October 3, 2016

How to recognize the real Guru?

Concerning this question of "how to recognize the Real Guru in this market of gurus that every day increases more," do not worry about it! You will be mistaken if you want to know "who is who". You will not be deceived, only if you let God do it for you. If you are real, God will never be unreal to you. If you are real, God is real and God is real when you are real. When you are real, everything is in its place, everything is showing up for you as it has to appear. It is what you need at the moment.

When Ramana appeared to me, I had it all to reject Him ... All my intellectual and theological formation was to reject the presence of a Master who was not Jesus Christ, and the worst, without body, already dead. A man without a body, dead! But there was something here that was authentic. The desire for God and the liberation was authentic, then, it could not be an illusion or something from the evil, the devil, the demon. If I was praying to Christ and in those days, fasting 24 hours, as I did at that time, every Saturday, to find God, could not be the devil that was appearing to me at that moment.

Or I was with this confidence in prayer or was with thoughts of theology, I had studied for so long, reading the Bible and had listened to in the seminar ... I stayed with what warmed my heart and filled me with an inexpressible love and an indescribable silence, or I was with the thoughts in turmoil, in doubt, in confusion, in fear, like:  "Is this Christ or  the devil?" or "what is going on?". Thoughts came like: "You are going crazy," "What is that? This is madness, " "You are losing your mind!", "You are... you are..." Or I was with these thoughts or was here, in this inexpressible Space and indescribable silence and joy, invaded by a love that I had never felt before, for anything, for anyone, for nothing in this world.

Do not worry! Do not worry! God will know how to take care of it. He always knew how to take care of everything.

The challenge ... The great challenge is that with this Presence, the "person" dies and it does not want to die, it does not want to loose the control. A living Master is the last subway station, it is the last stop - compulsory landing! There comes a voice saying: "Ladies and gentlemen, Let´s stop travelling! Terminal Station!" And the fear of facing what is behind the door, on the outside? "Will it be a real world? Will it be a real life? Will I still be alive, or dead, if I walk out of this door, which has just opened, hearing this voice that says:? '! - Compulsory landing'" That is the challenge!

Facing the Truth, which is the Real Guru, there will be no choice, you do not want to choose, if what burned there, all this time, was the fire for the Truth and if you are not playing with this thing, if you are not lying, you do not want the lie anymore. So do not worry! Never mind! As we have spoken, just now, the sleep happened and getting out of the sleep also just happens. He takes care of this! Leave it to Bhagavan. He said, "Bhagavan takes care." This was one of his promises. This is Bhagavan's promise, it is the promise of the Satguru.

This is a way that neither the crazy ones err. In the Bible there is a verse like this: "Neither crazies will err the way!" No ego there, you cannot see ego here. Remember the example of the mirror? When you look into the mirror, you do not see the mirror, you see yourself. So the problem is not there, the problem is here.

The question I ask to you is: Can you trust this? Can you trust a mind that is, for millennia, just telling little stories and making a world of stories, saying you are ugly, you do not deserve, do not worth anything, or that you are a sinner deserving the hell? Or it is saying the opposite, that you are very important, it is a precious soul, you are more beautiful than everyone and more deserving than all around you, the best of all things? The question is: Can you trust these feelings? Can you trust? One minute you are joyful, another hour is sad; an hour you are well, another time is bad; an hour you are in love, another you are hating; an hour you are so sure of the truth and another hour you are so disappointed, feeling frustrated by believing that you have been deceived. Can you trust the emotions? Can you trust the sensations? Is it hot or Is it cold? Can you trust these conclusions about what is and what is not? Can you trust this movement of the mind? Huh? Can you trust it? Can you trust what is or is not? That realized the Self or did not? Can you trust? Can you trust in what you say, in writing or what others tell you, or what you read what others have written? Can you trust? Can you trust in yourself? Can you trust? OK! So do not worry! Never mind! Relax! That is none of your business!

When I talk about surrender, the ego is haunted (not to say scared, is haunted), because all it wants is to remain in control. When I talk about surrender, I speak exactly what I am putting to you: abandon yourself, launch yourself, drop yourself to the foot of the Grace of God... "But then, when you use the word God, what are you talking about, Master?"..." Oh, Guru, what are you talking about? I get so comfortable when you use the word God, and, when using the word Consciousness, Just a little, still. When you use the word Guru, I get disconcerted!"... "Oh, Guru, where are your feet so that I throw myself at them? If I throw myself at your feet, whose feet Am I going to throw myself at?”

All this fight with words, that you have there, has to fall, because that is also in this self confidence, this illusion to believe that you know. Know nothing! If you knew you had already settled everything. If you knew anything about the truth, you would be free, because the truth does not come into parts; it is not like the installments of Casas Bahia (a big store from Brazil), you will pay to settle one day. The truth is like a block: oh ... boom ... It falls on you and crushes you. You do not know what is the Truth, but has this arrogance to believe you know: where it is and it is not the truth; where God is and where He is not; what is true, what is false, what is real and what is not real to yourself. However, you are like a cheap giddy.

When I talk about surrender, I mean this thing of giving up... Give up trusting in yourself. Notice that this is the opposite of everything you have learned during the whole life - self-affirmation. Give up all you heard, have read "about" learned in the course of self-help, self-help book, therapies, helps to heal (What? Who? What cure is that? Who can be cured? who can be saved? who knows?). Who here knows the truth? When I talk about surrender, I am talking about giving it all, to let this Consciousness, this Presence, this Guru (give any name for it), care... Take care of the matter... Take care of this matter. Ramana said, "Leave it to Bhagavan, that Bhagavan takes care!"

April 13th  of the year nineteen fifty (04/13/1950), it was morning... The sun was filling the whole mountain, the clouds of extraordinary beauty in the blue sky, the birds singing... All around Ramana that morning, tremendously concerned about his clinical condition. In recent nights, the one who slept with Bhagavan had commented that his body moaned under the pain, under that cancer pain, that fatal disease. All were concerned that morning! He opens his mouth, looking at all with indescribable look, a deep silence, a complete nonidentification with the body, and tells everyone there: "Why are you so worried? Everything will be fine tomorrow! Tomorrow everything will be fine!".

The next day comes ... April 14th, a day of unspeakable Presence at Ashram, a quiet, Grace, an imperious power, bathing all at Arunachala Mountain. The sun sets on that day and at 8:47 p.m. (that day, April 14th, 1950, a minute before), The peacock makes one common noise, that all the peacocks do... One makes that noise, that sound, song mixed with a deafening scream. Ramana, who was lying down, made an effort to sit (and some help at the moment)... He can still sit in that 1 minute before (8:47), and after that the sound of the peacock, his last words are: "Have you already given food  to him?". He repeats, asking for a second time, "Have you given food to him?". That Silence comes back again and they realize, they feel, that it is time to leave the Master seated. At that moment, all is well! It turns out his last breath.

Do not worry! The Guru is always real, if devotion is real! He is always the Truth, if you are the Truth. Everything ends getting well, very well, always well!

* Excerpt from the speech of a person meeting the Ramanashram Gualberto 
in the city of Campos do Jordao in June 2016.

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