September 26, 2016

Darshan: The Look of God

This Space cannot be injured, hurt, hit, it does not suffer change; It does not know one side without knowing the other. I am talking about that Space that is a non-space, here and now, always here and now. This is Enlightenment.

This space is nobody. Someone gets in, someone leaves, someone is born, someone dies, someone comes, someone goes... This Space is just space, nothing but Space. The apparitions of this Space disappear in It; They do not reach, do not dye, do not color, do not alter, do not change, do not make and unmake the Space. This Space is the godsend of Grace; this Grace is this Space of godsend. This Space is You in your Essential Nature. You did not produce the illusion of lack of space. So you cannot produce the reality of the presence of this Space. You can only wait patiently. What has to be already Is.

In India, they call it Darshan. This is a subject that we can always investigate, talk about, make comments, but we will never explore it in a sufficient way: Darshan!

What is Darshan? It is the mirroring of the Presence in the Guru’s eyes, when you look at the Guru. When you learn to look at the Guru it is because you have unlearned how to look at objects and valorize forms. When you unlearn to look at objects and value forms, then you have a real look at the Guru; then you see the Real Nature of the objects, the Real Nature of the forms. And what you find is You in this Space, in this so-called Darshan - the look of the Guru. It is like being bathed by the colorless waters of Bliss, Blissful, Love. When you approach the Guru, unlearn looking objects and shapes and you will see the essence of it, which is this Space.

The Guru is a mirror without dust, without stains; a mirror of a light cleaning, in which you see yourself, in which you find yourself, in which you get rid of all illusions. The Guru is always this space out of moment, at this "now" with no time. In Darshan, in this mirror, you can confirm That. When you realize It, there is no longer "you"; the mirror is broken, and with it, the reflection too. And then everything is one. This 'thing' is not a thing, it is the Space of all things. That is why this is unique.

It is indeed unbelievable the melodious musicality of the power of the Presence of this look. Darshan is the sight of God to God. Only God sees God. There is only God seeing Himself, meeting Himself, mirroring and breaking Himself in that mirror. There is only God!

My statement is an assertion that denies any possibility that you still believe that there is this a "suffering I", a separate identity, a separate being, someone far away, someone away from God. You are what I am, and I am That, and That is All, and Everything is Darshan. Everything is God! There is only Him!

Your Real Nature is the nature of Happiness, Freedom, Peace, Grace, this unconditional Love that fills all things, interpenetrating, which invades all apparitions, this non-spatial Space, this never absent Presence, this Presence always present.

You are this Everything, which is Darshan! God watching everything, God being seen in everything and appearing in everything to be seen. You were born for That! In fact, you were not born, you are born in all things, in all apparitions angels and demons, heaven and hell, good and evil. As a screen that does not change, because what changes on the screen is images; as a screen that does not get wet when water appears on it; like fire that does not burn.

So, all that we have seen, that is being seen, that will be seen remains as Darshan: the sight of God! God seeing Himself beyond all duality, beyond all separateness, and all illusion; beyond knowing and not knowing, ignorance and knowledge; beyond all images, objects and shapes; beyond this mortal body, beyond these thoughts that come and go; beyond these words being placed here and now.

Beyond all this, there remains this "Thing" without name, which is the Nature of God, which is You. There is only You, there is only Him, there is only That, which is This: the Look of God!

*Speech transcribed from an in-person meeting in Ramanashram Gualberto in the city of Campos do Jordao.

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