January 30, 2017

The whole idea that you have about the world is just an idea

It is wonderful we get together again, with our heart turned to it, to what really matters, to the only right thing, the only reality, that is this perception. The objects appear in this perception; the mind is an object appearing in this perception, as well as the body and the world. Everything is known, witnessed in this perception. In fact, the only knowledge we have about the world, the mind and body is that perception. Our waking experience, deep sleep and dream is in this perception - which is the perception of reality. This perception of reality is Consciousness - something that is not in time. Time is the sense of movement that happens in the mind, in the body, and, as an experience of the world, any and every movement of the world brings the sense of time.

In Satsang, our real interest is that Consciousness, is this Presence, is this perception. This perception is not dual, it knows no separation between subject and object, between the thinker and thought, between what sees and what is seen; this perception knows no conflict, knows no entity present in mind, in the body and in the world. We are in Satsang, hearing about it, but it is necessary to go beyond the hearing. You must become aware of this non-dual perception.

All objects are apparent, but we are not dealing with the body or the mind as an object, or with the experience of the world as the experience with an object. Here is the whole problem: we are dealing with the body and the mind as if they were what we are, as if the experience of the world were the experience of the Real Life. Our real knowledge is this perception, and in this perception there is no illusion - the illusion "I am the body", "I am the mind" and "I am in the world".

That perception is what is intimate, close, real. Only this perception is Freedom, Truth, Happiness, Love, it is Peace; It’s when you are not confused anymore with the objects, whether it is the body, the mind or the world. Our work, together, here in Satsang, is to become aware of it, aware of this perception which is the Only Reality.

Are you following it?

The whole idea that you do about the world is just an idea. The whole idea that you do about the body as being you is only an idea. The whole idea that you have about the mental movement, is also just an idea, it's just a belief, only objects. If you keep confusing yourself with objects, you will keep holding this personal life, an illusory life, separated from the Whole - This is the human misery.

The objects undergo changes, they are affected by changes. Everything that has name and form is affected by changes, and what is affected by changes may not be real, is not immutable. This perception of what we are talking about - which is this Consciousness, this Presence - It is not affected by changes! This never changes, has never changed. This perception was already there when you were a kid, it was there when you became a teenager, a young, an adult; you are already a grandfather and that is still there ... it's the same perception!

The mind, as an object, has undergone changes: memories disappeared, other memories are appearing, old and new memories ... are changes in the mind. The body has also undergone changes, and the world has changed in the last 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years! Everything changes, everything that has name and form is affected by changes! But there is a present perception there, a Consciousness present there that has not been changed.

You are here to assume this Truth - the Truth about yourself. The Truth is the awakening, is to leave this unconsciousness, this state of sleep, dream, confusion and to move toward your Natural State of pure perception of reality; It means to move in this world, in this body and this mind, free from the illusion of being in the body, mind and in the world. The body, mind and the world are experiences of objects in this perception that You are! You are unchangeable, and if that is assumed, recognized, perceived, then there is no death anymore, not the illusion anymore  of being born to die.

Notice that the world appears when the body appears. The body appears by the morning, lying in bed, and then the bedroom walls appear the ceiling and the floor; First of all, the body appears, and then the world, in sequence. This appearing are objects, while this perception remains; even when no object appears, even in deep sleep, when there is no object, neither the body, nor the mind, nor the world, there is something that remains, that stands. This something that stands is what makes possible the world appears again. From one day to the other the world appears. Comes the day, comes the night and comes a new day ... The days are changing and this perception is seeing this change, making this change possible.

Is that right?

You can go beyond this illusion of the personal experience, which is the belief of a person established within a story, declaring himself alive - alive, of course, to die; alive, of course, but full of personal problems. It's an illusion! There are no problems, no person, no one in all this. It is only the mind changing its states: feelings, emotions, thoughts, everything is changing, turning. It's just the body changing states: welfare, malaise, healthy, sick, pleasure, pain ... It's just the body changing states, only the world changing with the events. Neither someone in the body, nor someone in mind, nor anyone in the world. This Consciousness that is this perception - or this perception that is Consciousness - does not change, it observes these states changing.

