November 16, 2016

This emptiness is the Absolute

Hello people, welcome once more to this meeting here by Paltalk!

What brings you to this chat room? What is the reason you're in this meeting, in this space called Satsang? What does this space show you, what does it reveal to you, anyway?

Who are you? That is a great question! The fact is that we experience all things as an appearance and disappearance. The question is: who is the one who experiences it? There is someone or is it just the experience, the pure and direct experience? There is something that perceives everything. What is That which perceives all? What is this "something" that perceives everything? This experience, right now, to hear or to write….

Our meetings are intended to investigate, together, the nature of this experience. We are here investigating the ultimate nature of this experience of hearing this speech, or looking at this screen, or sitting in the bedroom or in the living room or at the computer desk... This experience of expressing ideas, verbalizing words or listening to words... What does this experience mean? Where does it happen?

The idea of it´s happening "to me" is just an idea. The thought "thinks": this speech is being directed to someone - that is me - and there is someone making use of the word, who is talking. Which means that someone is speaking, there’s someone listening, writing, someone looking at the computer screen, sitting at the computer desk...

Our emphasis in these meetings, in these lines, is pointing you the absence of this entity. The illusion is to believe in an entity present in this experience. In this room, we are pointing to the absence of this entity, this person you believe to be, which seems to be listening or looking at the screen, or writing something now, or having to learn something... This is not true, and that is where the illusion is. There is only the experience happening in this moment, always in this moment, an experience without author, agentless. No transmitter or receiver, there is no subject or object, there is no audience and speaker, there is no disciples and master.

We never relax in this Natural State, there is always this tension to stop being something, stop being somebody. Trying to be something or to stop being something; trying to be someone or ceasing to be someone ... This moment of meeting with What we are is a time when this someone or something disappears.

We never experienced, directly, anything. Everything we experience are appearances and disappearances. We experience sensations, thoughts, feelings, the sounds we hear, and those appears and disappears. When I say "we hear", I mean that there is only the hear, not someone hearing. So, everything we experience, in fact, we did not do, because there is only the experience, the pure and direct "experience of experiment."

When you judge that this is happening to you, for that someone you believe to be, then you admit the illusion of an identity. When it happens, this "I" gets within that circunstantial egoic state, exposed to all kinds of conflicts, all sorts of opposition, suffering, annoyance, and there is the illusion of the "I", "me", the person, one who believes is having this experience. When the mind is confused with what happens, the sense of "I" appears. When you are confused with what is being presented, you make it personal, and this affects you, positively or negatively. However, whether it affects you positively or negatively, the very sense of someone present in this experience is the conflict, it is the suffering. This is precisely what sustains the illusion of separateness, the illusion of an entity present in what happens, in it that is happening.

Nothing is happening, just seems to be so. Nor anything is happening as much less is happening to someone, because there is not such person to room something could happen. So, this quest of being something or being someone is the foundation of unhappiness, it is the basis of all human misery, of all existential conflict.

Right now, you hear a speech that comes from this emptiness, this nothingness. This nothingness, this emptiness is the Absolute! There is only the Absolute! There is only this experience and not "someone" in this experience. So, if This assumes the place it has already there, at this moment, then Meditation is what is assuming this, this Presence is what is assuming this, this Truth is what assumes this. This is Meditation! Meditation is pure Consciousness, pure Presence, pure experience. It is not an specific experience of something. It is just the experience.Every experience is a unique experience, which is Consciousness.

This Meditation is Silence, Consciousness, Presence. It is to be completely empty of all content, of all subjection to ideas, beliefs, desires, dreams, worries, thoughts, to be completely free in order to not get lost in that, to not identify with that, to not take over this illusory identity in this experience of the feeling, or thought, or sensation.

This Presence is something quite not conceptual, indescribable. It never goes away, never dies. This Presence is this Consciousness, God, it is this Truth. There isn´t any object that can grab, hold, tie this Presence, such as the body or the mind. That is, neither the body nor the mind can hold This, can imprison this Presence.

Are we together? Can you follow it?

Notice that this Presence is not personal. In this speech, you did not find "the person and his/her history". I don’t have any interest on it, because "person" is only an idea, a belief. All the problems you have, you only have it because you consider yourself a person. Personal problems are possible only in the illusion of a person. If there is not this illusion, there are no problems. Suffering, conflict, fear, depression, anxiety, guilt, remorse, jealousy, envy, desire, all that which constitutes a problem, is only possible in the person. While there is the illusion of the person, the illusion of the problem will also be present, and this illusory problem is very real to the person, which in turn, is not real.

That is your conditioning, the conditioning we received was this: You see yourself inside the body, the mind, as someone within a story, within a context, with a name and form. And these experiences - listening, speaking, sitting, walking, smiling - these numerous experiences, within this conditioning illusion, it seems to be happening to someone, for this person who you believe to be. So it is inevitable that you are in trouble, since "you" are present - and I'm talking about this "me" that "I", this person you believe to be. While this Presence, which is this pure impersonal experience, knows no conflict, no problem, no suffering.

So, your job here is to exercise it, to exercise this Truth which is you in your Real Nature, which is Presence, Consciousness, this pure experience, this pure experiencing, without valuing someone present there. The thought, the feeling, the body's actions happen at work, in the profession, in walking, sitting, getting up, eating, lying down, sleeping, waking, hearing, speaking, and you allow it to be just what it is. And what is this? Pure experience! It's not something to someone. Then this will not enhance the story of this someone there.

Okay? Let’s stay here! Thanks for the meeting! Namaste!

* speech transcribed from an online meeting in the evening of June 22th, 2016. Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm - Download the Paltalk software and Participate!

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