October 17, 2016

People are only beliefs, imaginings!

Satsang is the encounter with Reality, with the Truth, this encounter with our Real Nature. Our Reality is what we might call Consciousness, Presence. This is our reality, the encounter with what we are. It is the revelation about us, this immutable Presence, this immutable Reality. Whether there is a recognition of IT or not, it is what we are. This is our Reality! This is our Reality, it is the Truth ... it is the purest and crystalline Truth.

There is no real separate entity, for there is no separate entity from this unique Reality we are. That is the Truth about us. I repeat it! There is no such separate entity! There is nothing except this Consciousness, and this is the Truth about us.

At this meeting our focus is this. When we get lost in this reality, we get lost in the objects. The mind is an object and everything that it produces is only objects, as well as what can be witnessed in an objective way; and when we are placed in the mind, we are lost in objects.

Thoughts, feelings and emotions are objects in the sense of being something objective and that can be observed in an objective way. This is not our real nature; it is something that appears there, but it is not what we are, therefore it is something objective.

How long does a feeling, a thought, a sensation or an emotion last? This shows us that we are dealing with objects, with objective things, with temporary objects, with temporary things – that what appears and disappears, comes and goes.

Our conditioning is to situate ourselves in these objects as if they were ourselves, that is, in thoughts or feelings, emotions or sensations, in all this we believe to be part of the person that we are. But this person that we are is only a belief too, and, therefore, it is only an object, an imaginary object.

There is a reality witnessing these objects, this appearance, which has no identity. These objects, whether gross or subtle, are all objects. The chair where you sit is a gross object, as the thought there; it is an object too, but a subtle object. However, both the chair and the thought are an apparition in this Consciousness.

Is that clear?

The computer you have before you, as well as the talks you hear, it is just an object.  The sound, that is part of a sensation, is also an object.

The object can only appear in what perceives this object, and that what perceives is outside and beyond the own object. Thus, this Consciousness is something outside and beyond this speech, outside and beyond that thought or feeling, that sensation or emotion.

But all conditioning you received since childhood gives this illusion, the illusion of this entity, which is only an imagination, just a thought too. There is not an entity present. There is only the illusion of this entity, the illusion of an object in the creation of thought, that is, we are saying there are no "people" in this room, or these people in this room are just beliefs, imagination.

The mind imagines an entity present in this experience of feeling, speaking, listening, of an emotion, of a feeling or a thought. There is no such thing! For some of you who are new here in the room, it must be sounding rather weird.

I am telling that you, as a separate entity, are a fraud, an illusion; it is just a belief, a name, a form and a history. History is thoughts being told; a name is a label given to an object, to this body, and this body is an appearance that comes and goes, like any other object. So, this body is an object, this name is an object and this history is also an object.

The question is: "Who are you?

You are this reality beyond the body, the name, the history and the objects. Whether gross or subtle, any sensation present is just a thought, an idea, a belief.

It appears in that Consciousness only as part of thought. Thought translates all this experience. The sound is heard and it is a sensation, but it is translated, told as a history (which is just a thought, an objective thing).

You were born to realize your Real Nature, That what Is: to live from that space, in that Reality, free from imagination and free from these enchantment with objects, thoughts, to this history, to this idea of "being somebody".

This is our proposal in Satsang: the recognition of your Essential Nature, your Real Nature. This Real time is the moment of that Consciousness.
The mind produces an imaginary moment, where it creates the time, doing this through these objective experiences, which are thoughts, feelings, sensations and so on.

All this strengthens the person, gives an identity (an illusory identity), creates this "me", that "I", this "person" with a name. The Self-realization is the end of it, and this Self-realization is Love, Freedom, Happiness, your Essential Nature, which is Consciousness, which is Presence, which is God, the Truth about you.

You are this Truth! As long as the illusion of the "person" is present, there will be conflict and suffering, because this is not the Truth.

Freedom, happiness and love are in the Truth, not out of It. They are not in the illusion. This belief you have about yourself is pure illusion and it has shaped (and it is shaping) all your personal experience, the experience of a "person."

When you get confused with the body and the mind, you search - in the time, in this experience of time and objects - the fulfillment, the realization of the Self, peace, love and happiness, but none of it is part of the time.

Love is the nature of the Self, Consciousness, Presence. I talk about love that has no opposite (hate, anger) and it is not what we mean as love - something sentimental, romantic, that temporarily fulfills the "I", the ego, or makes some sensation, some pleasure - we are talking about something totally different from that.

Love is not pleasure, it is not a feeling, it is not an emotion. Anger is an emotion, fear is an emotion. The love that the person knows is the one that turns into anger; therefore, it is something emotional. It is not about this love which is kind of emotional love, the opposite of anger, of hatred, we are talking about.

These are all objective and mental experiences, experiences placed in the time, of the time, but Love is not an experience in the time. Love is real when there are no conditions. Love is real when it is unconditional; It does not address people, it does not see people, it does not see objects. It is something out of time; it is not something linked to sensations.

The ego is stuck to its history, it appears with its history and, in it, it knows hate and love, peace and conflict (war), happiness and misery, slavery and freedom.

This is all duality that mind has produced. We are talking about a different peace, a peace without duality, about love, happiness and freedom without duality. It is not something to "somebody" or of "someone".

The Truth of your Essential Nature is not personal! God is not personal! You are not a person!

I think for today is enough. See you next meeting! Namaste!

*speech transcribed from an online meeting held in the evening of May 25th, 2016-

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  1. Very Thanks Master for these blessed words!