November 18, 2016

What veil is this that hides this Happiness, this Freedom, this Enlightenment, this Self-realization?

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Here, we have investigated this: to what extent does anything need to be done and how does this need to be done? That is what we investigate in Satsang. It seems that, while there is this identification with this apparent individual, with this apparent person, there will be no choice. So what is the meaning of the search? What does this search mean?

Truth is very paradoxical. The search is not real and, however, if there is no purpose of surrendering, of working, this realization also does not happen. You cannot produce it, but at the same time you cannot stand idly by waiting for this happen accidentally as a lightning falling on top of your head and bringing this illumination, this awakening. Here is where many get lost by choosing a side and despising the other. How to solve this?

What I have perceived is that absurd simplification. Someone chooses one of these sides and talks about it, discusses about it, deals with it, but does not realize that fell into a trap. To say that no work is necessary is a trap. To say that the very effort and willpower will determine this realization is also a trap. That is the difficulty.

What veil is this that hides this Happiness, this Freedom, this Enlightenment, this Self-realization? What veil is this? In my view, the very search, the effort itself, the own personal will, using the very methods that the person knows, and that it would use in any other enterprise to achieve this, is the veil that hides it. This does not come by personal effort, by personal will, by personal work... This Self-realization, this Enlightenment, Awakening, Happiness dawns, blossoms, arises, appears, takes Its place by an action of Grace. We are saying that this happens to you, you do not produce this.

You have just said that, while I was talking about this immutability something happened there. You became aware of this clearly. So, note that it is not a personal effort, it is not a personal work; you made no effort, no work; you are just here, now, at this moment, and this Presence was able to make this possible. This Presence is Consciousness, It is Grace. This is something that has been given to you, but nevertheless, you had to be here, you had to have entered the room, you had to be willing to listen, to feel, to understand.

There is something present in this room, greater than the speech, which is the very power of the Grace. It is this that makes the work be possible, beyond your efforts, your willpower, your determination. In this contact with a living Master, it becomes possible. In this contact with the power of this Presence, it becomes possible. But that is very subtle, it is a very thin line: how far can you go by making it possible, and to what extent are you the very impediment...

I have talked a lot about the importance of surrender - it helps a lot. Surrender is the direct path, is devotion, is rendition, it is the quitting of someone to accomplish this, someone to do it. This means also, at the same time, an opening, sensitivity, a full and complete vulnerability. Then, it descends on you, or rather, it comes from within, it arises from the inside, sweeping completely the egoic mind, the sense of separation, the sense of the I.

So, to what extent is there something to do? To what extent there is nothing that can be done? That is the question! If you do something, you disturb. If you do not do, you disturb even more. If you apply your will and determination, you disturb. If you do not apply full will and determination, you disturb even more.

I am saying that if you do not dispose yourself, if you do not open yourself up, if you do not surrender, if you do not allow yourself (because of the resistance of the mind entirely concerned with the egoic interests), if you remain like that, this Self-realization is not possible, at least not now. You need to be burning for it, putting your entire life on it, applying your heart fully on it.

You need to wake up with this in the morning, spend the day with it, sleep with it at night, and the next day, wake up with it again in the morning, spend the day with it and sleep with it. On the third day, you do it different: you wake up with it, spend the day with it and sleep with it again. On the fourth day you repeat the first; on the fifth day, you repeat the second; on the sixth day, you repeat the third or fourth... (laughs)

In this sense, it is essential to be in Satsang in person, within a “sangha”, getting “upadesa”, direction, teaching. They are not information about it, they are direct warning on how not being confused, how not getting lost, how not being identified again in this egoic world, in this mental world. This is the necessity of Grace, it is the necessity of the Guru, it is the necessity of the One who is beyond duality. He no longer loses himself; he has already been through this whole process and knows it directly, not intellectually, but directly; not theoretically, but directly.
Participant: How do I remain in my real nature, permanently, if the mind is agitated?

Master Gualberto: The mind is agitated because of these “vassanas” - word used in Yoga in India – i.e., these latent tendency of the mind, its patterns of desires, choice, motive, hidden intention. This must end! If this does not end, the mind remains always stirring, going back to the same and old patterns.

