November 1, 2016

Are the past and the future a real experience?

Hi folks! Do you all have audio?

We have a great opportunity tonight, at one more meeting, a moment more within this investigation, immersion, this dive in the Source, at the heart of all things. This core of everything is something beyond thought, which is something quite interesting. Thought creates the illusion of past, future and of this present moment as being real now, and life, in the mind, revolves around present, past and future. Life, in the mind, revolves around the thought that creates this illusion of a lifetime, of a separate existence. There is nothing like the past, present or future, without the thought; there is nothing like a separate life without the thought. The beauty of Self-realization is the verification of this.

Know that past and future are only thoughts. We do not experience past or future within themselves, because this is not a real experience. We experience only the present thought, because past is not a real experience, future is not a real experience; they are simply thoughts. Notice how interesting this matter of thought is. In Satsang you are going beyond thought, beyond this illusion.

Are past and future a real experience? Are they a real experience? What do you have now, at this moment, when you talk about the past or the future? All you have present is simply the thought. See how interesting this is, how thought has fascinated us, hypnotized, and how it has made us believe in a separate existence, the existence of "someone" ... The beauty of Self-realization is the end of time, of the illusion of time! Do you perceive that? You stop giving importance to thoughts.

So, time is imagined... Life is imagined... The person is imagined. This moment is this Presence, the only Reality, and It is beyond thought. All that exists is this ever present now, out of time. Eternity is out of time. Time is just a thought, like a veil trying to cover Reality. This eternity is just another name for Consciousness, Presence, Self, our Real Divine Nature.

Participant: Master, when I "look" at a thought, it disappears; then, it seems that is not real. But after a while, I find myself again, traveling on unnecessary thoughts.

Master Gualberto: It is exactly that. It is the nature of the egoic mind to produce thoughts and to travel on these thoughts; this is its life, life in time. The egoic mind is in the past or the present or the future; all it does in the present is to project itself to the future or to the past, in the imagination of what apparently happened or may happen, which are only thoughts and all thoughts are unnecessary. Life does not need thought; it happens in that Eternity that is not the eternity of the duration of an infinite time, but rather the Eternity of lack of time, out of time, of non-necessity of the time.

Another name for Eternity is Presence, is Consciousness, is Being ... pure Being, our Real Nature. This overlapping of time to this eternity is only a thought. There is no time within which we move ourselves... there is no movement in Consciousness - the Self does not move.

Is that clear?

Therefore, it is not the words, it is the Consciousness of this Presence, it is this Presence as Consciousness. It Is this Real Now. It is not the simple present moment, which is also only an imagination in time and that becomes past. We are talking about something out of the illusion of time. This present moment is time, the past moment is time, the future moment is time, and everything is appearing and disappearing, appearing as an overlay to this timeless Reality, to this Eternity, to this Presence, to this Consciousness.

Notice that there is no person in it, there is no personal life there. The personal life is the story, which is time, thought, imagination. It is clear that this is all illusion, it is just a belief, an idea; "a person" present in this room is only an idea - there are no people in this room. It is fascinating to comprehend this... To access this is what I call "comprehend", because intellectually you cannot reach it, you can only understand. I want to use here the term "comprehend", which is being beyond the intellect, being then beyond the understanding. You cannot understand It, because understanding means to get some verbal and intellectual knowledge of this thing, which serves no purpose, and it is full of it everywhere, as in books, on facebook, everywhere.

There is a lot of knowledge about it, which can be easily understood, but there is no comprehension in understanding. Comprehension is not understanding, it is realizing, and I invite you to comprehend. I do not invite you to understand, intellectually or verbally, to know and even to be able to explain, because it serves no purpose - it is just more knowledge. In this "matter" here, which is not a matter or a matter of discussion and to learn, all knowledge is rubbish, serves no purpose. You must dive into your Self; see this directly!

Let’s stop here. Good night everyone. Namaste!

*Transcribed from an online meeting in the evening of June 29th, 2016. 
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