November 10, 2016

The great secret to go beyond the ego

The ego's attitude is the attitude of defense, and the more it defends itself, the more it is ready for the attack; the more it is ready for the attack, the more it is susceptible to make use of defense, trying to defend itself. The ego seems to grow in strength when it is living in this state of self-defense, naturally ready to attack. But its readiness is fear; it is so much vulnerability that it feels. The strength of the Natural State is not fear being attacked, it is not living defenseless, in defensive state, it is not living ready to attack, in an offensive state. 

The greatest discovery in this path of awakening is the importance of being sensitive to all kinds of attack, and you are only sensitive when you are not defending yourself. Being sensitive is not weakness, it is to become aware. You become aware that what attacks you does not strike you - this is being sensitive! The sensitivity considerably increases this capacity to perceive that no attack strikes you to the point of having the necessity of making use of defense. So this is the great secret to go beyond the ego: do not defend yourself, do not be defensive, have the sensitivity to be always ready, not for the attack, which is what happens when you are on the defensive, but to perceive that nothing can strike you, that is when there is no fear. 

Thereby no one can hurt you, offend you, annoy you, sadden you, frustrate you or reject you; nobody can throw you an arrow that causes you any injury, emotional or sentimental pain. When you are no longer worried about defending yourself, when this sensitivity takes over (sensitivity is vulnerability with Consciousness), then you are highly vulnerable, sensitive, with Consciousness. So, you allow everything, even because you know that you cannot hold anything, neither the opinion of others, nor the sharp-tongued people, none of the arguments, or opinions, nor the positioning of others towards you. Thus, now, in this State, you are not important. 

Notice that this is something quite the opposite of everything that you have lived until today, because your life has been this: defending yourself, protecting yourself; fighting back to protect yourself or fighting back after the attack, to strike a blow after suffering the first or to strike a blow before being hit by another one. I talk here not about a physical blow; I talk about a verbal blow, of attitude. It is that blow that is the desire to cause pain, mistreat, offend, hurt and vilify the other, to cause harm - that is the arrow to hit the target. It is not a matter of saying verbally "I am not attainable", "nobody can hit me!". It is not about this! "He cannot hit me!", "She cannot hit me!", "It is his problem!", "It is her problem!"... All of this verbalized may seem a lot of courage, strength, bravery, boldness, but inside it is pure fear. It is exactly the opposite: it is not to verbalize like that, it is saying "Ok!" ... It is internally accepting to be criticized, mocked, rejected, misunderstood.

So, the great secret is this! Your great secret is to stop caring about yourself, about this painting, this picture you do about yourself, and do not put it into a glass frame bulletproof, or proof of arrows, because what you are protecting is just an image ... only an image. 

The human craziness is so big, but so big that, when you think you got rid of someone, you have actually strengthened his or her image within yourself. The idea of being free from something or someone, because it is no longer physically present, it cannot be physically there, is very false, being just a great illusion believe that you got rid of it. You attack and kill the enemy, someone comes and buries the enemy you killed, and then you do not see it anymore, but it continues. It is not that simple. I wish it were ... But it is not so simple! 

Why not? It is because your enemy finds its real life in your mental, emotional world, of thoughts; in your imaginary world of the mind, of an "I". It is a matter of time for the enemy come out of the grave and come back to you, because you are handcuffed. Your right wrist is handcuffed to the left wrist of your enemy; you are side by side to him. Only the Consciousness, which is this Presence of pure sensitivity, has the key of these handcuffs. Living without ego is very natural, but it is a naturalness that you see unfold from inside out, breaking this psychic world, of images, where opponents and enemies appear. 

The key is not to run away anymore from this pain of being hurt, offended, criticized by someone or being compared to something, to someone ... It is to allow yourself such sensitivity of no longer being offended, hurt, injured, trying not to suffer this, and promptly respond with another attack, as usual. 

What I have observed is that many are not willing to do that. I say many, referring to those who come to Satsang, because those out of Satsang do not count. Among those who search for Satsang, many are not willing to do this, put themselves there, this way, which means to live without enemies. Why do I talk about enemies and did not use this speech, now, to talk about friends? It is because the enemy keeps the friend and the friend keeps the enemy. If I talk about enemy, I am talking about friend. Here, what applies to a friend, only applies to an enemy. In fact, it is only going to hurt you the one who is your friend; it is your friend who is going to become your enemy. It is only going to be your friend the one who is your enemy. But when we talk about friend and foe, we talk about enemy or friend, which is the same; just use one or another. In fact, I am talking about yourself! Your enemy is not outside you ... Your friend is not outside you! Besides the duality of "friend and foe", there is this sensitivity which is Consciousness, That which reveals that key that opens these handcuffs, takes away the other from the side, pushes away the other forever. The other is the friend, is the enemy, the one to whom you are bound by handcuffs. 

What does the Guru represent in all this? The Guru represents this Flame, the Consciousness, Presence, this high sensitivity to no longer be offended, hurt, injured; to no longer be loved, in this sense of pleasure, or seek the company of cuddle and vip treatment, understanding and acceptance, which is the same. The one who accepts you, soon will be rejecting; the one who understands you, soon will not want to understand you anymore; one who loves you that way, soon will be hating you. We are living this here in this room, because the one who is your friend becomes your enemy; and the one who gives you a kiss takes a bite. This room is the representation of the world, this mental world, psychological, egoic. This room is this psychic sea, a sea of images, of pleasure and pain, love and hate, joy and sorrow, happiness and unhappiness, and so on. 

What now? What can you take from all of that?

*speech transcribed from a in-person meeting in the city of Fortaleza/Brazil in June 2016. Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10PM via Paltalk chat room - Download the app on your mobile device or computer and participate!

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