truth, which is Being, which is You. You are this Happiness, this Peace. You are this Love, this Freedom. You are that bird singing, the sun shining, the rain that falls. You are this sound that speaks and this present silence behind the speech, too. You are Meditation, your Natural State. You do not have to bring Love from somewhere; you do not have to learn about it, for it would be the same as learning how to Be. You cannot learn how to Be. You cannot stop being Who You Are. So, Love is innate, the Truth is something innate, Freedom is something innate, Beauty is something innate, Compassion is something innate. No one needs to teach you anything about these things.

So, stay there as what You Are, and it realizes. But you are not the author, This is the author. Notice the clear difference. They teach us that we should help each other, love each other, serve each other. But I tell you: you cannot serve, love and help each other, because there is no "other" - there is only you, everywhere. You cannot love your neighbor, it does not exist! You are there, everywhere, and you cannot stop loving What You Are. You cannot stop serving What You Are, and helping What You Are. The hand does not refuses to take food to the mouth. How would do that, is not it? The tongue does not refuse to taste the food. How would it do that? We are facing one single Reality, from one single present Truth doing everything without you. When this sense of an "I", a "me", of "someone", of a "person" is present, then the illusion, the separateness and ignorance are present. This is so simple.

Stay there "settled", relaxed in your Essential Nature, in your Being. Do nothing and everything will keep on going. They are afraid of telling us that, because they do not know anything about it. They behave themselves and teach based on concepts, on beliefs, ideas, on knowledge acquired from books. However, here, we feel comfort to say to you: you are this hand, you are these two hands, these two feet, these two arms, you are this Divine action, you are this action of God in your Real Nature. But remember that you are not the author, God is the author. An action free from that sense of personal identity, without this sense of "I", it is not yours, it is a Divine action, it is His action. So, just allow yourself to See. Stay there, In what You Are, in That what You Are.

* Transcript from a meeting in the city of Rio de Janeiro, held in March 2012.

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