March 8, 2017

Truth is experiential

On these speeches we are just making remarks, and on these remarks, we are investigating that, which apparently, like a veil, like a cover, hides the truth of our Real Nature, of our Essential Nature.

It is important to understand that the greatest of all certainties - something quite obvious, clear, present - is that we are, now, here... We are present here. The most obvious thing of all is the fact that there is a Presence present, and This is ourselves! This is the first thing, quite obvious: "I Am." If I were not present, I would not be aware, for example, of these words, nor aware of these thoughts that appear, nor of these feelings, of these sensations, of these perceptions of the senses. So, this is the first thing. The second is that this is known; there is a "knowing" about it. The first is this "I Am"; the second is the recognition of this "I Am", it is to know this "I Am".

So this remark needs to be clear to you. You are here investigating the nature of Truth, the nature of Consciousness, the nature of Being, your Real Nature, This which is ever present... present and aware. This "I Am" is something present and this awareness of this "I Am" is also something present. So, they are the first and the second thing.

Therefore, we have this fundamental quality of Being. The fundamental quality of the Being is Being, which, here, I do not place as a quality, but as That What It Is. Being is That What It Is! The fundamental qualities of Being are this "Knowing" and this Presence. Thus, the nature of Being is Presence, the nature of Being is the aware of Being, it is Consciousness, it is Knowing. So what else you can realize about it is that you are constantly aware of Being, aware of this Presence and of these experiences, such as thoughts, sensations, emotions, feelings, and sensory perceptions.

Why is it important? It is important because this is not something that remains hidden, veiled. What makes it seem veiled and hidden is this constant occupation of the mind with itself. The mind occupies itself because it loses itself, because it confuses itself, because it identifies itself with thoughts, with sensations, with experiences, with emotions. So, That which is present and conscious remains veiled.

You are always This present, which is Consciousness, that is this “Knowing”, but as your attention is entirely lost in the experiences of the senses, of the thoughts, of the sensations, of the emotions, you confuse yourself with these experiences and make it something that, in fact, it is not. You make it be something personal. This way the illusory sense of someone present is born, and this is the veil that hides this reality, which is to be Consciousness, which is to be this “Knowing”.

This is like an open space. You have an open space, wide open. In this space, some things are put, but they do not enlarge or reduce this space. So are the experiences, the sensations, the emotions, the perceptions and the thoughts going on there. Just like these objects do not enlarge or reduce this space, these experiences - which are apparitions present in this Presence, in this Consciousness - also do not alter anything. But here is the whole thing! Since a little child you have been addicted to confuse yourself with these objects. You are the Space, but you confuse yourself with the objects and get lost in them. So, you limit yourself as an entity, as a person, as someone... Someone who has a name and a form; someone who has history, mind, body and is living in the world. But mind, body and world are objects in this Space, and the presence of someone in there is only the idea of that very thought occupied with itself, in its experiences of perceptions, sensations, emotions and feelings, that it translates in an individual way, private and personal.

Can you follow that?

Then, we have the origin and the continuity of this illusion. Thus arises every notion of time and space, of being born and dying, of being someone, of having somebody. Identified with the body, the mind is afraid of losing this experience. You become confused with the mind, and then fear becomes yours when death approaches. This phenomenon of death is very simple. Death does not happen to you, it is not your experience; death is only an experience of the thought. It is with the thought that you confuse yourself and then, death becomes feared. I am mentioning the matter of death, but it is for every experience you have. It is like this when you get confused with the idea of being someone. When you get confused with the idea of being someone, you have things.

Therefore, there is not only the fear of the death of the body, there is the fear of death of this or that experience, in which the mind is maintaining its life. So you are afraid of being betrayed, of being deceived, of being abandoned... This is the common state of the person. The person never ceases to suffer, because "person" means suffering. This is the individual and particular experience of separativity. Separativity is basically this: it is the sense of someone here. And there is no one here! This illusion of someone here is this veil, which is the occupation and identification with these objects. You are identified with thoughts. They are not just an apparition; they are your own life, your own story... someone’s story! So this someone is running away from the pain, choosing the experiences. To choose experiences is to escape from pain. That is why there is a deep pain in there, in that sense of someone present. It is the pain of the sense of separation!

Simplifying this: this imaginary "I" is in its imaginary world, experiencing the lack of peace and seeking peace; experiencing the lack of freedom and seeking freedom; experiencing the lack of happiness and seeking happiness; experiencing lack of love and seeking love... love in relationships and happiness in pleasures, in things. Understanding this intellectually is very easy. You listen to this, read about it, memorize and repeat, but nothing solves. So, it is inadvisable you be paying attention to my speeches and be keeping this. You are listening to these lines just to observe this movement and not to learn about it. It is to observe this movement happening into you.

This seeking for peace, happiness, love and freedom for the person is the mind playing of finding, inside itself, something that it wants to produce. But what it can do is to find what it is. This mind, in this sense of separateness, is suffering, it is illusion, it is pain. This absence of Peace, this absence of Happiness, this absence of Freedom, this absence of Love, this absence of God is totally apparent - it appears in this identification with the egoic mind in this illusion of an entity present in the seek for this, but it is something totally illusory. All that this sense of the “I” seeks is Happiness, Love, and Freedom, but this seek centered on the idea of an "I" is the problem itself.

