October 13, 2016

Free the world from this unconsciousness

Participant: Reading the transcriptions on the blog, I saw that in one of them you explain that up to 6 months, 1 year, 2 years old, we are still "in consciousness", when, then, the process of identification begins, and, after that, in some people, the enlightenment occurs. Could you comment about this whole process and say what our nature is – whether it is the consciousness in early childhood or it is the enlightenment?

Master: You did not understand it so well. This identification gets clearer after this age, but this unconsciousness is already there before that.

Participant: Is unconsciousness already present since the beginning of birth?

Master: Everyone is born asleep. This work is a work that indicates the importance of Awakening. Before that, all that prevails is sleep. The sleep is the unconsciousness that is clearly shown on that identification that the human being has with the imagination.

Imagination is the shape that thought takes, and it is taking all the time this form in which this so-called human being identifies himself. Here, identification means being confused, getting lost in it.

This is the ordinary state, the common state, the known state, it is the mind in its own movement. All of our interest in these meetings is to deal with you on this great and important task of going beyond that imagination, beyond that cluttered, chaotic, insane and miserable movement, deeply disturbed, which is the movement of thought.

You are born this way, and from a certain age, it gets much more explicit. It becomes increasingly clear. Then you grow up and it remains. In fact, for those who are around them, it seems worse, but it is curious because it is a worsening that everybody accepts as something natural, because this is the model, this is the standard.

All the reference that you have from society around you is the reference of conflict, suffering and fear. Of course, with a few rare moments of joy and personal satisfaction, which soon gets deteriorated and lost again in the same old confusion. This state is about general sleep; in fact, a somnambulistic sleep, kind of collective hypnosis. That is what we call unconsciousness.

This state, which we think as natural, is only the common state. The state we have as real, which everyone experiences in the waking state, is only a form of sleep.

In this sleep, in this waking state, the mind believes to be lucid and intelligent, because it can calculate the distance between the earth and the sun, it can build bombs and planes, besides creating great resources by making use of science and technology.

However, all this, in fact, is happening in this state of unconsciousness vigil - a vigil of sleep. That is what everyone knows. Your parents knew it, so did your grandparents, and you once again repeat the same program, the same model; so do your children; if you have grandchildren, so do they. 

Unless this sleep is over, this waking sleep in this unconsciousness is over; the world will continue the same way.

I am proposing that you rid the world of this unconsciousness. You free the world by leaving this unconsciousness that has produced this world. At night when you dream, you are in a private and particular dream, and when you wake up in the morning, you realize that world was just a dream, where there were all sorts of things going on, with people and places.  

So, this “your world", in this unconsciousness, in this so-called vigil world, which is this state of hypnosis, is a completely private world. You free this world when you drop it, when you go beyond that unconsciousness.

In fact, we are not experiencing the birth and death of others; we are in the imagination of the birth and death of others. We are not experiencing anything, except appearances and disappearances of mere perceptions, which are projections of the mind itself interpreting what is happening.

So, these experiences, which appear as appearances and disappearances, are just perceptions that the mind interprets as birth and death of others, but this real substance, the essential substance of these perceptions, does not appear and does not disappear; It is something always present, it is our own Self, it is the Presence, it is the Consciousness.

Thus, our invitation is to THAT. It is only the thought that conceives, all the time, a multiplicity, a diversity of things. And THAT is always here, now. There is only THAT, ever present now. It is not a thing that always exists, it is something present now, in the Silence of this State of pure Consciousness, pure Presence.

What else can we say about THAT? We can say that or THAT is experiential or a mere theory. As a theory, it is just another belief.

The belief does not change anything; it is just another idea in the intellect field. Therefore, this direct experience is fundamental. The direct experience is this "Thing".

The direct experience is the one that does not depend on concepts, ideas, thoughts and beliefs; it means being beyond all knowledge, which are concepts, ideas and beliefs.

Our concepts, ideas and beliefs, which are our knowledge, they are knowledge of the mind. And it is curious because the knowledge of the mind and body are still thoughts, images, sensations, perceptions, beliefs, concepts, which still belong to the mind itself.

Participant: Is this direct experience present only when “everything is finished” (complete absence of ego), or can we have sparks of that?

Master: You put this “everything is finished” as something happening in the future, and I have just said that this is something always present at this time.

This now or never! Time is just a mental construction; the future is just a mental construction. Paradoxically, this is still just a concept, an idea; it is only an imagination too, it is only a belief.

Relax about it. Your job is to realize what you can realize right now, because you only have this moment to realize it.

This “instant” can be in two minutes, but that is not the future, it is always this moment. It sounds very paradoxical, but it is like this. Time is just a mental construction imaged by the thought. Forget time.

The difficulty is when you get these answers and make them a formula transforming them in the solution of a question of a test, or a mantra.

Today, one of you wrote me something similar, about a mantra that he is practicing. I never prescribed you affirmations, words to be repeated, but the mind builds it very quickly.

Everything, absolutely everything, is now and here. When I speak now, it is not about the "now," this moment of time, because time is that construction of thought. I am talking about that ever-present Presence, Now, that is Consciousness, and THAT is exactly out of time, out of this "now" time. What you will do with this answer, I do not know. Just listen to this and relax.

Well, let’s stop here. See you next meeting. Namaste!

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