February 3, 2017

The Silence that is born from this Consciousness is Meditation

Good evening everyone! We are once again in a moment of encounter with this Reality, with this Presence.

Satsang is a moment of encounter with What remains unchanged, with our Divine Nature. So, this time is tremendously valuable; never underestimate this moment called Satsang. Satsang is a precious moment, where we have an approach, an investigation, a direct observation of this present Reality, this Presence. All shapes, objects, words, as much as the silence itself, everything is always loaded of this Presence, which is the origin of everything. So in these meetings, called Satsang, there is this present Energy, this present Grace, which transmits this direct understanding of this Reality, the embrace of this Reality, the life of this Reality, the power of this Reality. A meeting like this has a tremendous impact of change, transformation, of alteration in this mind-body mechanism. It is not through the verbal meaning of the words, but by the Power present in these words, by That which they are "full", "loaded". They are "full"of this Presence.

A silence like this in Satsang is something completely different from the silence that the mind knows. Mind knows a kind of silence which is absence of noise, sound absence. As this speech in Satsang is loaded of this Presence, this silence in Satsang is loaded of this Presence. This is a fact. Any word, any written, as also this singular silence, which is born from this Presence, from the Power of this Grace, has a tremendous impact on the mind and body. This energy of Presence is pure Love. However, this is not the love that the mind knows, as this silence and this talks are not those that the mind knows; It is something completely different from all this. The Silence that is born from this Consciousness is Meditation, it is Beatitude, Grace. It has a real power to change, to transform, to modify this body-mind structure. There is an alteration in the brain cells. This mechanism, this machine, this body-mind must have a new structure to take on this Consciousness, that is Self-realization, which is the freedom from all the illusion of separateness. That is the Power of this Grace, of this space called Satsang.

Satsang means the encounter with the Reality, with the Truth. We must not confuse this with the speech of a teacher who teaches Advaita, who teaches philosophy of non-duality. This is not a teaching. When you go to sleep, you do not “ask” the alarm clock to wake you up by telling a story. You need just a sound , any sound is good - it can be a strident or a soft music, or it can be the sound of those old alarm clocks. You do not expect a story to come out of sleep, just a sound. Satsang is a sound, a specific sound to get you out of sleep. This sleep is the illusion of separateness, the illusion of being an entity separate from the whole.

Are we together?

Thus, it is not a school. Our teaching, in this room, in this space, it is only this: there is no education. However, there needs to be the sound, because it is necessary to awaken. Learning, not; awakening yes. Nowadays, we have a great facility to be taught - everyone has something to teach and everyone wants to learn something. If you want to learn, you will find someone to teach you. They will even offer you a teaching about enlightenment, about non-duality, non-separateness. Although, here, we're not teaching, we have no interest in it, there is nothing that needs to be learned.

Are you all following it?

Satsang is an encounter with this Reality present in any form. So in this meeting, all you need is to have your heart in tune, turned to this Silence, to this Presence, to this Consciousness. Since this Presence does not need to be produced, it also does not need to be taught. We will not produce it; this is something already present. It requires no skill, no specialty, does not require a specialization, does not require a training ...

Many have done this: they believe they can get this "thing" and to get it, they need to do something, they need to become "experts" in that, they require a high specialization in the practice of meditation, a deep verbal, intellectual knowledge about it; they need to acquire it, study hard and learn it.

However, this Awareness cannot be gotten, acquired, it cannot be won, conquested. You will never get Peace, Freedom, Happiness, Wisdom; it awakens when the sound comes when the alarm rings. So it is a matter of awakening, not of learning, not to specialize or to reach. It is needed a different job from that the mind knows and through which it tries to conquer, obtain, get, make, produce something.

That Presence is always present. It means Omnipresence. That is the nature of the Being, Consciousness. It is your True Nature. It is what is present in everything, in all things.

When you relax in your Being, in your Real Nature; when no more confused with the illusion of someone thinking, and therefore, controlling, doing, being; when you are not confused anymore with the illusion "I am the body", "I'm here"; when the body only takes the place that it has - the body is just the body - and the mind just takes the place that is its; when you do not create this illusion, do not imagine this illusion of being the mind, the body, of being someone inside this machine, within this mechanism, so then it suffers a tremendous change, a radical transformation, a total deconditioning. When this Grace, this Power, this Presence, That, which remains as Truth, as Grace, as Silence, as this One Power, has this freedom to act, then there is a break, a rupture, a disconnection with maya, the illusion of separateness. So there is a complete collapse of this supposed entity present, this "self", this "me", this one who has relationship problems, emotional, psychological, financial, health, of all kinds.

While there is this illusion of this entity here now, hearing, feeling, thinking, acting, talking, working, controlling, relating, having friends and foes, being born and dying; while there is this illusion, this illusory ignorance, it will last. This is stupidity, suffering, fear, anxiety, depression, pain of loss, pain of disappointment, frustration.

Is it clear? Too strange? Spooky? Worrying?

Here, the question is: Who am I? The question is: who are you? Without your history, your beliefs, desires, who are you? Without this fear present - that takes different expressions, many of which you do not have consciousness - who are you?

Notice that this space called Satsang is this invitation to Awakening. This space is the sound that makes the Awaken possible. Without it, nothing will happen; without it, you continue living your life, and this "your life" is the illusory life of someone …

Ok? Let’s stay here, folks? Thanks for the meeting! Until next time!

*transcribed from an online meeting via Paltalk chat on the night of July 13, 2016. online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm - Download Paltalk and participate!

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