Enlightenment is basically this: no longer be upset about changes; not to grieve for changes, not to be confused with the illusion of someone present, with angry, hate, with enemies, friends, with likes or dislikes; not to be confused with that illusion of self-image, the image you have about yourself, who feels hurt, wounded, offended, worried, wanting to kill, with hate, whatever ... all these feelings. Something cherished with much appreciation, carefully in the ego, giving life to this illusion of a person on the experience of its relations with others, with yourself, with the world.

Am I being clear?

We may be easily offended, insulted, bruised, and let others hurt our feelings, we feel very important or unimportant at all; we are always creating images about ourselves, about the world or what seems to happen to us, when in fact it is all happening to this body, this mind, to this world.

Participant: When I try to find my real nature, I find only my mental identification, gross or subtle. How to go beyond that?

Master Gualberto: The question is, who is engaged in it, in trying to find? You do not find what you Are. If you look for what you Are, all you will find is what you believe to be: mental, gross or subtle agitation, anxiety, worry, fear, and so on. You do not find what you Are, you disidentify yourself from what you believe to be, you disidentify yourself from all beliefs that you have about yourself,  all ideas you have of yourself,  all and any feeling, thought, emotion. When it is discarded, your Real Nature is shown. It was always there, it has never been hidden, but paradoxically, it never presents itself while the illusion is there. The point is to disidentify  from the illusion about who in fact you are. The very illusion about who in fact you are has to be discarded, as much as the illusion of who you believe to be, because all these are just beliefs. You will not build this realization, you will find its Presence. The term "awakening" means awakening awaken from the illusion that there is someone sleeping in a dream state, that there is someone in the body, mind and world experience.

Participant: It seems that I try to empty myself from the contents, but there is always a content.

Master Gualberto: the question remains the same. Who is this who tries to empty himself? The illusion is that there is someone real there, and this real one can be emptied of this illusory one who is there ... These are all beliefs. This Reality - that is this Presence, Consciousness, which is this perception that we're talking about - blossoms by itself and is the expression of the Grace itself, of the Divine Presence itself. This is not your job. The paradox is that all this is you who are willing to find, to perceive, to learn, to understand, no one else can do this in your place. It is your job, but it is not your job! It is a work of this Presence, this Grace, and you can delay it a lot. If you have the good fortune to come across a living master, He in His Grace, He, who is this Consciousness, which is this perception, that is the reality of your Real Nature, your True Nature, will take care of it.

God’s work, you cannot do, the Guru’s work, you cannot do. But your work, your Master will not do, God will not do, the Guru will not do. You are in this room, on this speech, in this time, before this Silence, this Presence, because this is your time to go beyond this illusion. If you could solve this alone it would have already been resolved, you would not be in this room.

God is the only and real need, and He is this Presence, this Consciousness, this Grace. There is no difference or separation between the inner Guru and external Guru. There is only this one Consciousness, which is this Presence, this Grace that brought you to this room, to this time called Satsang. Now, the thing is to give up, to surrender! Your prayer brought you here; Your yearning, your longing for the Truth brought you here. But who actually brought you here was this Grace, was this Presence. It takes care of that perception, it undoes this illusion of "body-mind-world", this illusion of "self and non-self". It undoes this illusion of a supposed present entity, with its desires, fears, negative or positive feelings, and so on.

You are here to realize God, the Truth about yourself. All my interest is to share this in these meetings; It is to create for you a facilitation, showing you this tremendous resistance, this tremendous arrogance, this tremendous illusion that the egoic mind carries, keeping you in this prison, in this alleged entity, in this illusion of the "I".

It’s enough for today. Let's stay here. Namaste! Schedule to be with us in personal meetings.

*Transcribed from an online meeting held on the evening of June 10th., 2016 -Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm - Download “Paltalk” and participate!

January 25, 2017

Who wants the Truth?

The present reality, which is our own Being, is this Reality. It is in this contact that you establish again a direct connection with the "heart." Here, the heart refers to this absolute Reality, this pure Intelligence. The mind has moved away from the heart by being acting independently, and thus it has created all sorts of damage when it makes you believe that you are "someone" in the world. This is just what the mind has done: it has given you the belief that you are worldly.

This work is meant to help you realize this Reality, this absolute Intelligence. This is only possible when you return to the Heart, with our talk, our gaze, listening and feeling, finally, our life established entirely and completely in the Heart, in that absolute Reality, pure Intelligence. When this absolute Reality is shining in all its glory, grace and splendor, we have this Absolute Intelligence, this absolute Wisdom.

