December 14, 2016

The Guru is this Consciousness

PARTICIPANT: "What should be the relationship with the inner and outer Guru?"

MASTER GUALBERTO: Here, the issue is that there is a large difficulty, for many, to accept the answer we have for it. Everybody says on this internal Guru, but in fact, this inner Guru is just another belief. This inner Guru is only real when it awakens and there is all the difficulty. The difficulty is to accept that this is only possible through a contact with the external Satguru.

It is the external Guru who awakens this inner Guru. Without the external Guru, the internal one is only a belief, like any other belief. What I am saying is that everyone needs an external Guru, which, in reality, is the same internal Guru. But this internal Guru awakens only because of this external Guru, even if the external Guru does not take a human form, as with Ramana himself, but this is a rare case ... these cases are quite rare. For Ramana, the Arunachala mountain was his Guru.

Here, all difficulty is that, when we deal this issue, we can put it from the Guru's point of view or the disciple's point of view. From disciple's point of view, there is the external and internal; from Guru's point of view, there is only the Satguru. So, internal or external no longer appear. It is very interesting this matter, because, from the desire that the mind has to dispense any authority, it sees, also, the figure of the Guru as the authority figure over it. The nature of the egoic mind is this arrogance nature. It takes the illusion of being able to control, to be able to solve alone. The ego believes it can solve alone, the mind believes it can solve this issue alone. But mind is basically unconsciousness, basically sleep; it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the Guru, internal or external. The Guru is this Consciousness, this external Presence. By his Grace, that Consciousness, that inner Guru awakes. Then, the Guru will always be necessary. The only need is exactly this Guru, this Consciousness, this Presence. The work is unique, it is one only job.

There is no separation between the outer Guru and the inner Guru, but, from the point of view of those who believe in that, the Guru's external Presence is something essential, because you cannot go beyond mind in your own mind. The mind cannot investigate the mind itself. The outer Guru is that Consciousness, this Presence in the form, and it is only the awakened Consciousness. So, in this relation, that Consciousness, which is the Guru in the form, awakens this Consciousness of the disciple ... this same Consciousness in the disciple. Thus, the work starts and then it can be spoken of a internal Guru. Before that is a belief, only a belief, and all belief is something in the mind, it is part of the mind; part of unconsciousness, it is part of sleep - they are just words, just imaginations ... Words, which are thoughts, imaginations.

It is like the reality of God, that in the mind is just a concept, a thought, a belief and, therefore, one more imagination. God is real in your Being! God is real as Consciousness, not as a belief; as belief it is just imagination. And so it is regarding to the Guru, who is this Consciousness, which is God. The Guru is real only when a work is happening. When a work is happening the inner Guru is real. Otherwise, it's like a belief in God, which is just one more belief and a belief does not work.

Do you follow it? Satsang means being in good company, which is the company of that Consciousness, which is the company of Grace, which is the Guru’s company. If you, who are in this chat room at the Paltalk, could solve this alone, you would have been resolved; It is not how it works. If this "alone" meant Consciousness, you would not need to be in this room, because the thing would already be resolved; this question of the end of separativity, the end of the sense of self, of the ego, the me, plus all suffering, conflict and all misery linked to it, would have already been resolved.

The mind can believe in its ability to achieve It, but it's just a belief, too, another imagination. This action of awakening, the Self-realization, is an act of Grace. As an action of Grace, is an act of Consciousness. Therefore, it is an action of God, a Guru's action. In India this is very clear - it is the Guru who gives you this Awakening. Today, there is a neo-Advaita message going out there, that says you do not need a Guru, that you are already the Guru. However, you see that all those who has performed This, in a direct way, real, and then shared this real vision of Truth, that someone would call him Advaita, they are always talking about the importance of the Guru, praying to the Guru, making chants for the Guru, bathing on this Guru's Grace, making poems for the Guru, as with Ramana, as with Nisargadatta and many others.

Any questions about this, yet? Does anyone have any more questions about it? I would like to ask to you, then: For those who are in touch with the Guru in person, what does it represent? How do you feel it? Some here have never been in a personal meeting. What means to be in this work?

In the mind, we have difficulty in accepting something as simple: that there is only One, and that One is that one Consciousness, Presence. It doesn’t matter if It is in the form of Marcos Gualberto, Ramana Maharshi or Buddha…he surrender to this Presence is what happens when we surrender to the Guru, when there is this surrender of the "I" to the Guru, of this "me" to the Guru. Surrender is the abandonment of this illusion of separation, of this mind that judges, compares, evaluates, and that is full of concepts and prejudices, fears and desires - that's what we hand over, surrender, what we let go before this unique Presence. There is only this one Presence, which is You in your Real Nature! There is only You! It's always that! There is only You in your Being, in this room! There are no people in this room.

The mind, the body and the world appear in this Consciousness, which is You in your Being. These are all objects, whereas this Consciousness is the Reality experiencing all this, which is the subject of all these objects; It is experiencing all this. This Consciousness is the Guru. In this Consciousness experiencing all this, one single Consciousness, there is only this Consciousness.

When you say "the person" or "I", this is only an illusion in which we believe; this belief is this illusion of a "person", the "I". It is all in this imagination. The only reality is that Consciousness. This "I" and that "me" are just beliefs, thoughts, objects to this Consciousness that experiences it. This Consciousness is what remains alone, without any object; It is on It that the objects appear. This "me", "person" is also only an object, a thought, an imagination.

Let’s end up here!? Thanks for the meeting. Namaste!

*Transcribed from a speech of an online meeting on the evening of April 27, 2016.  
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