October 31, 2016

The blossoming of God

In India, they call Bhagavan or Bhagwan. Bhagwan ... is a name for God. Here, in the West, we have been conditioned to believe that God is in heaven, but God is this Presence. God is this Presence that is present when You are. Whenever You are, God is present.

This presence of God in you is like a rose when it is hidden in the bud. It is already a rose, but hidden. It is a rose, but not in its plenitude ... It has not blossomed yet! So, it is not in its glory, but when it blooms, when it opens, it is presented in all its glory. That is Bhagavan or Bhagwan.

You are God! Wherever You are, God will be present. God is always Omnipresence, undeniable Omnipresence. However, just like the rose out of its glory is still a bud, God is like this in everyone.
So, when He flourishes, when His Glory appears, when His effulgent and glorious Presence appears, which in India they call Bhagwan, what was only a potential is updated; what was only a promise comes true.

It is like one of these automotive models: first, a team of engineers gets together, creates the design and studies how to make it viable. But, it is still just a project!

God is a project, but He can be an execution too, can be the completion of what was once a project. He can be all stages, from the initial idea, the first meetings in the engineering room, the first simple drawings, until the end of everything. When everything ends, God has not changed. He was there since the beginning.

You are God! There is only God! You are an expatriate God, an exiled God, a God who has forgotten, who decided to have a temporary forgetfulness and to impersonate Himself as an idea (inside a meeting), then as a drawing, as a project, as an implementation and as a completion.

When you flourish, you recognize that you have never left this "place", the "place" of God. In India, Bhagwan is the one who is there in Beatitude, in Consciousness, in Presence, in Freedom, what we call, in our language here, as Real Happiness. God at "home", God in "His Land", God in "His place."

*Transcription of a passage from a meeting occurred in Ramanashram Gualberto,
 in the city of Campos do Jordao, Brazil, on July, 2016.

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