January 1, 2017

A challenging meeting

Once again we are together on this Satsang night. 

Satsang is always a challenging meeting because, on these meetings, you are faced with a speech that does not follow a so rational, so logical principle as the intellect generally appreciates. We are not dealing, in Satsang, with something in which the intellect feels entirely at home.

Satsang means meeting the Truth, meeting What Is, it is not the meeting with concepts, beliefs, ideas or a philosophical system. In Satsang, we investigate the nature of Consciousness (Consciousness, here, represents the Truth). We are not talking about what we usually know also by conscience, but rather talking about That which makes possible all perception, realization and presence. Therefore, Consciousness, here, is That which is aware, which is prior to what we know by consciousness. This is another aspect of what we call here Consciousness and which on these meetings we also call Presence, Truth or Reality. Therefore, on these meetings we investigate the nature of experience, which is the nature of Consciousness, and all apparitions, perceptions, experiences, findings. This is the nature of Being, the nature of the Truth about ourselves. This Consciousness is self-consciousness. This is not restricted to the functions of the brain itself, it is beyond it and its functions. We are talking about something that is prior to the mind itself and to the body itself; it is That which is present and interpenetrates everything, all forms.

It would be more accurate here to use the expression "Omniscient", while also being Omnipresent. This is the nature of Truth, which is the nature of Being, of man, of everything. This is living in the Natural State, which is Meditation, Consciousness, Presence... This is not something personal. What we understand by "person" is completely out of this. "Person" is this illusory identity present, in every experience, with a name and a form, with a story and everything that implies this sense of a present “person" (desires, fears, worries, conflicts, besides the so-called, joy, pleasure or satisfaction, also personal).

When we talk about Consciousness, we are talking about the Presence, which is the impersonal Truth. This is the nature of man, the True Nature... Not only the nature of man but also the real nature of all phenomena, of all apparitions. This is What makes all apparitions, experiences and perceptions possible.

Can you follow this?
This encounter with Reality, with Truth, with your Real Nature represents the encounter with the Consciousness (this "encounter", here, means this verification). It is not you and this Consciousness; it is the pure and direct realization of non-separation, non-separateness. It is the verification of the absence of this illusion of a separate identity, present there, precisely within the body. This illusion is pure conditioning. We were conditioned to think this way... That is just a thought, too.

The "person" is very shocked when we say that it is a fraud, that the story of its identity is not confirmed; it is just a story, it is not the "history" of an identity. We can write a biography about a present entity, but it is a supposed entity, which is not real. This story does not give validity to the existence of a present entity, for it is only the story of a body, a mechanism, an organism, a body-mind, we may call it that, but there is no "someone" there. This is very scary at first.

Every sense of "personal importance" is reproved: there is no "someone"; there is no "someone" present in that experience, in that perception, in that verification; there is no "someone" present in this Consciousness. This Consciousness, this Self-realization, this perception, this experience is always without "someone"; it is always a Divine event, something similar to the story of a play or a movie, where all who participate are only characters, which are only real within this context of the story (the play or that movie). But, you cannot separate this character from the story, the play or the movie, because this character is not real if separated from this story, for there is no entity present.

In this so-called "your life" this story is "upon" exactly that, upon this illusion. You have a name and you have a story, which is the name and the story of a character, and this is not you; your name is not you; your story is not you. Those who also appear within this context of the story, in the so-called "your life" are also characters. Husband, wife, children, grandchildren, nephews, cousins, grandparents, great-grandparents, friends, enemies are all part of this story, but they are its characters.

Life does not recognize people because it is impersonal and it does not deal with people. Life is this theater where the play takes place; it is the screen where the film happens. Our interest in Satsang is to go beyond this illusion. This is the verification of the Truth about you.

Are we together?

Satsang is the end of this illusion! Satsang is the meeting with the Truth!

OK? Let us stick around, people! Namaste!

* Transcribed from an online meeting held on the night of August 3rd, 2016 via Paltalk.Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m. download Paltalk and join in!

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