November 4, 2016

The Presence and Unchanging Grace of the Guru

Before you came, I was already here. You spend some time and then decides to leave. During this time you spend, I am here; after you're gone, I am still here. I am always here! If you stay in Me, you will stay in Yourself, and then you will discover that has nowhere to go; it is when you stay with me, in that What you are, that is What I am! You are always this present unconditional love. Only the illusion says that you have arrived, that you stay and can then go away. I do not share this illusion anymore. Therefore, I stay here, in what you are, because It does not change!

I have to me that the purest of prayers, the most touching of all prayers is the supplication to stay here! "Arunachala Shiva! Climb this mountain barefoot and stay here, near Thee, in Thee, forever being what Thou Art, in this, that I Am. So, the illusion of going away is over! It is when the sun of Your Grace melts down the ice of illusion - the illusion that I can go away”.

You come to the Guru and there’s this contemplation of the Reality, this Reality always present, and then you know that you have never been anywhere else, that there is no other place. The Guru is this Ocean of Infinite Grace, is this Heat and Shine of Infinite Light, in which you rest, bathing in Its Water, heating in Its Heat, immersed in Its Light. In India, they call it Sat-Chit-Ananda (Sat=Being; Chit=Consciousness; Ananda=Happiness, Supreme Bliss).

Now there’s the utter impossibility of any misery, any gain, of any illusion, because the illusion of separateness was dissolved, as the ice melts under this intense heat of God, under this effulgent sun, in this brightness and warmth of this effulgent Presence. May your prayer be that - your only prayer, your only wish: to remain under such care, in this Presence, before this Presence, in what had no beginning, what will never have an end, what is everywhere, which stays here. The end of the illusion determines the end of this belief of getting out of this place to be somewhere else.

The Guru is the one who is always with his eyes on you, just as the sun turns to “bath” the whole Earth, to give life to the plants, animals and also to melt down the mountain glaciers. The Guru's look is always on you, to approach you to Him and give you life, melting the ice of your heart, making all that disbelief, all mistrust, all this insecurity and all this fear disappear under the Light of His Eyes, under the Grace of His Presence, making you realize that you are here, that You Are Him, that there is only You and You are the Guru. So it gets clear, yes, that there is only this place.

 [Master picks up a sheet with phrases of the disciples and, in time, turns them into a prayer:]

"That I remain in Thee, near Thee, knowing that I am that art Thou, as Thou already know who I Am ... Thou already know who art Thou. That I can stay with Thee! Permit me being close! What more can I want from Thee?

Nothing! It was just what I needed ... Nothing, because the Lord has given  me everything and makes me unlearn everything. It makes me end in death, brings death to all my standards, for You are the True Love, Peace and Tranquility.
Give me just eyes to see, and may I only see the God Thou Art, understanding all this illusion, and thus ceasing to believe, ceasing to be a "person", because I know I do not need anything to be happy.

Oh Happiness, help me to love Thee, because deep I know that Thou art already doing everything you should do.

I do not feel shy to say, do not feel timid to talk, neither nothing scares me to confess: I want Everything! I want to Be! All I hope from Thee is that nothing that Thou Art, which I see in Your eyes.

Thus, I can only say: Your blessing! Serving Thee is my only wish! May I stay here, Master, and be with Thee until the end!”

"If you do not care about anything, do not stay with absolutely anything and remain in this "place", I will be with you, give everything you need and take care of everything. I'll be there! Everything you need I'll bring, I'll do, if you stay, if you surrender, if you trust and remember these words, and remind me of these words. Therefore, keep dipping it and do not listen to anything else than this, no one, no other thing different from that. Your surrender determines your confidence, this confidence determines your faith and this faith determines each and every miracle, any divine provision in your life. I commit myself with these words. Be committed to your surrender! On this Omnipresence there, here, everything is simple, everything is natural, everything comes from one single place and happens to only One, to Him, that is You, who I am.

So be it!

* Transcribed over a meeting at the city of João Pessoa/Brazil in June 2016

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