September 28, 2016

Without a full focus, the Awakening is not possible!

Once again, we turn ourselves to this moment. Once again, we place ourselves available to this moment. This moment is the only one.

It is time of the investigation; it is time of this Consciousness, where this space of pure Awareness arises. When your entire being is this, then, this is meditation. It is a moment of Consciousness, Presence, of Perception.

Notice that we are not talking about the presence of an agent in this thing. Perception, Consciousness, the Presence, is not the presence of someone, it is not the presence of an author, it is the Consciousness in Itself, It is Meditation in Itself, it is this Presence in Itself.

In these investigations, the only thing that matters is “That” which notices, “That” which witnesses. “That” which realizes is where the realization takes place; “That” which witnesses is where this Presence happens. So we are not talking about someone in it, we are not talking about an agent present in this, we are completely discarding this belief.

We are emphasizing this present Reality, this impersonal Reality, that Reality without an author, without an agent, without someone who speaks and someone who listens. We are dealing with this impersonality. The only Reality is this impersonality. We're talking about “That” which you are truly, “That” which perceives all passing phenomena.

Here, the art of Liberty, the art of Realization, is to assume this reality. Everything else is a great movie. Everything else is just a novel; it is just a TV show. Do not mix yourself up with it, do not  get disturbed among all this, do not trust in it as if it were real, that is what  we are dealing with.

If we make a real and true exploration, - what we call investigation – we will get to this Perception, this Presence, this Meditation, this Reality.

So, here it is about literally to disregard all thought as if they were real and separate from this single Reality, being “real” as an author, as a responsible entity, as the substrate. 

Thought is only a phenomenon. It has only this reality - the reality of the phenomenon. So what gives identity, what gives credibility to this entity is not real; and that entity is not real. Therefore, the thought appears as being the thinker, and that is just a phenomenon. Here, the point is to make it as if it were  a truth, which is what you do when you imagine like this. Thus, it becomes the truth of the mind, the truth of the illusion.

Perhaps to disregard the thoughts is not so simple. However, this is the only way to go beyond them. It is not simple because, for a long time, you have been considering the thought as the truth to this supposed thinker who you believe to be. 

Because of this, it may not be so simple. It is a long time in it, much investment in this illusion of being someone. However, there is no other way. It is needed devotion to the Truth! Surrender! A complete surrender to the Truth!

We need all our attention applied directly to this. To be simply with this Presence... To be with this Consciousness and to be in this Consciousness. That is what I consider “to disregard the thought”. This is Meditation!

This is when the action of the own Consciousness takes place, the action of the own Presence, which is Grace. It is the Divine Grace making this possible. Only by an action of this Grace, it is possible to go beyond thought. The thought does not go beyond itself.

This moment is a moment like this. It is a time to wean you from living in the mind, from living identified with the illusion of "I".

This moment is called Satsang. So I have been talking that Satsang is Meditation. You do not separate Satsang, which means "encounter with what is", from the own Meditation, which is Presence, which is Consciousness.

Right now, in this moment, you have this Grace, the Divine Grace, the Grace of Presence, the Grace of God. That is why it is fundamental being along the one who is settled in this State, as we are doing here, now.

When you are in Satsang with a living Master, you are before the Grace, in this Grace, in this Presence, in the facilitation of this Silence. Therefore, I invite you simply to remain with this Presence.

This moment is a very precious moment because it is the unique moment. It is the moment of reality, the moment of a complete emptying of the entire contents of the mind, the mind in its content. There is not much to say.

There is not much to say, because everything is already being said in this Presence, in this Consciousness, in this Silence, which is meditation, which is self-inquiry, which is devotion.

Notice that none of this appears in a separate way. The self-inquiry is only possible in this devotion to the Truth, which is surrender, which is Meditation, which is Consciousness, which is Presence.

Therefore, it is a matter of feeling directly, diving directly.

When we are in this willingness, in this deep exploration, this immersion into this devotion to the Truth, we find no separation. The whole notion of world, object, body, and mind disappears, whether with closed or open eyes. In this "hearing" is only "hearing"; in this "talking", it is just "talking”.

Whether with closed eyes, witnessing some thought, without any importance, or with open eyes, seeing some image before your eyes. There is no separation. They are just expressions of this unique Consciousness, this unique Presence.

Participant: Naturally, we tend to generate an expectation about the Realization. Is Maintaining this focus also an identification? Does it confuse our work?

Master Gualberto: The first thing here is:  you do not need to keep any expectation of this Realization. This is something useless. However, it is fundamental to keep this fire. You need to be focused on this work of Awakening. Total focus! Without a full focus, Awakening is not possible, but all and any expectation is something completely useless.

The point is also to know what means to be in this focus. If you are far from a living Master, away from a “face-to-face” work, you have no idea what I am talking about, you have no idea about what means to be in this focus.

So, all that the mind can do is to create an expectation, and this expectation is only the imagination of a work of Realization, something completely useless.

Without being in front of a living Master, you have no idea about what means to be focused, about what is to be in a real job. It is very easy to get lost, even when we are in a job, in front of a living Master. The easiest thing that exists is the focus disappears, that surrender disappears. So, no matter the amount of expectations that we create around it, they are mere imaginations.

Let’s stop here? Thanks for the meeting! Until the next one!

*Speech transcribed from an online meeting on the evening of April 29, 2016.
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