March 24, 2017

The Blossom of the Truth

This moment, in Satsang, is the moment of the blossom of this Truth, which is this Reality that breathes as You; It is the cessation, the end of this continuity; it is the solution of this continuity; it is the end of all these expressions of fear.

Everyone only knows - or can only know in the mind - the patterns that are repeated, which are part of this cultural, human, social, educational set. This is something that has become habitual, common, quite very natural to be questioned, for there to be any doubt about the validity or reality of this as being the Real Life.

Therefore, there is no other way for you to awaken, to realize God, to realize the Truth about yourself, unless that is questioned. It is when you are challenged to go beyond envy, beyond jealousy, beyond attachment and detachment, beyond desire and non-desire, beyond that so-called "love", which carries hate as its opposite. There is what is socially, humanly, culturally so appreciated as human relationships ... This lovely and old issue of family.

Love is Consciousness and in It there is Freedom. This Freedom is present when the Reality of Truth is present, and this is present as You, when you breathe as the expression of your Being, as the expression of your Heart. The awakening of Wisdom is necessary, and it happens when Love flourishes in the Truth of this Reality.

So, It has to take form, It has to be shining in your eyes, It has to be in the melody of the song of your speech, in the transparency of that physical body, which appears within a scenario - but It appears as the scenario Itself, without separating from it; it is not an element within the scenario, it is the whole scenario in It and It in the whole scenario.

That is enlightenment! It is the end of the sense of someone in the context of existing as an experiencing entity, being someone to some, and having some to oneself - he being someone, or she being someone. It is this Consciousness, this Presence, this Reality, this Truth, That which is You, like You, that breathes, that is real, as God is real. It can only be real in You. If It does not present Itself as You, then It is only a belief, of which thought can deal, on which great treatises can be created, many books can be written ... others will read these books and will get tired, because theory does not make the noodles, menu does not feed anyone.

This must be alive! I will repeat: This must be alive!

Priests cannot do it! God's representatives cannot do it! The so-called Gurus cannot do it! Philosophy and religion teachers cannot do it! They treat very well by bringing you the menu and presenting delicious dishes, but they'll leave you mouthwatering...

* Transcribed from a video recorded at the Ramanashram
                                                                                              Gualberto, in the city of Campos do Jordão/Brazil - June 2016

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