February 1, 2017

It is this one Source Who takes care of everything

Participant: Master, give us your blessing, so we can stay on this attention, because that’s where we skidded. There is a flash when we hung up on this attention and slipped into the character. Only your Grace can give us a "touch" on the inside, because the mechanism works automatically.

Master: You already have this element of the blessing This is not missing for you. You do not have to get frustrated with frustration and fail to go beyond this identification, succumbing to this temptation and falling. This cannot be a reason to say, "Oh, I fell! I am frustrated with this frustration". You have to stand up and say: "Wow! Again! Let’s see if will get better from now on". But, this is you who does. So, do not get frustrated with frustration, be patient with it, but look at it, kid!

You saw the automatism, you saw that you are, automatically, succumbing to that person with its history, succumbing to the imagination, beliefs, images - images of yourself, of the world, the image of a son, mother, employer, employee ... You are seeing that, you could see! Done! You already had a shock from reality, and this is the blessing that the Guru gives to you! The Guru will always remind you: "Look! Pay attention, kid!”. He is always giving you that. The Guru is this reference. The very presence of the Guru is this blessing that He is; the reference that this is not real there, that this is not natural, it is just an addiction, it is just an habit, it is just a movement of identification with history, with the ego, with the "me", the person, with this mental content.

So, you already have the blessing, now you just have to do the homework. You're used to go at the gym for training, but training is not lost in there, you take it with you. You may not make use of it on the street, but it is there in the machine all the ability to use it. Similarly, you come to Satsang and receive "training", but you take the result of that "training" for your day to day life. If you have the power to "perform" it here, you also have the same power to "perform" it there. So my insistence: "do not sleep in Satsang"; "watch out"; "Look for this"; "Look again"; because it is here where you practice, to take this practice outside.

In fact, you are not a person, but, as long as this personal life still exists, stay alert! It’s why I said that it is not me who have to give you this, it is you who have to see that, you have to get rid of that identification.

You need to be here, in this "I Am". You just need to be with the Guru. You have to "disappear" from the world! The only reality in you is the Guru, who is Consciousness, Self, Presence, and He is formless - He is this free state of images. There is the Guru! So, you are ready to drop everything!

You asked today about surrender ... Let loose is surrender! The thought comes as the image of someone and, then, you loose it. When you loose it, there is just the space again, free of any weight. When you loose the child's image, you "ceases to be a mother"; when you loose the husband's image, you "ceases to be a wife". This fixation on images creates the illusion of an identity, so, when you loose them, you give up them.

I am Consciousness, Emptiness, the absence of separativity, I am the "I Am". You hand it to Me when you let it loose and do not cling to that image, do not cling to that thought. When you do not hold, you do not suffer; you do not reaffirm this self-image. It cannot hurt you, hit you, bring you down, afflict you, for they are only images. If you do not hold to them, you surrender them, and, when you surrender them, you are free!

Participant: Dealing with the child without this image is, in practice, very difficult, Master.

Master: No, Difficult is to deal, in practice, with the child, with these images. That is difficult. It is the opposite.

Participant: It appears that there is another self demand. I feel irresponsible, like I am not giving a damn about my son.

Master: The image is still there - the image of someone who does not care for the child. Just take care of what comes when it comes. And, indeed, everything will be taken care of, but there won’t be someone, because it is not someone who cares. It is this one Source Who takes care of everything. It doesn’t need the image; the image is only an affirmation of this illusion that you believe be. In practice, it is simpler to not carry on the image, because it is hard work, it is very heavy, generates much suffering. Who keep believing be a mother, will suffer, but that is what the ego likes, it is what the ego prefers. Realize? The addiction is there. Give up this suffering is to be another woman inside the house. Only a woman, not a mother, the guardian, the caretaker.

You act in an automatic way all the time, protecting the image you do about yourselves before others. You do, talk and justified to safeguard an image, to maintain this image saved. This is very heavy! It must be very justified, all the time!

The problem is that you are too smart to surrender without questioning, to give up without doubt. You will never give your life to God that way. The mercies of God, the Guru is very high, very large, so He is presented as a wise, just to let your intellect a little bit at ease. He knows all this logic, all this intelligence, all this wisdom He uses does not serve for anything, not for you to realize God. But just to make you feel a little more comfortable, He impresses you intellectually, even not needing to do so.

The Guru is Consciousness, but for the sake of His devotees, He presents himself this way: wise, intelligent, able to play with logic, words, just to circumvent their ego, but He does not need that. It is so evident that the devotee doesn’t even care. He may not understand what the Master is saying. What he really wants is to serve the Guru, is to serve the Master, is to do what He asks to. The devotee is safer in this surrender than having to think too much, to understand much, and, therefore, it is easier for him to realize God.

* Speech transcribed from a meeting in the city of Fortaleza in May 2016
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