January 25, 2017

Who wants the Truth?

The present reality, which is our own Being, is this Reality. It is in this contact that you establish again a direct connection with the "heart." Here, the heart refers to this absolute Reality, this pure Intelligence. The mind has moved away from the heart by being acting independently, and thus it has created all sorts of damage when it makes you believe that you are "someone" in the world. This is just what the mind has done: it has given you the belief that you are worldly.

This work is meant to help you realize this Reality, this absolute Intelligence. This is only possible when you return to the Heart, with our talk, our gaze, listening and feeling, finally, our life established entirely and completely in the Heart, in that absolute Reality, pure Intelligence. When this absolute Reality is shining in all its glory, grace and splendor, we have this Absolute Intelligence, this absolute Wisdom.

It is like a sunny day without clouds. When we treat about this realization, we are treating about this absolute, pure, Intelligence, which is this day of cloudless sun. When the egoic mind appears it is like a small cloud covering that sun. One day Ramana raised one of his fingers and said, "That finger is a small finger, but it can cover the sun." When you put your finger in front of an eye, it is a small finger, but it can cover, hide the sun. When a small cloud arises up there, it can also cover the sun. The person, in his ignorance, says that there is no sun because it cannot see it.

When you look from here, a cloud the size of a hand is enough to cover the sun. But it is you who sees the sun covered, hidden, concealed. This is the "person" in its ignorance. It is the illusion that brings you this experience. When the cloud covers the sun, the ignorant person says there is no sun, because he or she does not clearly understand this: the sun is always there, shining. What is covering the sun, actually, is just an experience, an ignorant personal experience, saying there is no sun. In fact, the sun is not covered, because when the cloud dissipates itself, it shines again, but it has never ceased to shine indeed. Such is the reality of this Consciousness, Intelligence, of that absolute Reality, which is always present, but when the mind moves away from the heart the cloud covers the sun. This is just a metaphor that may not be totally perfect, but it does not matter.

You have left this absolute Intelligence, this Consciousness of reality. Thus, you imagine your life full of conflicts, problems; this because you identify yourself as a "person", presenting yourself with an identity in that body/mind/world experience. Then you see yourself as "someone" in the world, worldly, and imagine your problems as being real, similar to this ignorant person, who imagines there is no sun. That is because it is only seeing what it can see, what the clouds are... The clouds of its beliefs, ideas, its concepts and prejudices, desires, fears, worries. They are only beliefs; it is the mind away from this Consciousness, of this Presence, of that absolute Intelligence... Away from the heart. That sounds to me like something said in a very real, true way... It sounds like something very simple.

You have identified yourself with evil, with negativity, with pessimism, with defeatism or with hopes, desires and dreams, with the worst or the best of life. This "worst of life" and "best of life" is the worst and the best that the mind says that exists. For me, basically, this is being outside of that absolute Intelligence, which is Consciousness, Reality and Wisdom. So you identify yourself with erroneous, wrong conditions, whether positive or negative. You confuse your life with these conditions, and these conditions are just mental beliefs. So you keep these clouds.

In Satsang our proposal is to dissipate the illusion of these clouds, the clouds of your problems. We are not worried about your problems. It is not exactly with this or that cloud in particular that we are concerned. Here, we are not engaged in taking care of this, that, or all the clouds. We are engaged in getting rid of this illusion, which is the illusion that there are clouds, and that means the end of the illusion of problems. Once you are back to the Heart, your sun will shine again and everything in your life will be imbued with this Presence, Consciousness, absolute Intelligence.

Is that weird to you? Do you prefer your dreams, hopes and desires? Winning the “loto” (a gambling game)? Finding a new marriage? Or happiness in a professional achievement?

In Satsang we are treating about the end of illusion, which is the illusion of separation, of separateness, of the sense of "someone" present in the world. The direct experiences of those who realized and have realized this realization is that the more you get busy with the "person" you believe you are, the more you have trouble. This is because only you have problems. Life has no problems. The person has problems, life knows no problems. The person does not know life and only knows problems.

