January 30, 2017

The whole idea that you have about the world is just an idea

It is wonderful we get together again, with our heart turned to it, to what really matters, to the only right thing, the only reality, that is this perception. The objects appear in this perception; the mind is an object appearing in this perception, as well as the body and the world. Everything is known, witnessed in this perception. In fact, the only knowledge we have about the world, the mind and body is that perception. Our waking experience, deep sleep and dream is in this perception - which is the perception of reality. This perception of reality is Consciousness - something that is not in time. Time is the sense of movement that happens in the mind, in the body, and, as an experience of the world, any and every movement of the world brings the sense of time.

In Satsang, our real interest is that Consciousness, is this Presence, is this perception. This perception is not dual, it knows no separation between subject and object, between the thinker and thought, between what sees and what is seen; this perception knows no conflict, knows no entity present in mind, in the body and in the world. We are in Satsang, hearing about it, but it is necessary to go beyond the hearing. You must become aware of this non-dual perception.

All objects are apparent, but we are not dealing with the body or the mind as an object, or with the experience of the world as the experience with an object. Here is the whole problem: we are dealing with the body and the mind as if they were what we are, as if the experience of the world were the experience of the Real Life. Our real knowledge is this perception, and in this perception there is no illusion - the illusion "I am the body", "I am the mind" and "I am in the world".

That perception is what is intimate, close, real. Only this perception is Freedom, Truth, Happiness, Love, it is Peace; It’s when you are not confused anymore with the objects, whether it is the body, the mind or the world. Our work, together, here in Satsang, is to become aware of it, aware of this perception which is the Only Reality.

Are you following it?

The whole idea that you do about the world is just an idea. The whole idea that you do about the body as being you is only an idea. The whole idea that you have about the mental movement, is also just an idea, it's just a belief, only objects. If you keep confusing yourself with objects, you will keep holding this personal life, an illusory life, separated from the Whole - This is the human misery.

The objects undergo changes, they are affected by changes. Everything that has name and form is affected by changes, and what is affected by changes may not be real, is not immutable. This perception of what we are talking about - which is this Consciousness, this Presence - It is not affected by changes! This never changes, has never changed. This perception was already there when you were a kid, it was there when you became a teenager, a young, an adult; you are already a grandfather and that is still there ... it's the same perception!

The mind, as an object, has undergone changes: memories disappeared, other memories are appearing, old and new memories ... are changes in the mind. The body has also undergone changes, and the world has changed in the last 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years! Everything changes, everything that has name and form is affected by changes! But there is a present perception there, a Consciousness present there that has not been changed.

You are here to assume this Truth - the Truth about yourself. The Truth is the awakening, is to leave this unconsciousness, this state of sleep, dream, confusion and to move toward your Natural State of pure perception of reality; It means to move in this world, in this body and this mind, free from the illusion of being in the body, mind and in the world. The body, mind and the world are experiences of objects in this perception that You are! You are unchangeable, and if that is assumed, recognized, perceived, then there is no death anymore, not the illusion anymore  of being born to die.

Notice that the world appears when the body appears. The body appears by the morning, lying in bed, and then the bedroom walls appear the ceiling and the floor; First of all, the body appears, and then the world, in sequence. This appearing are objects, while this perception remains; even when no object appears, even in deep sleep, when there is no object, neither the body, nor the mind, nor the world, there is something that remains, that stands. This something that stands is what makes possible the world appears again. From one day to the other the world appears. Comes the day, comes the night and comes a new day ... The days are changing and this perception is seeing this change, making this change possible.

Is that right?

You can go beyond this illusion of the personal experience, which is the belief of a person established within a story, declaring himself alive - alive, of course, to die; alive, of course, but full of personal problems. It's an illusion! There are no problems, no person, no one in all this. It is only the mind changing its states: feelings, emotions, thoughts, everything is changing, turning. It's just the body changing states: welfare, malaise, healthy, sick, pleasure, pain ... It's just the body changing states, only the world changing with the events. Neither someone in the body, nor someone in mind, nor anyone in the world. This Consciousness that is this perception - or this perception that is Consciousness - does not change, it observes these states changing.

