November 13, 2016

It is necessary to appreciate the Truth above all

People, understand the principle which is very basic and simple: you conflicted, "you" are there, but God is not and the Truth is not. This is a basic principle. The first lesson you have in Satsang is: you are not Real, you are fraud. This self-importance separates you as an entity, from life, from existence. So, what bothers you, distresses, disturbs, causes conflict, and what conflicts signals that sense of separation, which is the illusion of this "I" in its self-importance - this fraud. This is misery, this is suffering, this is unhappiness.

Liberation is not the liberation of "someone"; it is the liberation of the illusion of "someone" present, which conflicts and disturbs itself, it has friends and enemies. This is the basic. This is the first lesson. I would say that it is the last lesson.

When "you" are, there is no beauty because there is no truth. Ugliness is slavery. You are ugly only when "you" are. When "you" are not, there is no ugliness, there is no unsightly. When "you" are not, there is no conflict, fear, suffering; there is no ego and the illusion of the experimenter. There is no experimenter in the experience. It is only Life ... Life without "you", the world without "you"! It is God! Without "you", everything is God. Without "you", everything is Life, Love, Happiness.

Do you understand now why I have been saying that the Nature of the experience is Happiness? The Nature of the experience is the experience itself, and it does not conflict with itself. There must be an illusory element included in the experience so that it gets confrontational, disturbing, unhappy, troubled, difficult. It is this elusive element of the experimenter that conflicts because of this thing of making friends and enemies. Friends become enemies, as we can see here now. A great friend becomes a great enemy; a not so great friend becomes an enemy with no importance. All our relationships are settled in choices because it is what fills in this experience of an experimenter; they are choices made or love choices. When it ceases to fill the experimenter, who opted to choose and decided for these relationships, these same relationships become unfriendly, unwanted. So it is when we make old friends become enemies, and old lovers become the most detestable ones, thus following to the tomb... to the grave. You walk, walk, walk until the arrival to the tomb.

Life happens without ego and without ego there is no conflict. So, Life is Happiness and Happiness is the absence of the sense of "someone" in its choices, alternatives, decisions and its positioning. Only then, doing nothing, you can be life itself, leading or being led; being led or leading; life leading itself and allowing itself to be led. So everything is in place and the mind is no longer needed. Here, the mind is the presumption of intelligence capable of conducting, driving, and pointing you a better way, a safer way without bad weather and adversity - which is a lie, an illusion.

The arrival of the Guru in your life should be (it would be better immediately) the end of any choice, decision and independence to do or not, resolve or not, decide or not. However, it is not like this. The presence of God, who is the Grace, the Guru, when He arrives, He finds "home" occupied and He cannot dwell there; He can barely visit it, quick visits as a guest does.

The Guru who is Consciousness, Truth, He is God, the Presence, Reality, Life, He should be the guide, not the guest who makes a quick visit, and He should be accepted at "home" as the real host, the true "home owner". Thus, Life guides Itself, It takes over and when It takes over this intelligence beyond mind, beyond ideas, choices and beliefs, It can solve everything. For that, yes, there is nothing to be solved. You need to appreciate the Truth above your own decisions, choices, ideas, beliefs. You need to give up, not intellectually, verbally, theoretically, conceptually, but indeed and truly, here and now. When you give up, "home" can be cleaned of all trash, emptied of all "trash", so the "visitor" stops being a "visitor" to be assumed as the real host, the owner of the house. But the "house" has to be cleaned, totally cleaned, so the host is not in a hurry, no hurry, as the guest is when he gets home, and he can recognize that it is his own "home", and remain there. You have to make room for it, so that this "Visitor" is recognized as the host itself, the owner of the "house".

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and have supper with him, and he with me". – these are the words of Jesus in the Bible.

The question for you is this: is there room? This is the question: is there room? Is there room there, if you are full of knowledge, experiences, courage, pride, friends and enemies, of things? If you are full of values, such as: wealth, prestige, power and certainties? Anyway, the "house" is too full ... very full.

*Transcribed from an in-person meeting in João Pessoa in June 2016

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