October 10, 2016

The truth beyond words, definitions and concepts.

Here, we are one more time, where what matters least, as we always have been saying, is the words. Although these words are springing up from that Silence, in that sense they have some importance, but only as a result of this Silence. The mind feeds itself on words. The ego, which base is in the "known", loves words, and the knowledge is that platform, what sustains all this movement. Truth is not knowledge, it is only the truth. When defining the Truth, we are not with the Truth, but rather with concepts, ideas and beliefs about it.

In these meetings, like any other meeting, either by Paltalk or in person, we make use of speech, but there is something bigger than speech, That what makes a real work possible. Intellectually, words may entertain, makes wonder and brings even some satisfaction of pleasure. Every sensorial experience is like this: seeing colors is pleasure for the eyes; the touch in objects is pleasure or pain, for the sense of touch; hearing sounds can be pleasant or painful, it can be pleasure and pain. Some words may bring some level of pleasure, of accomplishment and internal fulfillment, but they are only words. Truth has nothing to do with words.

You can really spend years studying, as you’ve just said now that, for years, you made Gnosis and asked if everything was useless, however we cannot turn theory into practice, in the field of Self-Realization. Theory remains just as theory. In Satsang we deal with something else, which is the possibility of unlearning, the abandoning of all beliefs, theories, ideas, practices and all concepts. In Satsang we are dealing with this "I Am" - the not conceptual "I Am", That is not an idea either. We're talking about this Reality out of words and concepts.

For a few brief moments, you can catch a glimpse of That, whether you are in a meditation practice or not. However, a meditation practice or any other method cannot bring you This in a permanent way. The establishment of that State does not come by practices, nor techniques, and the intellectual study about This is even farther of It, farther away. Self-Realization is the "ripe fruit" in this "tree", when the Consciousness, which is this Real Presence, takes Its place. Thus, this Realization is your Natural State, but it has no you on It, it is the Realization, only.

However, the Natural State is not this "you" that you believe to be; it is that You that you know nothing and will never know anything, because when this Realization is,  then this you, who you believe to be, are not. This is the result of a work, not a practice, a technique, a method, a system of study. This is the surrender of that sense of separateness, an exclusively action of the Grace, that same Presence, of that Consciousness, that same Reality - it is totally Its work. In that sense, the Guru is essential, because He is not a separate entity from that Grace, this Presence, this Reality. The Guru is this ripe fruit, He is the Presence of Grace Itself, He is Grace in the form. This sounds very strange to the dualistic mind, especially for the Western mind, those who were born in the West.

The figure of the priest, pastor, rabbi, clergyman, the religious leader is always an authority figure, of "someone" separated, as a mentor, a teacher, but a Guru is not a teacher, not a tutor, He is not a separate entity. I mean the Guru, the one Guru. The Guru is this Presence, this Consciousness, which can take an human form, but It is not a separate entity. The illusion of separateness is a mental illusion. It is the mind that creates the "separate figure" of authority, the tutor figure, teacher, Guru.

We are talking about an internal Presence, that is, simultaneously external, which interpenetrates everything and all things. There is no separation between you, in your Real Nature, and the Master, the Guru, the Presence, Consciousness, Grace, Truth. What I tell you today, I speak from that experience here, that contact with Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. There is something present in this Presence ... there is something real, functional, that makes all this work happen.

There is only You! You are the Guru! You are the Master! You are Consciousness! I am not talking about those thoughts, feelings, and sensation that happen there, because it only happens, but it is not You, in your Real Nature. You are the very Guru who appears on the outside, because when the disciple is ready (which is the inner Guru ready) then the Master (which is the outer Guru) appears, without any separation. It is by the Guru's Grace that this work takes place. Today I am here sharing with you what this Grace, my Guru’s Grace, brought to this mechanism called Marcos Gualberto: this Self-Realization, the Consciousness that "I am". This "I Am" is "What He Is" and "What He Is" is what You Are, that is What I Am.

All sense of separation, of separateness, was dissolved, collapsed. There is no more conflict and there is no more fear; there is no more the illusion of someone experiencing the world, and about a separate world from someone. You were born to realize That, this non-separation between You, God and the world. This non-separation is the awareness of that Consciousness, this Reality, this Presence.

Your Real Nature is Love, Peace, Truth, Silence, Consciousness, it is God. That is not conceptual, not verbal and it is not a belief. It is time for you to abandon all your beliefs, all concepts and theories about it. The invitation to a face-to-face Satsang is an invitation to a real work in this direction, to abandon all concepts, theories, speeches that we usually listen to, beyond all the books and words. There comes a time in your life when you realize that you cannot continue with the beliefs, theories, and concepts. There are thousands and thousands of techniques and works, all promising a degree of harmonization, peace of mind, and a certain silence and balance. That is not what we deal with in Satsang. We are talking about the end of the sense of separation, the awakening of wisdom, this Self-Realization, this completeness of your Real Nature.

This talk in this meeting, in this space does not work for this, because it is just another set of words being placed as a warning about the no need of words. This is like a sound of a trumpet, you hear the trumpet and take a certain action, not getting attached to its horn. The purpose of the horn of the trumpet is to move you to a particular action. So, the "trumpet honk", which is this talk being placed here, is for you to go beyond it. This is only possible in person Satsang, before a living Master, the one who no longer lives in that sense of separateness.

The Master appeared in my life in 1986. From 1986 to 2007, a work took place here, being a period when that state of Silence kept coming and going, without remaining established. So, the completion of this work, in this body, in the mechanism, only occurred in 2007, at that night in June 2007. 

During these years, a very direct work took place here, in this mechanism, in this "machine", all by His Grace. I cannot find the words to explain that, words cannot explain it. There is no way to realize This without this Grace, without the power of this Presence, the Grace of Sri Ramana Maharshi, the sage of Arunachala. 

Jay, jay, jay Gurudeva, by His divine and inexplicable compassion. 

You can only see God in God's look. You can only receive the look from God through God's look, the so called Darshan in India, the look of the Guru. God's look is this look of the Guru, of the Presence, of the Grace, and the Grace in His eyes. The compassion of the Guru, the love of his divine Presence makes the devotee's heart to bloom and to realize the absence of separation between him or her and the Guru.

Tonight, in this meeting, we have this moment of Grace, Silence, Presence, but words can not communicate it. The reality is that this Presence is still alive. On the night of April 14, 1950, my Guru passed away. Nisargaddata died of cancer; Ramana Maharshi also died of cancer, and Jesus on the cross. However, this Presence is not the form, It is not in the space-time of death, but beyond name and form; It is not indian, jewish or brazilian. This Presence is this Consciousness. This is the real Guru, the one who is beyond the body, beyond a terminal illness which only ends up the body.

This is it... 

*Transcribed from an online meeting broadcast on the evening of May 30, 2016
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