September 22, 2016

Discover that and give yourself complete freedom!

Together once again... once again we are focused, with all our heart, for this moment. This is a time where we can enjoy this moment and turn ourselves to this investigation, which is the investigation of this Present Reality.

You are here tonight in this meeting to find out how you can give yourself that freedom, and that means to be opened to the freedom present, to That which is already present. You cannot build this "thing", but you can become Aware, because This is present. From the moment you realize the importance of remembering What you are, of That which is beyond the body, beyond the mind, you become ready ... ready to give yourself that Freedom.

This means letting life on its own game, on its own destiny, allowing everything appears as it is indeed. When you stop worrying about the interpretation that thought can have about things, at this moment you are free. When the thought comes in and gives a color, interpretation, an assessment, judgment, once again you were captured by the illusion of choices, this illusion to be sure of how things should be and how they should happen. So, let this game with its own destiny and do not get involved with it. This means do not get involved and allow everything to happen because you cannot change it. The nature of the mind is to want getting involved in this mysterious, inexplicable movement and also wonderful that is life. There is no truth on that, there is no wisdom in it. When there is no truth, the illusion reigns, and with the illusion, suffering.

So the issue here is this - discover It. In this way, you will give yourself that complete freedom. Give it to yourself! In silence that is possible. Silence here means "remain unidentified" - the answer to this moment with no fixed idea of how things should be - and this is something very challenging for the ego. The nature of the mind is disquietude. Remember that every thought, every feeling is just part of the game, of what is emerging, appearing at that time and that "I am the one who is conscious of these thoughts and feelings." This "I am that" means "Consciousness", while thoughts and feelings are part of the game. You are that Consciousness! You are the Presence! You are not the body and you are not the mind.

When you lose this identification with the body and the mind, you remain in the spontaneous movement, and you realize that this game is going on, without the need of this "someone" in control and this illusion that thought is what controls and that this is not real. It does not seem reasonable to hear it, but the mind is always searching for results, which it designs in an attempt to fill itself in these results. As much as it tries, however great its efforts, it is still in trouble, full of conflict, full of problems.

There is a higher Power that moves all things - and it is not the mind - which can pose and dispose in a very wise way, and that is what this Power has done. In this sense, you can maintain the illusion of being able to control the results, but, in fact, the results are already determined by this unique Power. So, it is wiser to enjoy it, not being identified with the illusion of an author, of "someone" who knows and can control what happens. Learning to accept this game means getting undressed from this egoic sense, this sense of separation.

This is what we have always spoken, which is what we are indicating, pointing to you. Thus, all decisions simply appear. It is strange to hear this, but they are already happening without you; all decisions appear, simply without you.

Any question? How does it sound to you? How does it sound to you, this invitation to your Natural State, without being confused with the "person" anymore? That is what I call to assume. It is to assume, and not disappear.

Let us finish here. Namaste! See you next meeting.

*Transcribed from an online meeting held in the evening of April 20th, 2016

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