October 6, 2016

All limitation is within the very mind

Welcome again to this moment on Paltalk, where we turn ourselves once more to THIS. These meetings are called Satsang, which is an Indian word meaning "meeting with the Truth", encounter with this One Reality. This One Reality has no name; we can call it “This”, or “That”, Consciousness, Presence, Truth, God...

What I have constantly said on these talks is that you are doing, in a wrong way, an overlapping to this One Reality, an overlap of limitation - that is mind limitations. It is an overlap to this Reality, to the Consciousness, Presence, Truth, God. The truth is that the mind is limited. All limitation is within the very mind, it is its own movement. All limitation that you know is a known limitation, and the known is in the mind. The mind is the known. The mind is the limitation, it is that overlap to this unlimited Reality, indescribable, unspeakable.

The experience of what is known is the experience of the mind, which is limited. The mind overlaps this Unique Reality - which is you - and tries to pretend it is You, in its limitation, moving itself in the known field, in which all experiences happen and are translated, interpreted, planned, forged by thought. The set of thoughts is what we call mind. Mind is nothing more than the set of images, thoughts, memories, records, remembrances, ideas, beliefs. You do believe in an element present in this limitation, which is not part of this limitation, and could call this element the "Divine Presence in us", "God in us", the "Truth in us". But this is also part of the thinking, part of this limitation, and this is still a belief.

There is much talk about the internal guru, which is the same thing: the inner guru is also only a belief; it is just another thought. If it is not clear that this Unique Reality - which is this untouchable space, immutable, not limited, not circumstantial - is your real Divine Nature, talking about internal or external guru is a big nonsense, it is just another belief; speaking of God within is just another belief. What is theoretical, conceptual, verbal, is always within the known. Truth is not nameable, is not conceptual, not verbal, It is not a belief!

Our invitation for you, in Satsang, is the direct experience of this Unique Reality, not the experience of "someone". This Unique Reality, in its direct experience, is not conceptual.

I want to make you a suggestion: go beyond that overlapping, this limitation that the mind has produced; go beyond that. Go beyond means Consciousness, Presence Meditation. Thus, a direct observation of that Unique Reality is possible, of this immeasurable space, of That what cannot be touched by thought, defined by knowledge, formulated by ideas. We can give many names to this Unique Reality, but the name is not the Thing itself, either.

We're talking about something intimate, innate; something like your True Nature. But you will not find That in the mind. A real work is needed in this direction, a work that can represent a lifetime, in which you will meet many deaths. You do not have to die many times, but you need to know many deaths; you need, in a single life, to meet many deaths. This is what we are dealing with in Satsang. It is needed to disappear this sense of "person", of duality, separation, what sustains and is the basis of fear, of all the suffering, all the illusion.

You were born to realize this timeless, indescribable Unique Reality. They have given various names for this Unique Reality. You were born to realize, in this Freedom, the Happiness of this Love, which is Consciousness, Presence, God, Beatitude, Silence. This that has many names and has no name.

What I am always telling on these meetings is that the awakening of this Unique Reality is pure wisdom. There is no misery, no suffering and no fear in the Sage – the one who has realized ​​his Real Nature. Realize your Real Nature is to find your Natural State, which is love, Happiness, Peace. That means absence of ego, of that sense of "me", of the "I", of the "person", with all the implications: envy, anxiety, fear, desires, and all that kind of stuff you know very well; do not you?

While the "person" is present, your world will be present. This "your world" is an expression, a projection of that own illusion - the illusion of a personal sense. My proposal is that, in this one life, you know all deaths, so you do not have to die anymore.

There are not two realities: you and the world. There are not three realities: you, the world and God. Everything, absolutely, is part of that same inseparable totality, unnamable, indescribable: the smallest of all things and the biggest of them; the most important character of the film and the most insignificant; the producer, the director, the cameras, those who are responsible for sound, lighting ... Absolutely everything is this same reality, which is that Unique Reality.

Satsang is an invitation to a deep investigation of your own experience, to this finding that there is no separation. This separation, or that sense of separateness, is an illusion. In this sense of separation, the conflict, fear, despair and suffering are all present. None of this is present in your Real Nature. Your Being is not separated from the appearances that appear in It. It is the mind, there, that produces this illusion. All that the mind knows is this illusion. You are not really limited, located in one place. The body appears in one place and the mind may appear in many places. In imagination, your body is here and the mind is wandering; it may be in another state, in another country or even in the past, two years ago or in the future, five years from now. All this is just imagination: the body in a place and the mind somewhere else.

You are not located in that - not in the mind or in the body - and that is the whole difficulty. For a long time, all that the mind knew in its limitation, as part of its limitation, was the belief of a separate existence - and that, of course, passing by You. That is what has to die, what has to discover many deaths. It's just the thought that makes this overlap. So, if you keep insisting on trusting thoughts, the illusion continues. Loose them!

Thoughts do not happen "as you", but they happen In What You are. Such is the experience of the body and the world. This is it!

Let us stay here!? Namaste!

*Transcribed from a speech in an online meeting in the evening of May 9th, 2016

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