Enlightenment is basically this: no longer be upset about changes; not to grieve for changes, not to be confused with the illusion of someone present, with angry, hate, with enemies, friends, with likes or dislikes; not to be confused with that illusion of self-image, the image you have about yourself, who feels hurt, wounded, offended, worried, wanting to kill, with hate, whatever ... all these feelings. Something cherished with much appreciation, carefully in the ego, giving life to this illusion of a person on the experience of its relations with others, with yourself, with the world.

Am I being clear?

We may be easily offended, insulted, bruised, and let others hurt our feelings, we feel very important or unimportant at all; we are always creating images about ourselves, about the world or what seems to happen to us, when in fact it is all happening to this body, this mind, to this world.

Participant: When I try to find my real nature, I find only my mental identification, gross or subtle. How to go beyond that?

Master Gualberto: The question is, who is engaged in it, in trying to find? You do not find what you Are. If you look for what you Are, all you will find is what you believe to be: mental, gross or subtle agitation, anxiety, worry, fear, and so on. You do not find what you Are, you disidentify yourself from what you believe to be, you disidentify yourself from all beliefs that you have about yourself,  all ideas you have of yourself,  all and any feeling, thought, emotion. When it is discarded, your Real Nature is shown. It was always there, it has never been hidden, but paradoxically, it never presents itself while the illusion is there. The point is to disidentify  from the illusion about who in fact you are. The very illusion about who in fact you are has to be discarded, as much as the illusion of who you believe to be, because all these are just beliefs. You will not build this realization, you will find its Presence. The term "awakening" means awakening awaken from the illusion that there is someone sleeping in a dream state, that there is someone in the body, mind and world experience.

Participant: It seems that I try to empty myself from the contents, but there is always a content.

Master Gualberto: the question remains the same. Who is this who tries to empty himself? The illusion is that there is someone real there, and this real one can be emptied of this illusory one who is there ... These are all beliefs. This Reality - that is this Presence, Consciousness, which is this perception that we're talking about - blossoms by itself and is the expression of the Grace itself, of the Divine Presence itself. This is not your job. The paradox is that all this is you who are willing to find, to perceive, to learn, to understand, no one else can do this in your place. It is your job, but it is not your job! It is a work of this Presence, this Grace, and you can delay it a lot. If you have the good fortune to come across a living master, He in His Grace, He, who is this Consciousness, which is this perception, that is the reality of your Real Nature, your True Nature, will take care of it.

God’s work, you cannot do, the Guru’s work, you cannot do. But your work, your Master will not do, God will not do, the Guru will not do. You are in this room, on this speech, in this time, before this Silence, this Presence, because this is your time to go beyond this illusion. If you could solve this alone it would have already been resolved, you would not be in this room.

God is the only and real need, and He is this Presence, this Consciousness, this Grace. There is no difference or separation between the inner Guru and external Guru. There is only this one Consciousness, which is this Presence, this Grace that brought you to this room, to this time called Satsang. Now, the thing is to give up, to surrender! Your prayer brought you here; Your yearning, your longing for the Truth brought you here. But who actually brought you here was this Grace, was this Presence. It takes care of that perception, it undoes this illusion of "body-mind-world", this illusion of "self and non-self". It undoes this illusion of a supposed present entity, with its desires, fears, negative or positive feelings, and so on.

You are here to realize God, the Truth about yourself. All my interest is to share this in these meetings; It is to create for you a facilitation, showing you this tremendous resistance, this tremendous arrogance, this tremendous illusion that the egoic mind carries, keeping you in this prison, in this alleged entity, in this illusion of the "I".

It’s enough for today. Let's stay here. Namaste! Schedule to be with us in personal meetings.

*Transcribed from an online meeting held on the evening of June 10th., 2016 -Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm - Download “Paltalk” and participate!

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