You say, "I prefer the real situation of life." The question is, "What does a real situation of life mean?" Life knows situations, not preferences. If there is "someone" who prefers something, this "someone" is attached to his preferences; if things happen in a way that it does not want to happen, it is in conflict. It is necessary to break free from the illusion of being "someone who prefers something". When you say "but it is in the sense of truth", in the "sense of truth" there is no preference, for in Truth there is no choice ... The mind chooses, the person chooses. Truth is impersonal; it is this very Presence that shines, glitters, that is self-effulgent. In IT "you" are not, the "I" is not, as well as the "me", the sense of "someone". This means Awakening.

The point is that he or she does not understand it. This or that person will never understand It. Awakening is beyond the person. People want to know what this absolute Reality is, they want to find God, the Truth, but they cannot. God is the end of this illusion of the "person". This absolute Reality is the end of this illusion, which is the illusion of "someone" who can find it... It is the end of the illusion of being in the world, being "someone" living a human experience, bodily, personal, individual, as part of a cultural and social structure. All this has to end, because it only has continuity in the illusion, not in the truth. Our interest and total commitment to these meetings is the end of the sense of "me," of “I”, and this is utterly devastating.

You ask: "So, are we here just to dissolve ourselves?" I would say we are here just to find out we are not here. We are here to discover that we are absolutely nothing, something to be dissolved. We are absolutely nothing... Nothing is what we are, absolutely, and this is pure Consciousness, pure Intelligence, absolute Reality, absolute Truth. It means Enlightenment, Awakening, Realization of God, or whatever we want to call It, but it is the end of the “I” and of the beliefs, whether they are the beliefs of the drunks of the bars or of the philosophers; worldly or spiritual beliefs; foolish or wise beliefs.

You are not here to learn anything, but to find out that there is nothing for "someone," that there is no such "someone" who can or needs to learn something, or even find out something. The matter is not "becoming", it is not "beginning to be", it is not "arriving". The matter is to dive into this Silence... It is to go beyond the illusion of thought, these imaginations that the thought creates; go beyond these ideas and disbelief, the concepts and the notion of right and wrong. You are here just to be and to be you do not need “beginning to be”, “becoming”, “arriving”. It is a simple matter of 'coming back', of 'becoming', but this 'becoming' is not a positive action in the sense of doing something, but of relaxing in Being. This is what we call Meditation and this means the dissipation of those clouds, or of the single cloud, which is the illusion of separateness.

These talks are pure investigation, and investigation only finds what it is; it does not produce evidence, it only verifies what is already there. It is not going to change the scene, the picture; it is not going to change or add; it is going to find out. Wisdom, such as Truth, is something like this: verifiable and it cannot be produced. So is God, Love, Peace, this Truth about you. This is verifiable, but do not think about it, because so you will be back to the mind, away from the Heart again, from that direct and simple Reality that is Being, which is Meditation.

The truth is that people do not approach these meetings to go beyond this illusion. They want on their days, even without the sun, a little light and clarity. They do not want to see the dissipated clouds, which are their beliefs, theories, concepts, ideologies, convictions... They want to have this and at the same time an enlightened day. They are not interested in the absolute Sun, the Sun of Reality, Truth and Intelligence, because that would be the end of their days, those days that they imagine could be better days. This means the end of the "person" and its days. In India, this Sun without personal days they call Samadhi... This direct life in the Heart, as pure Presence, Consciousness... As impersonal Reality and Intelligence.

There are few, very few who are willing to it, for it means the end of the "person" and his story. There is much comfort in beliefs, though it is very uncomfortable. Belief brings comfort, but a very frightened comfort, very full of fear, but the person loves it. The ego prefers the uncomfortable and fearful comfort of its beliefs than the complete end of its beliefs and of that uncomfortable comfort... Without it, it is nothing and it is about that Nothing that we are treating in Satsang... This absolute Nothingness that is pure Consciousness, pure Reality.

The truth is that you, in fact, do not want to realize the Self, even though it seems you do not want to sleep. Just listening to the talk is perhaps very harmless. You do not want to realize the Self, just to be... Be your own Self. Who wants the Truth? Who wants to realize the Self? Do you understand that? I want to give you That! All my effort is in that direction, but you are very enchanted with your cloudy days.

*Transcribed from an online meeting via Paltalk in the evening of August 10th, 2016 - 
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