You cannot realize God if you are in there. If you are, God is not. It does not matter how many theories you have about it, how much you have read and studied, and how much you can repeat it with great mastery. That does not make you what You Are! Truth is not eloquent by words; Truth is eloquent by Happiness, by Freedom, by the cessation of the egoic mind.

When the sense of separation is not, the Truth is! Then, the eloquence of Truth is in the absence of the sense of separation; it is not in the theoretical knowledge about it. And the egoic mind is very clever at turning that knowledge into something its, too. Every purpose of philosophy, religion, and science to reveal the Truth is useless, because they occupy themselves with what is known as transformation. So religion does not work, science does not work, philosophy does not work... All this means nothing! It is something completely stupid! Something produced also by the mind. Transformation is a word I rarely use because, in fact, there is nothing that can be done. You are unrecoverable; there is no way to repair it! Then, the word "transformation" does not apply well here. It is completely inadequate!

Truth is experiential in the absence of a sense of separation, and that is the end of the mind and all its knowledge, all its experience, all its science, philosophy and religion. In this Realization, in this Truth, there is the "Knowing" without the knower. The Sage does not know. He is the "Knowing" without the knower. If you that are listening to me know something, you have to unlearn it! This realization dissolves this illusion of the knower, the experimenter, the religious man, the philosopher, or the scientist. In this Realization is the true "Knowing", which is not the "knowing" of the knower; it is the true "Knowing", which is not the "knowing" of one who knows.

This is possible when there is no longer the sense of separation. There is only one and single reality, which is Consciousness, which is Being, which is Presence. This understanding needs to come to you, but in a way so strong and so real that it overthrows you and your beliefs, you and your theories, you and your concepts, ideas, philosophy, religion and science. This has to come to you in such a way that it breaks the idea that you are there in the experience of being someone in the world.

Therefore, God is Reality! It is not the word God, it is the reality God; it is not the belief God, it is the reality God. God is only real when you are not; God is, only when the world is not, when the mind is not, when the body is not. So, there is Truth in this absence of the sense of separation, but there is no philosophy about it anymore, no knowledge, no explanations or ideas. They call it Awakening or Enlightenment.

It is not "you" enlightened, it is not "you" awakened, it is not "you" self realized. It is God self realized! It is God awakened! So, this transformation is not a transformation... It is a complete revolution; a destruction of the old.

How is this for you?

Are you going to learn this? Is there a speaker memorizing this speech? It will not work! You are going to teach about it, but it is "blah, blah, blah".

Truth is not knowledge! Truth is absence of the sense of separation! Truth is Realization! That is what my Guru gave me. The Guru gives you this, God gives you this, Grace gives you this, Consciousness gives you this: the end of this "you" that you believe to be. You do not remain to treat of this! There is no longer you!

Once this is established there (not theoretically, not philosophically, but as the experiencing of Reality, where there is not you experiencing), there is a cessation of the sense of the experiencer. The ultimate nature of this experience, when there is no experiencer, is God! It is not you and God; it is God! The ultimate experience is Happiness! It is not someone's happiness; It is Happiness!

The highest purpose of philosophy, religion, and science is to reveal this, but, in fact, they are not revealing it. So, it has not worked, it is not working, because there is no absence of the egoic mind in these sciences. This absence of the egoic mind is only possible when there is Meditation. Meditation is the end of separation, it is the end of duality, it is the end of someone present in this instant, at this moment. This is Meditation!

Meditation is the nature of Consciousness... I said Meditation, not the practice of meditation! That is something else! This is very primary yet! The nature of Meditation is the absence of the thinker, it is the absence of the experiencer, it is the absence of the sense of the "I" and its history, it is the absence of the "person." In India, they call it Samadhi, which is you in your Natural State. There is no you and the world, there is no you and the mind, there is no you and God, there is no you and beliefs, there is no you and concepts, there is not you and words.

You, in your Natural State, are Freedom, are Love, are Happiness, are Consciousness, are Peace. Words must be used here in these speeches, or among us, just to go beyond them. Otherwise, we are theorizing and even creating discussions about this, endless! Then, there are two stupid egos arguing about the Reality of God, which is out of the ego.

When you go to a Sage, do not argue with him, because he is God! You are God! There is only God, if you are Wise! If you are not Wise, your ideas, beliefs, concepts and speeches are stupid, they are inside duality; they are only philosophical, religious, spiritual, esoteric and mystical thoughts learned through reading books, but they are of no use. They are just rubbish ... mental rubbish! They are objects in this open space. There is a Space, which is Consciousness, which is your Real Nature, which is occupied with these useless objects, translated as knowledge.

How is this for you?

If you really want this, you have to disappear, and you just disappear when the Guru pulls your head out. The Guru is the Presence, not a person; He is Consciousness, He is the Truth! Whether He has the form or not, He has to cut your head off! The Truth must overthrow this you that you believe to be from that ring. If He overthrows this you on that ring, this you will not get up anymore. It is knockout! It is from there to the grave! There is no way to this you to come back to a next fight! You will not bear it anymore, because the fight will be over, because you will be dead, and there will be no doctor to save you.

* Transcribed from an online meeting on October 12th, 2016 at night, via Paltalk
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