It is like a sunny day without clouds. When we treat about this realization, we are treating about this absolute, pure, Intelligence, which is this day of cloudless sun. When the egoic mind appears it is like a small cloud covering that sun. One day Ramana raised one of his fingers and said, "That finger is a small finger, but it can cover the sun." When you put your finger in front of an eye, it is a small finger, but it can cover, hide the sun. When a small cloud arises up there, it can also cover the sun. The person, in his ignorance, says that there is no sun because it cannot see it.

When you look from here, a cloud the size of a hand is enough to cover the sun. But it is you who sees the sun covered, hidden, concealed. This is the "person" in its ignorance. It is the illusion that brings you this experience. When the cloud covers the sun, the ignorant person says there is no sun, because he or she does not clearly understand this: the sun is always there, shining. What is covering the sun, actually, is just an experience, an ignorant personal experience, saying there is no sun. In fact, the sun is not covered, because when the cloud dissipates itself, it shines again, but it has never ceased to shine indeed. Such is the reality of this Consciousness, Intelligence, of that absolute Reality, which is always present, but when the mind moves away from the heart the cloud covers the sun. This is just a metaphor that may not be totally perfect, but it does not matter.

You have left this absolute Intelligence, this Consciousness of reality. Thus, you imagine your life full of conflicts, problems; this because you identify yourself as a "person", presenting yourself with an identity in that body/mind/world experience. Then you see yourself as "someone" in the world, worldly, and imagine your problems as being real, similar to this ignorant person, who imagines there is no sun. That is because it is only seeing what it can see, what the clouds are... The clouds of its beliefs, ideas, its concepts and prejudices, desires, fears, worries. They are only beliefs; it is the mind away from this Consciousness, of this Presence, of that absolute Intelligence... Away from the heart. That sounds to me like something said in a very real, true way... It sounds like something very simple.

You have identified yourself with evil, with negativity, with pessimism, with defeatism or with hopes, desires and dreams, with the worst or the best of life. This "worst of life" and "best of life" is the worst and the best that the mind says that exists. For me, basically, this is being outside of that absolute Intelligence, which is Consciousness, Reality and Wisdom. So you identify yourself with erroneous, wrong conditions, whether positive or negative. You confuse your life with these conditions, and these conditions are just mental beliefs. So you keep these clouds.

In Satsang our proposal is to dissipate the illusion of these clouds, the clouds of your problems. We are not worried about your problems. It is not exactly with this or that cloud in particular that we are concerned. Here, we are not engaged in taking care of this, that, or all the clouds. We are engaged in getting rid of this illusion, which is the illusion that there are clouds, and that means the end of the illusion of problems. Once you are back to the Heart, your sun will shine again and everything in your life will be imbued with this Presence, Consciousness, absolute Intelligence.

Is that weird to you? Do you prefer your dreams, hopes and desires? Winning the “loto” (a gambling game)? Finding a new marriage? Or happiness in a professional achievement?

In Satsang we are treating about the end of illusion, which is the illusion of separation, of separateness, of the sense of "someone" present in the world. The direct experiences of those who realized and have realized this realization is that the more you get busy with the "person" you believe you are, the more you have trouble. This is because only you have problems. Life has no problems. The person has problems, life knows no problems. The person does not know life and only knows problems.

You say, "I prefer the real situation of life." The question is, "What does a real situation of life mean?" Life knows situations, not preferences. If there is "someone" who prefers something, this "someone" is attached to his preferences; if things happen in a way that it does not want to happen, it is in conflict. It is necessary to break free from the illusion of being "someone who prefers something". When you say "but it is in the sense of truth", in the "sense of truth" there is no preference, for in Truth there is no choice ... The mind chooses, the person chooses. Truth is impersonal; it is this very Presence that shines, glitters, that is self-effulgent. In IT "you" are not, the "I" is not, as well as the "me", the sense of "someone". This means Awakening.

The point is that he or she does not understand it. This or that person will never understand It. Awakening is beyond the person. People want to know what this absolute Reality is, they want to find God, the Truth, but they cannot. God is the end of this illusion of the "person". This absolute Reality is the end of this illusion, which is the illusion of "someone" who can find it... It is the end of the illusion of being in the world, being "someone" living a human experience, bodily, personal, individual, as part of a cultural and social structure. All this has to end, because it only has continuity in the illusion, not in the truth. Our interest and total commitment to these meetings is the end of the sense of "me," of “I”, and this is utterly devastating.

