February 15, 2017

Life is your Natural State

All this human’s problem about human existence, about being in life but separate from it, standing in a conflicting way before it, all of that is solved when we understand that all conflict is born from this contradiction, from this inadequate response. That is because we do not remember - and it is important that you remember - where all this is happening.

It is not about being reactive or proactive in life; it is not about accepting or rejecting the set of events in life; it is not about crossing our arms and doing nothing, or going out for the fight, trying to do something. It is, simply, to overfly all this, to be above it, to go beyond that. 
So, it is important that you remember that the thoughts and actions resulting from the thoughts, the emotions and actions resulting from the emotions, the sensations and the experience of these sensations are happening in a dimension where it does not touch you, really. It can touch the body and the mind; It can manifest as the realization of projects or the non-realization of these projects; It can manifest as joy or sorrow, as pleasure or pain; but you are above all that, beyond this or that circumstance, when you remember that it does not touch, it does not reach, it does not change in anything your Essential Nature, your Real Nature. That is when you find yourself above, or overflying all this, having a fair appreciation to what is appearing at this time.
This is the real Meditation: do not be disturbed, do not be confused, do not mix yourself up, do not believe - in an illusory way, of course - that you have control. There is a Power moving everything, making everything happen. Remember this! The freedom you have is to overfly it, it is to be above it, not being confused with appearances, which are only manifestations of Life.
Therefore, it is not about denying or accepting what happens, being reactive or proactive, remaining passive or active, feeling that you have to do something or haven’t. It is basically about this remembrance that these events are not yours, but from a Power that moves all by the way It determines, which does or doesn’t do “everything” the way It determines.
It is always in this "your point of view" that things are happening or not happening, that there is pro or against, for "your" good or "your" bad. Here there is this confusion, this illusion, this identification.
Here, it is essential the remembrance of not being confused with the experience "body-mind-world". To overfly all this, to be above all this ... A living not circumstantial. That is the only real way to take on your Real Identity that does not conflict, does not wars, does not fight, that is never tense with whatever presents out. 

Freedom is this supreme art: The art of remembering that there is no “someone” in that. There is no one there, there is no “someone” there ... All this is a great divine game, a great movie of God, a great theater. Life is a sacred theater. A theater play is the Life. 

Your Freedom is the Freedom of Being, which implies to overfly, not to be confused, not to assume this arrogance of trying to determine what happens, because that is not in your power. 

If you can not determine your next breathing, how can you determine the future of your children? How can you be sure about the next trip, or the New Year's Eve on a cruise ship or at a certain place? “What is the most urgent for you is your next breathing and you do not control it. How can you control the safety of your children, or the happiness of your boyfriend, or of your marriage? How can you feel responsible and take so much responsibility for the future of the world, the planet, or anything? It is this arrogance that I am talking about!

Your Freedom is not personal, it cannot be forged by your choices and decisions!

I know that this is the contrary to all that you have heard until today, but it is a fact. If you can not determine that within five minutes your heart will still be beating, if you can not determine this safely, how can you determine anything else?

So, here, it is about being in that overflight, above this movement of thought, sensations, emotions; above the movement of these activities or non-activities, these actions or non-actions, of what happens or what seems that has not happened yet.

Your Natural State is Meditation, and, in Meditation, there is not "you". Life is your Natural State, and, in Life, "you" do not enter, except as one more element in this theater of God.

Okay? That's it!

* Transcript from a meeting at the Ramanashram Gualberto locate in the City of Campos do Jordão/Brazil, on June 2016

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