August 3, 2016

This is the Presence that is You

In this present moment, we have the beginning and the end, we have the time going on. The time is the appearance of thought.

When thought appears time appears, the beginning and the end appear. Awakening, Enlightenment, is the end of time, and, thus, it is the end of thought. It is not the end of thought as an appearance, as well as it is not the end of time as an apparition; It is the end of time and thought as a reality.

The only reality is this “out of time” Truth. When This is present, in a practical way, it means the end of the illusion, the end of the sense of an "I" present, the end of separateness. This is the end of all existential conflict, all egoic suffering. It is not about finding this Freedom or this Peace.

In fact, we are destroying this Peace, we are destroying this Freedom, when we put ourselves in a search condition, in a mental search condition for this unspeakable thing. Peace and Freedom are this unspeakable "thing". Therefore, it is rather to allow This happen, instead of seeking make it happen. They are different things. You allow yourself to be this Peace and this Freedom.

In the mind, you try to produce something that you idealize as peace and freedom, and that is when you destroy It, destroy this real possibility, that is when you become alienated from this possibility.

You must have that urgency. Not the urgency of a mental despair, but this urgency of serenity, this patient and investigative movement. This makes all this work something beautiful, something, in fact, amazing, something much bigger. This investigation of this convincing illusion, of this great trick, of this great fraud, this closer inspection shows that none of that has real substance. That is why it is indeed amazing being in this project.

There is nothing more fascinating than this diving into ourselves, this investigation about who we are, the realization of this place that always Is. This is what I just called project - this investigation, this immersion, this direct investigating about the reality of ourselves.

It is here that we can notice That which has no beginning and no end. It is far beyond that "here" where everything begins and ends.

God is this unspeakable and indescribable Reality. When we investigate the nature of illusion, the nature of separateness, the nature of this sense of "me", that sense of "I", when we throw ourselves with all heart into it, we find that illusion does not need to be destroyed, because illusion is just a thought.

The "I" does not need to be destroyed; the "I" is just a thought. The ego is not something that needs to be destroyed; the ego is only a belief, something that has been supported by this "non-investigation", by this careless and unconscious way of living. That is why Satsang is fundamental. That is why the contact with the Presence, with the Grace, in the Guru’s form, is fundamental.

Only the one who is free, that one who notices all this game can tell us about It, has the authority to tell us about This. He can show us this primary illusion and make us clearly realize the illusion of a thinker inside of an experimenter, of someone within the body.

Your body is part of all this manifestation, of this unique Presence, this one Consciousness. Your body is not your body; your mind is not your mind. This illusion, which is the illusion of someone present there, is what makes this belief maintaining itself. While this belief remains, the illusion of search for that peace and that freedom remains. This is a vicious circle that never ends.

The mind tries to get rid of itself, to find peace and freedom as it idealizes. The mind spends a lifetime trying to achieve it. This entire spiritual search rests in this illusion, rests in this hypothesis, in the belief that the seeker can find what is sought. This seeker is a separated person who will reach one day this Liberation, this Peace or this Enlightenment.

It is always like this: "one day I get there". The question is: where is this "I"? The question is: Where is this "me"? The question is: Where is this mind? The question is: Who are you?

We are pointing to a Fullness that is within this Totality. The Totality of the Emptiness, this deepest Emptiness is that total Fullness. And you, in your Self, are That! What means that there are no you and the world, you and the life, you and the other, you and this "I" with its beliefs, ideas, sensations, feelings...

We are pointing to this mystery, something beyond all understanding, all intellectual understanding and verbal; something possible and present in it that You Are. But do not think about it. The intellect cannot embrace it, it is not part of it and it is not within it. We are talking about and showing you something that is now present, here. This is the Presence that is You.

There is no personality there is no separated "I", there is nothing that can be held, there is not anything in the world that has any value; neither the power nor the success, neither the knowledge nor the fame...

All of this are things without any real importance, they are part of a dream - the dream for the illusion of a person who lived a lifetime of choices and who believes have accomplished, or not, certain things, while the Truth remains present at this instant, now.

This present Truth is Love, It's Peace, It 's Freedom, It's Happiness, It's Grace, It's Wisdom, It's Truth. There is only God, and God is the only reality present among of all these appearances, these transient appearances, temporary appearances, changeable appearances, illusory appearances.

Here, the point is that when the reality is present, and It is present now, here, at this instant, the thought has no longer any importance, the world, its problems, your personal life, it does not matter, because it is just a dream.

While you remain as this Presence, this Truth, this immutable Reality, everything that you see through the thought, in this idea of being a thinker thinking about what happens, it is pure imagination, an imaginary story, fragmented, full of fragments, under this division.

The thought produces just this, while the Reality is what remains before all of this, before all this fragmentation, all this separateness, all this division. It is not about unity, which is also a concept. When we talk about Reality, we are talking about something out of all concepts.

The duality is within this concept; the unity is within this concept, while Reality is out of all of this. It is evident we must make use of speech, and this speech is thoughts being verbalized, but it has no value. It is not the word itself, but "to listen". It is like a bird singing. It is not the music he sings, but it is the "singing." Thus, it is only the "listening", it is only the "singing."

The mind is a word and it feeds itself on concepts. Here, this is not important. The "listening" is important, the "singing" is important. The meaning of the lyric, the understanding of the lyric, of the music, it has no importance, as well as the verbal meaning of these words. It is That what is behind all of this... That is what matters.

Ok folks? I think it is enough for now. See you next meeting.

*Excerpt from the speech of an online meeting via Paltalk held on January 27th, 2016.

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