You ask: "So, are we here just to dissolve ourselves?" I would say we are here just to find out we are not here. We are here to discover that we are absolutely nothing, something to be dissolved. We are absolutely nothing... Nothing is what we are, absolutely, and this is pure Consciousness, pure Intelligence, absolute Reality, absolute Truth. It means Enlightenment, Awakening, Realization of God, or whatever we want to call It, but it is the end of the “I” and of the beliefs, whether they are the beliefs of the drunks of the bars or of the philosophers; worldly or spiritual beliefs; foolish or wise beliefs.

You are not here to learn anything, but to find out that there is nothing for "someone," that there is no such "someone" who can or needs to learn something, or even find out something. The matter is not "becoming", it is not "beginning to be", it is not "arriving". The matter is to dive into this Silence... It is to go beyond the illusion of thought, these imaginations that the thought creates; go beyond these ideas and disbelief, the concepts and the notion of right and wrong. You are here just to be and to be you do not need “beginning to be”, “becoming”, “arriving”. It is a simple matter of 'coming back', of 'becoming', but this 'becoming' is not a positive action in the sense of doing something, but of relaxing in Being. This is what we call Meditation and this means the dissipation of those clouds, or of the single cloud, which is the illusion of separateness.

These talks are pure investigation, and investigation only finds what it is; it does not produce evidence, it only verifies what is already there. It is not going to change the scene, the picture; it is not going to change or add; it is going to find out. Wisdom, such as Truth, is something like this: verifiable and it cannot be produced. So is God, Love, Peace, this Truth about you. This is verifiable, but do not think about it, because so you will be back to the mind, away from the Heart again, from that direct and simple Reality that is Being, which is Meditation.

The truth is that people do not approach these meetings to go beyond this illusion. They want on their days, even without the sun, a little light and clarity. They do not want to see the dissipated clouds, which are their beliefs, theories, concepts, ideologies, convictions... They want to have this and at the same time an enlightened day. They are not interested in the absolute Sun, the Sun of Reality, Truth and Intelligence, because that would be the end of their days, those days that they imagine could be better days. This means the end of the "person" and its days. In India, this Sun without personal days they call Samadhi... This direct life in the Heart, as pure Presence, Consciousness... As impersonal Reality and Intelligence.

There are few, very few who are willing to it, for it means the end of the "person" and his story. There is much comfort in beliefs, though it is very uncomfortable. Belief brings comfort, but a very frightened comfort, very full of fear, but the person loves it. The ego prefers the uncomfortable and fearful comfort of its beliefs than the complete end of its beliefs and of that uncomfortable comfort... Without it, it is nothing and it is about that Nothing that we are treating in Satsang... This absolute Nothingness that is pure Consciousness, pure Reality.

The truth is that you, in fact, do not want to realize the Self, even though it seems you do not want to sleep. Just listening to the talk is perhaps very harmless. You do not want to realize the Self, just to be... Be your own Self. Who wants the Truth? Who wants to realize the Self? Do you understand that? I want to give you That! All my effort is in that direction, but you are very enchanted with your cloudy days.

*Transcribed from an online meeting via Paltalk in the evening of August 10th, 2016 - 
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January 21, 2017

Consciousness: The only substance

Together, once again. Another moment of Silence, a moment in this Consciousness, in this Presence... A moment of contact with this Reality, immersion in this Reality... A moment of recognition of This, the Consciousness we are. This Consciousness is the only real substance found in every experience. Right now, in this experience of hearing sounds or speaking, as well as feeling anything, the only present substance is this Consciousness.

Notice that we are not speaking of two things, we are speaking of only one thing. There is nothing outside of it, nothing... Nothing exists except it, absolutely nothing. Right now, this moment is a moment of Consciousness, of this unique Presence. Everything we know is made of this Consciousness, only of Consciousness. It is the real substance of this instant, of this present moment. Everything is this experience, the experience of this Consciousness, the only experience.

There is no separateness, for it is created by the thought. Thought has created this illusion of separateness: internal and external, conscious and unconscious, good and bad, true and false. Everything that is known or experienced has this same substance present, which is Consciousness. This is our own Being. Here ends all duality, all sense of separateness. This speech and this hearing are happening in this Consciousness, which is your Being. This unique experience, this unique Reality, this Consciousness, is our own Being and this is Love... It is our Real Nature: no separateness and no conflict.

