December 22, 2016

Where there is dependency, there will be suffering

Where there is any form of dependency, there will be suffering. Whatever present as a form of dependency (I’m talking about this psychological dependency, internal, that which the thought produces), there will be suffering. What or who do you depend on? What, exactly, if it were taken from you, would make you suffer? What exactly? What would give you pain (emotional pain, internal pain, psychological pain, pain in the “I”)? 

Participant: For me, it is my job, Master. 

Master: If your job is so important like that, it is because you have the valorization of the "person" you believe to be on it. The valorization of the "I" is in this. That which you depend on, by which you would feel pain if it were taken away from you, if you would not have it, it is what fills you in as "someone". We have many forms of dependency, which happen, appear at various levels of our existence. But, these various forms of dependency are just one: the self-importance dependency; it is something or someone who valorizes this self-importance. So, no matter the level of addiction, it is in it that you are "someone". You do not have Freedom while you keep this programming. Your Freedom is present when you are not, and you are not when this programming is no longer present. Only then, one can talk about Freedom. 

 The "I" is a relation with people, things, places, images. Things, people, places, and images always produce this self-importance to this "me," this "I," which arises and sustains itself in this relation. This is basically fear!

That is suffering! You need to take on your Essential Nature, your Real Nature. In your Real Nature, you are unconditionally free ... Free from things, people, places and images.

Notice that your mind (when I say "your mind," I am referring to the egoic mind, so I am not talking about something private, although it is, particularly, something very close to that "person" there, who you believe to be) is, basically thoughts. Your day is filled with thoughts, which are things, people, places and images.

We go to the core here, to the heart of Freedom! It is about Freedom this talk today ... The core, the heart of Freedom is the absence of this supposed necessity of thinking, of thoughts "populating" your head.

There is a little story: There was a street where the streetwalkers, the prostitutes have worked. One day, on that street, a holy man appeared a holiness preacher... He stopped in front of one of those houses and began to speak, loudly, in his preaching: "Repent, you sinners!" In his speech he was clearly showing all the sin in the world, including the sin of those girls who worked in those houses. The story tells that one of them, every time that the man came to the street in the morning and began to preach, opened the window, looked at him and began to cry. In her heart, she said to God, "Oh, God, forgive my sins, forgive my actions, all that this man is saying is the truth ... I am a sinner, you know me!" She still said, "I am not like that holy man who is there, without sin!"

The story goes that this woman, every day, opened her window, listened to that preacher and, in her heart, she remained totally turned to God. The years passed, the preacher got old that woman also got old and both died; they arrived in the sky with the difference of a few minutes.

St. Peter received them and said to the woman, "Give me a hug, my daughter!" After embracing her, he said, "Come in!" When he raised his left hand, the gates of heaven opened and she entered the sky, to her own amazement. The holy man, the preacher, who had just arrived, saw that scene and hurriedly tried to enter the gates too. St. Peter said, "Stop! Where are you going to?" He replied, "I am entering heaven and ... (he still was going to quarrel with St. Peter) why is this lady going in there, too? How does the Lord explain such a thing to me?" The man was going to quarrel with St. Peter...

Ego is just like that... He still wants to quarrel with God and show his rights. St. Peter said, "My son, the question is this: I have been watching you all these years. I saw how arrogant you were by pointing out everyone's sin and asking them to repent, while you have never regretted of your arrogance of seeing sin in everyone other. Your place is not this, it is that there". Then he raised his right hand, the door of hell opened (the crowd was already there waiting for the man), and he continued: "This woman, unlike you, during all her life, in her heart, was deeply turned to the Truth". Saint Peter further said, "God does not judge acts. God has a great interest in observing the heart." This is how the story ends.

You, in your Real Nature, in your True Nature, are not the mind, not the body, you cannot remain that way, confused with what fills you, in this illusion of "being someone." The core, the heart of Freedom, is not to be confused with what most populates your day, with thoughts about the importance of people, things, places and images. You should work this out right now. You must work it! To work this surrender, your Freedom... The Freedom of your Essential Nature, your Self, this Consciousness of Truth. You must work it! You must work the non-identification with that which fills you as being "someone" (like that preacher, who filled himself with the idea of being holier than others, of deserving heaven). Christ, in his words, said: "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be. Do not accumulate on earth!" 

Look at the ego! It searches for  satisfaction by accumulating affective realizations, assets and properties, professional achievements, family and relationships. The ego is always busy, because it is always accompanied by something, and this is its completeness, its realization. 

The core of Freedom is the Void! This is against everything that the ego wants. The ego does not want the Void... The ego wants the fullness, which is the filling that things, people, spaces and places give you; that images, imaginations, give you too. The core of Freedom, the Heart, the Liberation, is you in your Natural State, which is the absence of every form of filling. This is the end of the illusion of this supposed necessity of thinking.
The nature of Freedom is Emptiness, Silence, Consciousness, Meditation. So keep your mind off this idea of "your mind"; remain Silent, without producing images! These images are the ones producing all these conflicts within you.

*Transcribed from a speech in a face-to-face meeting in João Pessoa on July 2016

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