November 7, 2016

When I look at you, I see myself!

How is it for you to be here? How is it for you to have arrived here? Why have you come? What do you expect? What do you expect from me? I know ... I know what you are looking for. I do know what you are looking for! I know you!

You look for it that I am, this freedom, this totality, this completeness, this absence of suffering; this freedom to love everybody unconditionally, no needing anyone, no needing anything, no needing to bind this unconditional love to absolutely anything, to any situation, any circumstance. I know what you are looking for. You look for what I am, because I am the "I Am" that You are within.

The Master is the Guru outside and God is the Guru inside. Inside is God; outside is the Master; and that is the Guru. It has nothing to do with the body, with the form. The form can be masculine, feminine, androgynous ... the form is irrelevant.

This Presence is just one, inside or outside. It is only a relative language that we use - which is the thought expression - but this is beyond thought, beyond speech. Everyone, from the ant to the largest elephant in Africa, from the smallest creature in the sea to the largest of all whales, they are seeking It, that Self-realization, this completeness of Being, this "I Am" that You are (because when I look at you, I see myself). You are very beautiful! And that has nothing to do with your blue eyes, It has to do with the "I Am" that I recognize there. Everyone is born for Self-realization.

Some people born and lose themselves, which is what happens to the most part. After then, they need to be found, like that sheep from the parable described by Jesus. According to the parable, there was a shepherd with a hundred sheep in his cote. He took care of them, protected them, fed them, kept them warm in the cold, and in the hot times he protected them not to drown in the streamlet. It was a very zealous shepherd, very careful; a good shepherd.

When they went to the countryside, he used to pick them up and numbered them all. So, in a day, he found that from the hundred, one had been lost. That worried him a lot, so he closed the cote, leaving the ninety-nine sheep there, supplied his bag with the provisions and went after that single wandering, missing, lost sheep. He had to find it before the wolves, before the animals that could eat it.

So, he traveled in search of that one wandering sheep until he found it and, at that moment, his heart rejoiced! It was full of thorns, dirty, bruised ... and, right there, he laid it down, examined, removed the thorns, took the olive oil and treated the wounds. Then, he cleaned its fur and hugged It.

After that, he put it on his shoulders and made another trip back to the cote. He left the ninety-nine sheep for only one! Then he put it back in the cote and it looked into his eyes ... now it was happy, it was at home!

Jesus ends the parable by saying: "I am the Good Shepherd". The Good Shepherd is one who can give his own life for his sheeps, who is able to make a trip to a distant place, surrounded by wolves and wild animals, if necessary. Jai Guru Deva!! Jaya Bhagavan!!

I am the Good Shepherd! It is the shepherd who finds the sheep. All that the sheep does is to stray, to get lost, to venture into the woods and forget its home, forget the cote. However, the Good Shepherd always counts his sheep and does not neglect any of them; otherwise, he would not be a good shepherd.

I do not want to give you the joy that football superstars give to you when they make goals. They make a goal and you become happy, you yell their names, you scream the name of your team...

I do not want to give you such happiness. A happiness like this is one that the player has to make a new score for his team for you to feel it again. I want to give you a non-circumstantial Joy.

I was not born to be a football star, I was born to show you God, and God is the undying joy! My Guru gave me it. The Guru is the Good Shepherd who brings the sheep to its joy, back home.

Do you comprehend what I mean? All the joys in this world are transitory, like the joys that a football player gives to his fans. I know what you seek, you seek yourself. I seek You, what You are, this beauty, this unnamable, indescribable, singular and unique Thing, behind your eyes.

In India, they call it “darshan”, the look to the Guru, to one who is Self-realized, who is beyond birth and death, beyond all suffering, all illusion. They call it “darshan”, the look of God. I love that term, because it is perfect! You do not come to hear my lines, my words; indeed, you come to see yourself, to have darshan, the look of God.

But the question still remains: what brings you here?

*excerpt of a speech during a meeting in Ramanashram Gualberto, Campos do Jordão, Brazil, on June, 2016

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