This Reality is not affected by names, forms or appearances. Consciousness is this experience... This experience is this Consciousness. As a movie screen cannot be affected by the images that appear there, also is with Consciousness. Notice that we are speaking of your Real Nature, your true nature, of That what You Are. Our real interest in this encounter is That which is beyond duality, beyond the sense of separateness.

All objects, all appearances, all this is known in this Presence, in this Consciousness; it is not something separated from It. The Consciousness, this Presence, is Happiness, is Peace. The idea of seeking for peace and happiness, as well as love, as something separated from what is present in this moment, is a tremendous illusion. When the illusion of the mind and this sense of separateness are not present, then what is present is Happiness, Love, Peace, and that is this Consciousness. This is above all things, over all... Above all is our Being, this Consciousness, this Presence.

This Awakening is a realization of That, not something that comes and goes. But it is, indeed, something that is present as the basis of everything that appears, happens. You will not find It. You will not find Peace, Happiness, Freedom, Love, for those are something present when the sense of separateness is over. When this illusion – which is the illusion of a present entity, based on a belief and on an idea (the idea of the "I") – is not present, the Truth is present.

In this encounter, more important than this speech is something that is behind it. We are always raising barriers, believing on restraints, identifying ourselves with these movements of the thought. Thus, we lose ourselves and do not become aware of what we are: this Presence, this Consciousness. Satsang is a work to the awaken, to go beyond the illusion of separateness, beyond this illusion of an ego-identity.

The point is that it does not have to be understood, or I would say that this understanding is that which is born natural when that Silence is already present. When the Silence comes, the understanding comes, but is not about an intellectual or verbal understanding of It. So, it is not about to understand, but to feel It, take science, awareness, of It. Truth is beyond intellect, but it is not beyond heart, which carries a dimension of extraordinary reach. I talk about the real Heart, beyond this physical heart... I talk about this core, That which is present there, always, beyond mind and body. The mind is limited, but it does not imply that this Consciousness has to be limited too. Heart is not limited. These speeches are addressed to the Heart, not to the intellect - it is awareness in Consciousness; The intellect is limited, therefore is not the best instrument here.

Everything present is part of that same totality. If we go on a deep investigation of our own experience, we will find that our own experience is Consciousness. There is not the other; There is not even that chair where you are seated, as something separated from you. The mind interprets its sensory experience as an experience of separateness - the intellect separates it. The "I" is just an idea, the other is just an idea, the objects, too, are just ideas, and all of these are thoughts; all these thoughts are this experience, which is this non separated Consciousness.

*Transcribed from an online meeting held on the night of July 20th, 2016 - Online meetings every Monday, Wgednesday and Friday at 10 pm - Download Paltalk and get Participate!

January 18, 2017

Self-Realization: The end of the sense of separateness

Realization, Enlightenment or Awakening are words that are used, generally, as synonymous with this State free from the egoic mind. This is simply a State free from the egoic mind. It has nothing to do with the presence or absence of the body.

Realization, Awakening, Enlightenment is not necessarily the end of the dream of this mind-body appearance, but it is the end of the illusion of the sense of separateness. The ending is not of the body; the only thing that ends is the sense of separateness. The body is well in its place. The mind, in the sense of memory, cognition, intellect, is also well in its place. The only thing that ends is the sense of separateness. This sense of separateness is what is all misery, all suffering, all this illusion of ignorance. There is no ignorance, as there is no suffering! Suffering, like ignorance, it is within this illusion of separateness; more than that: it is pure fantasy! The body and mind are only appearances.

Divine reality, the reality of God is this reality of non-separateness, of non-duality. Duality here implies the idea, the belief, the imagination of a "me" present in the experience "body-mind-world." So, the illusion of an identity called "me", "I", this experience "mind-body-world" is duality. Thus, there is the "I" inside the body, the world outside the body and the body as part of the world - this is the duality. And above of that "me" and of the world is God. Thus, this separateness, this sense of separation is the illusion of duality. It is, basically it. It is only this that ends. Nothing else changes! You do not become a special being, wonderful, with miraculous powers. None of this!

