February 27, 2017

What is the real impediment to happiness?

Hello everybody! Good evening!

After all, what do we deal with in Satsang? What does Satsang treat about after all?

Here we deal with you; with that what I consider the most important thing ... I deal with that what I consider to be fundamental. We are here exactly proposing for you a direct answer to this your permanent search, which is the search for happiness... this art of remaining fully aware, aware of yourself. This is what happens when you are completely free of the egoic mind... Free from the sense of an experimenter present in the experience. Either you are entirely free from all this unrest known for all of us, which is the unrest of the mind, or you are in the mind, in its restlessness.

This science, which is in fact an art, is Happiness. Happiness is this, it is this science, this art, something possible, but which seems to us something quite complicated. However, it is something incredibly simple to live without the sense of the “I”, without identifying ourselves with all this madness that thought produces inside our heads. Is that so or not?

Notice what the thought produces inside your head, the conflict, the present contradiction, the madness that is all this. The beauty of Satsang is you do not get confused anymore with all this stupidity of the mind, which is pure confusion. Satsang means meeting with the Being, meeting with the Reality, meeting with the Truth. The human mind lives in confusion; it is a burden, a weight, a permanent contradiction; it is this chaotic movement of thought, producing desires, fears, anxieties, attachments, beliefs, prejudices, concepts, imaginations of all kinds. This, which does not end, is a real "cloud" of confusion and torment. This is the real blockage, the real impediment to Happiness.

Are we together?

Within us, within you, in the innermost, in the deepest, below that layer of confusion, of restlessness, of noise, of imaginations that do not end, there is a Point that is not touched by this confusion, which is prior to the thoughts, to any and all thought. This remains hidden and veiled, it remains there, even when that dense cloud of mental unrest is present. Happiness is at the deepest center of our Being, as our Real Nature, True Identity, as what we are. However, we are not aware of this.

This work [in Satsang] proposes itself to allow you to perceive this science in a direct way... This science, or Art of Happiness, which is to live in your Natural State, aware of this power of Consciousness, of Presence, of Reality, of Truth, that dwells in each one of us... Which is you.

We believe that happiness is the result of the contact with objects which produce in our body/mind, in our senses, some kind of pleasure. In the interpretation of the mind, happiness is pleasure, to be in the comfort and pleasure. In the interpretation of the mind, when comfort and pleasure lack, the pain appears and happiness goes away. What the mind knows as happiness is this permanent search for filling out that it obtains in the pleasure. That is what in the ego, in that sense of a separate "I", you have been experiencing as happiness, searching for happiness, that is, every experience of comfort and pleasure that objects offer. This is sought in objects, places, and people.

For the ego, this relationship of pleasure, of importance of pleasure, is directly associated with contact with objects, places and people. Hence this tremendous dependence, whether be it emotional, physical or psychological dependence, which the ego calls love and with which it fills itself out, to which it clings itself, attaches itself.

Do you follow this? Is it very strange to listen to that? You who are here for the first time in the room, or second, third time... Who is the crazy in this story? Where is the madness in all this? Is it crazy, this approach that we are taking, or has it been being truly insane the model of life stuck to these so common patterns? Stuck to this model of repetition, of continuity.

Happiness is this Freedom, which is this Present Love, in the innermost, in the deep, that which dwells in the Center, that which remains silent and present, there, as your Being, your True Nature. You are here to recognize It, to assume It and go beyond that state somnambulistic, hypnotic, unconscious, general. You are here to go beyond this entire conditioning pattern. This is what we are talking about in Satsang: the awakening of wisdom... The awakening of the Truth about ourselves.

Is that clear?

We are talking about this State of Being, purely... about this Science, about this Art, which is this ability of purely Being, which means to be beyond the dream state, the common waking state and the deep sleep state. We talk about this clear state of full Consciousness, free from duality (duality here is the sense of separation in this belief of an "I" in the experience of the world), free from all this unrest of thought, of action, of feeling, of emotion. Living in this most direct experience is the pure experience of Being. This direct and clear experience of Being is not an experience with the external world, it is not "someone" in the experience, with something outside. 

We are This, we are that Being. We are that Consciousness. Our being is Itself, the Consciousness... This consciousness is itself, our Being. This is the essential grace and ability of Being. This is the Truth about ourselves. All that we live, or experiment in a direct relation with objects is within this duality of that confused mind that judges and interprets every experience, separating itself from it as a separate entity. In this duality is suffering, conflict, unhappiness. We are talking to you about the Truth of Happiness, which is Consciousness.

Is that clear?

It is enough today, and on Wednesday we will be back. OK, folks. Namastê. See you on our next meeting.

*Transcribed from an online meeting in the evening of September 19th, 2016 via Paltalk app. Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm – Join us!

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