October 11, 2016

Truth is present when the mind is not

Welcome everyone to one more moment here, on Paltalk. Moment of encounter with What we are!

Satsang is always a time of investigation. Satsang is this awakening of a non-dual vision of life, not separatist, of a natural vision. The natural vision is that where there are not two, where there is not this illusion of "me" and the world. That sounds rather odd, at first, for those who come to these meetings, but it is just like that. In these meetings, we find the reality of one Presence - Presence that we are, that contains all apparitions.

This means the liberation of the world. It is not "your" liberation from the world, but the pure liberation. It is the world free from you, from this illusion of being someone. It is the liberation from the illusion of being someone present in the world. When this illusion falls, the world is free. Similarly, this liberation happens there too, this liberation from this illusion of someone present in this "world experience." This realization of the Truth about you is the liberation from the world. The illusion of being in the world as a present entity creates this separateness between you and the world, and this separateness is all conflict, all suffering, all misery. Every human's problem is basically this idea of being someone.

There is only Life! Life is the only Reality! This unique Reality is Life and there is nothing to fear! When the sense of separateness ends, there is only Life.

The illusion of this entity in the world disappears when the world disappears, when this identity disappears. Then, the world is free! It is when you are free, but that you no longer carry the sense of an "I" in this present body-mind-world experience. Do not worry if this sounds strange to you at first. Gradually, it will become clear, even more than intellectually. Intellectually, it has no importance.

What I am saying is that there is this Peace present, this Freedom present when there is no longer the illusion of separation. We have to go back to that simple and natural State of Being!

You were born to be free! Being free means no longer carrying the weight of this separateness, the implications of this separateness. This is only illusion, something that can be investigated and verified. This appears next to that sense of "me" in this body-mind-world experience, as we have always been saying on these meetings.

This is the moment where Life is revealed... It is "at this moment" that Life is revealed, just as It is, without any illusion. Every illusion is in that chaotic movement, disturbed, complex, difficult, disoriented, pure imagination which is the egoic mind. This mind that everyone knows within which we all were raised to live. Thus, all our way of approaching life is within this movement. But the Truth is present when the mind is not.

Are we still together?

This work requires a profound honesty, an extraordinary surrender, but not everyone is willing to do that. Being honest with yourself is a very rare thing. When you cannot, or do not have that willingness to be honest with yourself, you cannot go beyond this illusion between you and the world, beyond the illusion of you present in this experience with the other. This is only illusion, but if it continues, the conflict remains: you with the world, you with the other... Then, the other always seems to be the cause of your unhappiness, the world always seems to be the cause of your unhappiness, of all your problems, while, in fact, all your problems are in this illusion. This is not outside! This is something present in this illusion, this interpretation that thought gives to what appears, to all that extraordinary and mysterious movement of Life as it shows, of Life as It is! So your problem is you, not the other, it is not the world, it is not life; it is this illusion of being this "you" that you believe to be.

Does it sound too weird?

There is no problem in the world! The other is not your problem! Life is not the problem! You are the problem! You are the world's problem, the problem of the other and the problem of life. Life without you will not cry, will not have any problems. The world without you will not cry, will not feel any lack. The other without you is always in peace. The other without you is not a separate entity. When he meets you, he sees himself as a separate entity, then he has a problem; but if he does not "find" you, he is in peace! The world is like this too!

Notice that this is different from our beliefs. In our beliefs, everything is wrong in the world, there is nothing wrong within us, just on what the world has caused. So the world is the culprit, life is guilty, the other is the culprit. All this is part of that unconsciousness, it is the way this mechanism is set up, as this machine is configured - this human machine, the so-called human being, the one that is "someone" when he finds this "you" that is "someone" when you meet the other (the other, life or the world), this illusion that there are two.

Meditation is this liberation! Meditation here is the end of duality, the end of that separateness. It is to be beyond the sense of "I", of the other and the world. Meditation is not a practice, a technique. Meditation is the Natural State of Being, that Being which you are, your Real Nature. This is beyond the egoic mind, the separatist mind; It is beyond this configuration. That is why we need to go beyond all this conditioning. It is needed a new way of feeling, thinking, of getting along with, being, living. You have to live, to be, to get along with as Consciousness, fully awake, out of duality, outside of the sense of separateness, out of this need of the world, the body, the mind, the other and the life. If This is present, there is only Life, and not you in it. This is the point!

Participant: Master, one thing is  trying to change the setting of this machine, another thing is to jump out of the machine programming, to go beyond all this conditioning. That is impossible just listening to talks or taking readings. Thank you for showing it so clearly!

Master: There is no way to realize this by just listening to these talks, watching videos or reading books about it. A much higher power than the intellect, than the ability to understand words is required. This is not how to learn history! Learning history means memorizing or even knowing how to put in your own words what you have learned (and here, to learn means gathering knowledge). Truth is not knowledge! You cannot learn it, you cannot memorize it!

Here, the point is to go beyond what ACIM (A Course in Miracles) says, what the Bible says, what any holy book says. Quote ACIM or quote the Bible is the same thing, in other words, that does not mean anything, in fact. It is only apprehended knowledge. You must go further!

Participant: Master, how do we abandon this egoic perception and this exacerbated rationality, which are fruits of our modern society?

Master: Going beyond this society, going beyond that rationality, beyond this way the intellect reads what it perceives. This is possible in Satsang, which means the meeting with What Is, the encounter with this Reality. There is no technique. There is a way this process takes place, but there is no technique! Your question is answered directly in person, in Satsang, not with words. It is answered in this direct contact, within this Silence. A simple work, but not easy. I recommend you face-to-face Satsang (you and everyone in this room).

That is all for today! Thanks for the meeting! Namaste!

*Transcript of a speech from an online meeting in the evening of June 8th, 2016 - 
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