March 18, 2017

You only have this moment

Being here is the goal. So, when you say "now I am going home and it is all going to disappear" you do not understand the purpose. The purpose of this work is this moment. You only have this moment. "Ah ... But today is Saturday and the day after tomorrow is Monday ..." "Tomorrow" is already on Monday and you cannot escape this moment. You are with me to learn that there is only this moment, which is the goal, whether now or in a thousand days. This is the moment! Do you perceive the beauty of that!? It will not make difference for you if you learn to stay in this moment.

What attracts you to me is that as you approach, I share this moment. There is nothing to teach, to learn, to do, to accomplish; nothing to mourn or to seek. When you come, you look into my eyes, you find me, at this moment. I bring you to this moment. There is no effort from my part, because this is the only place, or the only space, or the only "not time", in which you are well. Every time you are in time, you are in the illusion that you are out of this moment. When you are like this, you are not well, because you are not in your Natural State. Your Natural State is timeless, out of time; it is now, here, already, immediately, in the present, in the present moment.

So the purpose of this work is the work, just as the purpose of the hike is to walk. This is Meditation, Silence, Consciousness, Presence! This is God! This is enlightenment... No one enlightened, no one Self Realized... no one.

Do you see what Meditation is? It is not that thing, nothing like that! You have learned that Meditation will give you enlightenment, so you begin to meditate; you become a skilled meditator and keeps meditating. When you are out of meditation, the mind says to you: "Go and meditate, because one beautiful day a lightning will fall on your head... Then continue meditating"; or it says: "This is the goal of meditation: enlightenment." But I say this is not true. I say that Enlightenment is Meditation and It can only be now. When I say Meditation, I am talking about the absence of time, of the meditator and of the goal, of the purpose. Meditation is Enlightenment.

I am in Meditation! I never leave Meditation to enter into Meditation again! No! I do not do this! This is very stupid and it would mean leaving this present moment and entering the fantasy of time; in the illusion of time, where the ego has a purpose, which is to be always in the future. When the ego is present, there is no Meditation and that is stupid. I know that this destroys your meditation, but your meditation is not real, for it is still the meditation of "someone." In my meditation there is no "you", nor "I"; There is no one. So, Meditation is to eat without "someone"; it is to speak without "someone"; it is to walk without "someone"; it is to listen, as now, without "someone".

You asked me yesterday, "So, are we meditating?"

Naturally! Of course! Here and now, you are meditating. You are Meditation, here and now! Look at this girl... Do you have doubt? Not a thought passes by. There is a deep, relaxed, gentle, effortless attention here and now which sweeps away all thoughts, fears, and all the past. You do not remember the dog, the cat, the son, anything, no one. You are now, here, and this is the purpose... Now, here, it means that there is no time, then, a thousand “tomorrows” from now, you will be here; you can only be here. It is very beautiful: no past, no future, no problem, no relatives, no dog, no cat, no house, no... Your eyes shine of pure joy, gratitude, for the existence. This is your Natural State! Sat-Chit-Ananda! Happiness!

What else do you want? What else do you need? Where else can you go to? Yes, you are completely right! Do not move! Stay here... here! Today I understand. This is fascinating, indescribable, without words... The beauty of God! Remain silent and you will know what I am talking about.

Did you understand? This does not require effort! Look at the effort I make! I am tired, very tired ... (laughs). Do I look tired? Do I look tired to you? To be happy, to be in peace, to be in love, do I look tired? Do you think this is a very big effort for me? Do you think it is hard for me? Loving you, loving everything around me? Absolutely! This is not difficult for me. This is not difficult for you. It is a matter of focus. If the mind is in desires, in objects, its energy is in time. All this energy, which is consciousness, it is dissipated in the movement of the egoic mind. That same energy, focused, in a relaxed way, in a very relaxed attitude, in that silence, and done. There is no ego. When there is no ego, there is only love. Love for everything, love for all. Love in everything, love in everybody. There is only love. Without ego, there is not you. Everything is love, everywhere. Everything is God. Everything is God. Everything is God!

People ask me a lot of questions and one of them is this: "how to remain on that?" You cannot get out of That! But when you give space, you create an artificial space to move around in the world of the mind, which are thoughts, imaginations, desires, things, people, objects. So, when you create this artificial space and you get lost in it, you are in trouble. But if you do not get lost in this, there is no way to leave this Real Place of your True Nature that is pure Love, pure Joy and Freedom. Is it clear? The rest is up to you! You will get lost a few times... dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions of times... No problem, there is no problem, because these times are in time, but you are out of time. Your victory is guaranteed, because you are the Buddha, you are the Christ, you are the Enlightened One, you are God! So do not give up! Do not give up! Go ahead! Look, look again, and again, and again! Do not give up! Do not stop!

*Transcribed from a speech happened in Tiruvannamalai Retreat - India on September 2016

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