March 1, 2017

You are not in control

A moment of discovery, of verification, is possible within an investigation, which is what we do in Satsang. What we do in Satsang is to investigate this: that you are not who you think you are. The idea is that you are who you think you are... An idea you make of yourself, an old, ancient idea that you have... One of those things that thought produces, it makes you believe that it is the body or the mind, or that you are the body with the mind...

In fact, what you "seem to be" is not also the Truth, it is not true. Listening to this in a meeting like that, for the first time, is something very strange. It takes some time for you to start recognizing this in a very clear way. At first, when you listen to this (the idea that you are not the body and not the mind), you also come to confusion. This opens a loophole for yet another belief, the belief that you are an entity within the body, a spiritual entity; that you are a spirit within the body, and this is also not true. So some people back away soon from such a meeting when they listen to this.

You have been tracking this body: it was a baby, then a small child, a girl or a boy, became a teenager, then a young man or a young woman, and now it becomes a man or a woman, it reaches middle age; some have already passed middle age... You have been tracking the body and all those changes that happen internally, "from the body to the inner side", what we call mind, feeling, emotions, sensations. Let us put this in a very basic, very simple way.

Then, your belief is the belief of an "entity present within the body". A person is an entity present within the body; an entity listening, speaking, experiencing objects through the senses, having the experience of touch, sight, smell, taste. The idea is, basically, that you are within this experimentation. In Satsang, we questioned this. Not inquiring about your True Nature causes you to remain, until the end of the days of the body, in that belief. This has incredible implications, dire implications, and extraordinary implications.

The biggest implication of all of this is to be in a dream, confusing yourself with the mind and the body in this experience of the world, without realizing that all of this is a dream, that it is just something that thought is producing in this wakefulness state. This internal dissatisfaction, this sense of inadequacy, that something is missing, is something always evident, always clear, in some moments more than in others, but it is basically a mental state, which is this rather complicated dream state.

This means the illusion of "someone" in the world; the world is one thing, you are another thing and God is something else. So, we have a duality there, "I" and the world, and a permanent struggle in the search for pleasure, in the desire for happiness, for peace, for freedom, for a completely happy and free life, complete,  next to it a complete escape from everything that can produce suffering, pain, conflict, problems. But despite this, everything continues in the same way, with a constant dissatisfaction, fight and fear.

The mind is producing a state after another, a tremendous restlessness, a restless and constant movement of thought. This state, in this illusion, in this dream, is a state of deep misery, which is often cushioned by these brief moments of pleasure and joy caused by the external environment, and when this lacks, joy is lacking. So you live in this duality, pain and pleasure, fear and desire; in an internal war, in the search for a constant peace; in the unhappiness seeking the happiness, that unhappiness that the mind produces in the search of a happiness that it itself imagines.

This is a very basic speech for those ones who are here for the first time in this meeting. Although you are not here to hear a lecture, a teaching, we are just making some remarks, some confessions. This is something you can perceive very easily: all that the mind can experience are apparitions. These apparitions have the same quality of dreams that you have at night. This is here now, and in a little while it is not going to be here anymore. Even this joy leaves a void, leaves a lack. The world seems to be real, but it is just a dream.

After all, what is this world? If you truly awake, get out of this dream, what happens to this world? Then, all your suffering, your desire and your fear are in this dream; all your search is within that dream. And if you awake from this dream, where does this world go to? ... This world of people? ... In fact, your family is a dream, your house is a dream, your health is a dream, your professional achievement is also a dream, and all of that can be taken away from you.

So, since the body itself is a dream, it can suddenly disappear and you have no control of it... It is a dream happening, nothing is certain, nothing is safe, nothing is eternal, everything is changing, and what is here now, soon it will not be here anymore. Now, things start getting a bit more frightening... You thought you were going to live forever... Those ones you say you love will not be here anymore one day; you will not be here for them anymore either.

The point is: what happens to your world if you awaken?

What I can tell you at this meeting is: your world  disappears, and when your particular world disappears, life becomes "as it is"... and "as it is" means no conflict, no desire, no fear, no problem, no suffering, because there is no illusion, because there is no such idea of being in control, of possession, there is no longer this illusion of "being someone" and of being appreciated by someone, of being important to  someone... It is when   the end of this illusion is possible, this Illusion of living and dying, of being happy and unhappy, of desiring and fearing .

If you awaken from this dream, there is no dream anymore. In this dream, you go to places, meet people, get married, have children, have a house; you are a child, then a teenager, then a young man, a boy, a girl, middle age, old age, gets old and dies sick - this if an accident does not happen to you and you can see the body grows old - but nothing is certain. In this dream, all this is happening, and I want to tell you that there is Something there that is beyond that dream. There is Something there that is beyond this world, that is beyond this personal experience, and that is what we are dealing with in Satsang. This "Something" is this real Presence, this Divine Consciousness, this Presence of God, this Consciousness of the Truth about yourself, and that is the end of the dream.

So, do not worry, because nothing will happen to You! Everything is happening only in the dream. Listen carefully: nothing has ever happened, nothing will ever happen, everything has always happened and everything will always continue to happen, but only in the dream. You are not that dream. You are not within that dream... You are outside it, as Presence, as Consciousness, as Truth, as Happiness, as Peace, as Love and as Freedom. This is your Real Nature! You do not have to believe what I am saying. You can go deeper and discover this by yourself, and go beyond fear, conflict and suffering. They call it Awakening, Realization, Enlightenment... Do not worry about names.

Go beyond that sense of a present "I", that "I" with health or illness, living well or ill, being happy or unhappy, because all of this is just concepts, beliefs, ideas, thoughts, and that is the dream. You are very attached to this "person", and that person is the dream. You are very attached to other people and these other people are part of that dream - that dream of the "person" you believe to be.

You are very attached to this life that is these things that surround you, such as the body, the objects, the mind and the sensory experiences, but this is not You, it is not your Real Life. You are attached to objects, to places, to a house, to a car, anyway, all of this that is part of that dream, and I want you to discover how to observe it, so you can go beyond that, go beyond this attachment. It means being beyond attachment and detachment, beyond the illusion of having and not having, of being or not being. Then this Reality comes and presents itself in its own way.

When this Reality presents itself, you realize yourself as Love, as Peace, as Happiness, as Completeness. When I say "you realize yourself", you are verifying this Presence there, That which is already there, it is not to realize in the sense of doing; here is to realize in the sense of verifying this present Peace, this Love, this Happiness. This happens without any thought or belief about it; In fact, the beliefs, the ideas about It, stop It, moving you away from That which is present as this Realization. This Realization already Is, it is already here, beyond the idea "I am the body", "I have the mind"; beyond the idea of a doer, of "someone" doing something. We have to insist a lot on it, we have to persevere on it.

The participant says: "But the illusion of free will and control is very precious in this dream." The matter is: for whom? The matter is: who knows this free will? Who knows this control?

When this Reality arrives, when It presents Itself, you can laugh at all of this, after all who is suffering? Who is this one that wants to escape from suffering? Who is this one who believes it can control? There is a Power that takes care of everything, that accomplishes everything, that does everything the way It wants! There is no one on it, in control... there is no one on it, on this supposed freedom to do what it wants.

*Transcript from an online speech, in the evening, on August 22nd, 2016
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