October 24, 2016

Is the Guru needed?

This so controversial issue – that is the issue about the necessity or not of the Guru - is something about which the thought can make statements for or against it. However, this means absolutely nothing! What the intellect affirms now, tomorrow it denies. What it is denying today, tomorrow it affirms.

Guru is the only need, because God is the only need. At the same time, the relevance is not God, is not the Guru. God has no relevance out of His moment. When His moment of being present appears, the relevance appears. Before that moment, you can dispense the Guru, you can dispense God. And, however, He remains as the only real need.

How do you conciliate that? How not seeing a contradiction in my speech at this moment? It is when the disciple is ready, that the master appears. It is when the time to verify the validity, the reality, the real need [of God] is present that the Guru is supremely relevant. Because the Guru is God. Before that, the Guru is not necessary. Before that, the Truth is not necessary, God is not necessary.

Who can decide this? Is it you? Deciding when God will be necessary or not? When the Guru will be necessary or not? If you have this power to decide about it, if you believe you have this power, then, for this moment, the Guru is not necessary.

But, if you have noticed the stupidity, the mediocrity that your life is; if there is something in there burning [for the Truth], burning like a wick, a delicate, almost invisible wick of intelligence; if this is there, then, the question does not even arise! When the heart is ready for the revelation of Truth, stupid questions like this do not arise.

Love is the only need. Truth is the only need. God is the only need. The Guru will always be necessary. I do not see how you can realize God without Him, without His Grace. I do not see how you can fly without wings, swim without water.

Only God can be God. Only the Truth recognizes Itself. Only God sees Himself. God, even with eyes closed, does not cease to be God. Even if it is not His time to open His eyes and recognize Himself, it is God who plays asking stupid questions, asking about His necessity or not, the importance or not of His Presence.

It is God who closes His eyes to do not see Himself, and, then, He opens His eyes saying, "Ah! You are there! I was asking myself, here, with eyes closed, whether or not it was necessary to open the eyes to see You. There were moments I believed so. There were moments I believed not. Then I stopped and asked myself 'Who am I'? I had no choice but to open the eyes and say 'Wow, I am already here, that is it! But is it God? How I was stupid to ignore myself! But it was fun while it lasted ... "

That is it! (laughs)

*Transcribed from a video recorded on a face to face meeting on February 2016, in Ramanashram Gualberto, Campos do Jordão, Brazil. Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m.. Download the app Paltalk and join us!

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