That is why the practice of meditation does not work. No technique to quiet or silence the mind is going to work. Self-realization is not the stillness of the mind, it is not the silent mind. Self-realization is the end of duality, it is the end of the sense of separation, it is the end of the sense of "I" within the experience, including the experience of thinking. Thought is only an experience, as well as emotion, or sensation, or feeling. When there is no duality, when there is not a sense of  "I" within the experience, there is no conflict and what is present is your Real Nature. 

Consciousness is not separate from the experience of thinking, of emotion, of sensation or of feeling. But the Consciousness in that experience, out of duality, is not lost, it is not confused, it does not identify with this anymore. This is something that many of you have understood in a completely wrong way. I have noticed this: many of you speak about this silence of the mind as if it were your own realization. Realization is not the silence of the mind; Realization is the end of the sense of an identity in this experiment of the thought. This is another completely different thing.

Participant: Then, how to eliminate this sense of an ”I”?

Master Gualberto: This answer is directly related to a work. There is no definitive answer to that, a verbal answer, a sentence or two, or ten.  In Satsang, yes, there is an answer to that! In Satsang in person, in front of a living Master signaling you, showing you, making you realize these patterns, these trends of mind, these ingrained habits of mind... His signalization, the way of making you directly perceive all this is part of the work in personal meetings. Then, you have an answer that means the elimination of this sense of  an "I". But this is not possible with eyes closed, chanting mantra, or quieting the mind for a moment. You can meditate this way a thousand years. Eyes closed, the mind is silent; after the meditation ends, you are back!
I never practiced meditation; my whole practice was devotional, but no meditation. The practice of devotion is the practice of surrender to the feet of this living Presence, which is this Consciousness, which is this Grace. My experience is this: The look of the Guru! Look at His eyes was enough, listen to His Silence in my heart was enough, it already contained all the teaching, all upadesa, all direction. This real attention in the present is that Consciousness always present in that surrender. This Presence, which is this Consciousness there, does all the work. You need to have your heart turned to it intensely, your whole heart into it. You need to be willing to die, to give everything for that. You must be burning for it.

Participant: Are there any plans to Satsangs in Minas Gerais? For in      Campos do Jordao is very cold at this time of the year.

Master Gualberto: If you are burning for this, you will not feel cold at all in Campos do Jordao. If you are not burning so, nothing is going to work. These meetings do not have to go to you; you have to go to these meetings. It is not the Guru who has to go to you; it is you that have to come to the Guru. It is not him who has to go to Minas Gerais; you have to come to Campos do Jordao. He can be on Himalayan Mountain top, there on the snowy peak, but you have to meet Him there. If you are burning for this, you are not going to freeze, but realize God, realize the Truth about yourself. Now, if you are not burning for this, anything will be a great excuse - heat, cold, lack of money, lack of time...

Participant #two: Master, a year ago I lost my job, I cannot get another one, I am depressed. Two weeks ago I met you Master, I watch your videos, but it is difficult to understand and quiet the mind, my mind screams 24 hours a day.

Master Gualberto: Leave this thing of silencing the mind behind, girl! Now here, just listen to my speech, put your heart into it. When watching my videos, look at me, no longer look at my speech, look at my Silence, look at Me and you will realize that I will be looking at You. In fact, my speech carries that Silence that is able to do an extraordinary work there. Work that you cannot do! It is not something ordinary, so I said extraordinary! It is not in this speech, it is in this Silence; It is not in my gestures on the video, it is at this look.

You cannot approach this work to get rid of depression or trauma or emotional problem. There are many therapists to help you! I have no interest in that. My interest is to show you That that You are! You are not the body, you are not the mind! So neither the heat nor cold, or depression, or fear, or anxiety or other negative mental response can prevent you from realizing What You are, your Real Nature.

I am here for those who are willing to do this and not for those who feel too hot or too cold. Without being willing to go beyond that sense of a separate "I", this illusion of being someone, it does not help to ask how to eliminate this sense of "I". You need to be willing to surrender that sense of "I" who is afraid of cold or afraid of heat, or that "I" who feels anxious or depressed or any of these states that the "I" know.

All of you here need to pay attention to it: This long-distance dating does not make the child born, it does not get anyone pregnant! This child needs to be born, and by here it cannot. Is that clear?

OK, So, let us stop here! Namaste!
*Speech transcribed from an online meeting on the night of June 13th, 2016. Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 pm - Download Paltalk and participate!

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