March 3, 2017

Here is everything

In a mysterious way, this manifestation of Consciousness, which is the manifestation of God in His game, can make some manifestations of His Presence more intense; This is a mysterious thing. For example, the mountain of Arunachala is such manifestation; IT carries a very strong Presence, a manifestation power of this very strong Presence, and this has been witnessed by various Sages and Saints in Indian history. This visitation to the Mountain is not the visitation to a simple mountain, it is the visitation to the Divine. So I would recommend that you keep silent, get more focused on this Silence that the own Mountain has to communicate to you.

In a mysterious way, you were drawn to this work by the Grace of Ramana, which is the Grace of Arunachala. Arunachala was the most intense form to Ramana, the form where this Consciousness was present most intensely. The Mountain itself is Consciousness, IT is this Presence. One day Ramana was asked if in some parts of the Mountain it was easier to access this Presence, if some parts of the Mountain were more sacred. Ramana's answer was: every inch of land and every stone of that Mountain have the same sacredness, the same Presence.

So it is an opportunity for you who have not yet been in Arunachala. Do not spare effort in order to come here if you are invited by me to return here, because the very Grace of the Mountain, of Ramana, of the Guru has the power to facilitate you to come here, your arrival at that Mountain. Being here together, in this opportunity to bring Consciousness to this so common movement of the egoic mind, to work this immersion, this immersion in our Natural State, is something unique. 

The word "retreat", in my view, should carry this meaning: it is not about standing back from the external world, it is about not identifying with this illusion of an inner world, which, on the other hand, creates the illusion that you are "someone” living in the world, externally, as a present entity. The finding of your Real Nature is the finding of Arunachala, it is the finding of Silence, the finding of the Guru. Awakening, Realization is priceless and that means there is nothing you can do or pay for having It; So you must not have any notion, any idea of sacrifice. This is beyond anything you can do or pay for.

Realization is something free, but it is not cheap. When you arrive in India, here in this country, you tell the seller that something is expensive, you negotiate, and then he makes a deal with you. But with God it is not like that, because He is not offering you a product. He is giving Himself to you, but He is not cheap. The one who realizes God is God, and being God is simple, it is natural, but it is not a negotiable product. He is definitely not a product. So you can not afford it for a price that "you can deal with seller."

There is no measure of "amount of efforts" or "sacrifices" or "surrender," there is no measure that can buy it. Never negotiate with God, because He does not appreciate such nonsense; He is not an Indian seller offering you a product. We are used to have everything as easy as possible, with less effort, with less surrender and always with less sacrifice, so everything is easy and fast. Self Realization is out of time, so it is not a quick thing. Realization is not a product and, therefore, IT is priceless. Realization is not a “doing something”, so there is no effort.

Putting it in another way: It takes all your heart, all your energy, all your willingness, and that is still too little to realize the Self. All this means nothing to realize the Self, because it is an action of Grace, but this means that you have to disappear. With effort, it is impossible, but, paradoxically, without effort, without surrender, without work and without a very high "price", it is impossible too. This requires nothing, only your death – the death of the illusion of this "person" you believe you are and try to sustain at all costs. So, this is the price.

What you are going to do with what you have heard and gotten, with what I have shared with you, it is up to you. I am just a voice speaking from That place, saying, "Here is everything, whatever you have been looking for, you had been looking for in somewhere else, it is here, in this place." Either you be with It or you keep with your choices!

Either  you go beyond this world, this limitation, this conditioning, this oppression, this model, this format, this known form of fear, desire, judgment, choices, exclusion, separateness, conflict, deception, boredom, loneliness, jealousy, envy, control, possessions, mediocrity, stupid complicity; you go beyond all of that, beyond this known place and “jump” to this new Place, to this space which has the freshness and the perfume of Freedom, which is the only Happiness - although it means or might mean the end of this "you" that you know; or, then, you remain in this illusion of being in somewhere or that you can go somewhere else, choose a better place, or that you can "be yourself," "be yourself" in your personal life, in your individual and human life... tremendous illusion, ignorance and unconsciousness...

*Excerpt from a speech transcribed from a retreat in the city of Tiruvannamalai – India, on September, 2016. 

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