The body is not the problem, it is only an appearance, as well as at night you have the appearance of the world in the dream and body to live it. And this body is not you, because as soon as you wake up in the morning discovers that it was only an imagination - both your body and your world in the dream. And see that the experience of the dream, for you, is very real! If you are bathing in the river, in the dream, the water is quite cold; if you are walking beneath a sun, it is quite hot; if you are thirsty in the dream, the water of the dream quenches your thirst. So, you have a body, a world and have an experience in this particular dream world. This experience is the experience of a dreamer, and this dreamer is only the illusion of this identity in the dream.

Then, the human experience is also the same. In the egoic mind, you see yourself as a human being. You see rocks, animals, plants, rivers, oceans, forests, deserts, sun, moon, stars, etc. You see it all as a human being, as something separate from you, and it is only in the imagination, too, it is only the magical movement of the mind. This is the sense of separateness, and that is all ending in Awakening, in Realization. It seems very little, but I do not know if we can measure the volume of this "thing", if we can assess measures in it. The end of duality, which is the end of this separateness, is the end of the world, of all this "your world."

Participant: What about the extraordinary experiences that tell us?

Master Gualberto: It is not the sage that has these extraordinary experiences. There is no extraordinary experience in Awakening. The Awakening is the end of all experiences. While there is an experiencer, there will be experiences, and the more subtle and spiritual is the experimenter, more subtle and spiritual will be your experiences.

Participant: And what about the satoris, samadhis?

Master Gualberto: Satori is a Zen word, and if you observe, you'll find it within Zen, satori is the end of the experience, not really an experience. Samadhi is also the end of the experiment, it is not an experience. Satori and samadhi refer to its Natural State. in this Natural State, God is not spiritual. I speak of that Divine Reality that is you, in your Real Nature. You are God in your Real Nature, and this is not spiritual; this is quite natural. It is not ordinary in the sense that we use that word, it  is not common, but it is quite natural.

The state free from egoic mind, free from separatist mind, this mind that divides, compares, evaluates, this mind that judges, that prejudges, that desires, that fears its end, which has glimpse of THAT, "insights" of THAT, we can call satori or samadhi. But if it also is not based on body, in this body-mind mechanism, there is now also one more experience that the mind will recall, will remember. This is not real in it, and then what does it do? It reports it as an experience. It can only count it as an experience, but this is not the Awakening. In the Awakening there is no longer the experimenter. Without the experiencer, there is no experience, then there is no "someone" to tell something.

When Peace, Freedom, Happiness, Love, Divine, Consciousness, God, THAT is, there is no experimenter. THAT is the end of this "you", you know.

Today, we are talking directly from the Ashram, in this space here in Campos do Jordao. We have about thirty participants with us here in the hall Ramanashram, and we have you here in this virtual room of Paltalk. We are more than ten here, so we are in about forty people. This seems to be so, but it is not true either. This is the magic, this is the magic of this divine world, this world of Grace, this world of God.

The appearances are appearances In What never appears, Hereby that never appears, not separates, which is not divided into boys and girls, in men and women, plants, animals, sky, stars, moon, virtual rooms and not virtual rooms.

This job does not require you a specialized technical understanding. It is not how to study Chemistry, Physics or Medicine. You do not need specialized knowledge. In fact, the unusual side of this work is that here it is essential to unlearn everything you have learned. Here, it is a deconstruction of everything that has been built over the years, throughout history, in every culture, in every civilization, of all spirituality, in short, all that. Here, the Awakening, which is the flourish of Wisdom, which is the unfurling of Happiness, which is the recognition of the Supreme Truth of God, it is only the finding of your Real Nature. It has nothing to do with expertise, with training, with capacity, not at all. Here you can unlearn! When you unlearn all, the Sage blooms!

The Sage is in the opposite direction. Everyone is going in one direction and the Sage is coming back. For a long time, all of you have been trained to walk in one direction. When Satsang comes (Satsang means "encounter with what is", an Indian word for "meeting with the Truth") we received an internal call for the realization of this Reality that we are, and that means to go back. There are all our conditioning walking in one direction and now the invitation is to go back; we have to make our way back. All this was only a departure, and now we have to go back ... back home. We move away from home with our projects, our dreams, our desires, our pursuits, our achievements, our accumulations ... The idea was to "be someone", and now we are coming home; We are disappearing. We are giving up this venture, this endeavor; we are realizing the mistake of so much effort to be, forgetting to be. Every effort to "be" keep you away from the Self. Every pursuit of happiness is the very impediment to the realization of this Happiness that is not sought. The search and the demand for a realization alienates yourself from the recognition that everything is in its place and is ready. There is nothing to be done, even though by "someone". So, you end up doing the opposite way. You are now coming home, returning to your Real Nature, which is Consciousness, which is Presence, which is God, which is Truth. If you do not like one of those words, you can scratch one. We will not need any of them any way.

One day, someone told me he was very fond of my speech, but that was not comfortable when I used the word "God." Then I was very generous with him, all the meetings I just used the word "God." In place of the word "Consciousness", "Presence", "Self", I would say, "God," "God," "God," "God." Or you desist from me or you give up of you and all your prejudices.

In this work, you all need to go beyond all the configuration of the egoic mind. It has a length, a size and complexity that you have no idea. You only begin to have a slight notion of this in Satsang. Lightly, because you have to go slowly, in homeopathic doses. The egoic mind carries so much weight conditioning... an ancient conditioning! Perhaps you are only three decades old. There are some in this room, in the Ashram, and also here in the virtual room at Paltalk, who maybe, have three, four, five, six or seven decades old. That is nothing! Seven decades are nothing! Eight is nothing! We are talking about millions of years. Since when you were an amoeba, a unicellular being, you were already learning, discovering the outside, and beginning their journey to the outside, physiologically and psychologically.

Do not underestimate the plants, even the stones. All have mind and consciousness. You cannot forget that when we talk about consciousness, we are not talking about cognitive ability, judgment, comparison. It is just within this intellect of the, so-called, human being, and some animal species. When we speak of consciousness, we are talking about experimentation, the power to experiment and "separate". When this is very advanced, as in humans, this consciousness experiences itself in this illusion of "being the agent", the author of the shares. Therein comes the sense of "me", an experimenter in the experience, in a very "clear," much "precise", very "responsible". But that is for another Satsang. For now, we just stay here, then, you must be aware of all this movement, without identifying with it, without giving it this uniqueness of an experimenter, an observer, a present author in it. We call it Meditation.

Meditation is this freedom of being. The experience is just experience without "someone" inside it. The thought is just a thought without "someone" responsible for it. The feeling is just feeling without "someone" responsible for it. So, also, it is with emotion.

I feel very comfortable in these lines because I do not feel responsible for your ability to understand them, because I do not understand anything. Here, the most important thing is to listen.

If we could frame the wisdom within the reasonable understanding of our intellect, wisdom would not be what it is; the intellect would not be what it is. But as you can have only one thing and not another, you can not keep both.

This channel here at Paltalk, is an opportunity that you have for us to have a first contact. The thing "for real" happens in the live meeting. I know it is very comfortable now be sitting on the sofa at home, listening to this speech, taking a juice or a glass of soda, but you must get out of that comfort zone and come to Satsang, being in Satsang  personally.

We are always talking about the same Presence, the same Reality. This is a great opportunity, an opportunity to be together in this Silence.

The "me" is a tremendous illusion, a great illusion, the only illusion, as it was placed just now here.

Participant: Master, if the "me" is an illusion, what, or who seeks self-realization, self-transcendence?

Master Gualberto: It is a good question you need to do for yourself, "Who am I?" If you go deep into the research of this element that seeks this self-realization or transcendence, you will find that this element does not exist. So, we are facing a paradox. That is the beauty of the Truth! This Consciousness present, always present, does not care about this illusion of separateness, does not recognize it as being real. This illusion of separateness, this supposed separate entity does not exist. So, how can it get this truth in the end of itself? Therefore, there is no answer to the question "Who am I?" but there is an end to this question: the end of the illusion of "someone" to ask this question - the end of the questioner. The one who asks the question is not real, so it cannot find an answer, and the one who asks the question has no who to question, then there is no answer to be found.

This self research, in fact, is not self research; it is just research, without a researcher, with nothing to investigate. So, just got easier! (laughs)

In fact, the world, or experience "me, in the world," is only apparent. Now, that is the key! We are not dealing with reality, because we do not exist. The reality is that you are dealing with all this... a great cosmic joke... a big joke! Awakening reveals it all! All this is a great game, a great Divine game!

Let us stop here. Until our next meeting. Namaste!

*Transcribed from a speech of an online meeting on May 6, 2016
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