March 6, 2017

Your life: a cartoon scribble

On those days, I was watching a cartoon and saw something  that happens in Satsang too. Those who appear in movement, in the cartoon (the characters of the cartoon), "feel" very alive to suspect, at some point, that their lives are similar to the life of any other object also drawn there. 

The life of the character of the cartoon, this movement and vivacity of this character, is very convincing for the character, for him, at some point, to stop and to observe a tree, or a stone, or a mountain, and to see that all this is constituted of the same material from which they are made. All those are drawings, scratches. Some ones “get” a life because of the movement, and others are lifeless because they are static, but all of them are basically colored scratches; they are drawings.

We have a difficulty in Satsang: it is also accepting that "this life" is like the movement of the characters, which we call living beings; That "this life" is the same life as inanimate beings, such as trees, stones, rivers and mountains. The difficulty we have here, which is a difficulty that any cartoon character has, is accepting that all this manifestation is also a cinematic manifestation and that the material of everyone is the same

In the cartoon, the raw material is the scratches, the drawings (drawings made of scratches).The raw material in this world we know, in this film we know, is thought. Your body is thought and the body of everyone around you is thoughts. The chair where you are sitting is thought. The food you ate is thought. The thought that you thought and the feeling that you feel are also thoughts. It is this way, too, with emotion and sensation. 

Thought is creating for you the illusion that "you are the body", that you are in the world and that you are alive, while the stones are dead; That you have a "personal life", the other has a personal life and that the trees, although they have life, have no a personal life... Plants and stones have no personal life, but you have a “personal life” as well as the people around you.

In the cartoon, the character will never suspect that “he” is not real. Here, if you are not warned about this, you will never suspect that "your life" is not real either and that the material in everything is the same material; Everything is of the same quality and nothing has more value, nor less value. There  is only one material that composes everything, which manifests everything.

As in the animated film, in this "movie" here, there is Something behind making all this possible, making all this appearance have the format that it has and assume a temporary format of "who I am". What I mean is that, in that cartoon, the character is having difficulties, having problems, and in this "movie" here, you are having difficulties and problems, too. 

In that cartoon film, the character is seeking an accomplishment. In this "movie", you as "someone" are also seeking an accomplishment. In that cartoon, that character will never stop being what “he” is, because it is only a character, no matter how accomplished “he” is for doing something or happening to “him” something great.

In this "movie", the same thing happens. In that cartoon, the character is not aware that everything is just a movie, just a cartoon. Here, if you do not realize the Truth about yourself, you will never find that here this is just a "movie" too. Do you understand?

I want that you in Satsang begin to suspect that what you are experiencing is not "you" living, but rather something greater than you is doing, making this apparition possible... It is, by the way, an apparition in which you as a character are not more important than any other character; You are not more important than animals, plants, stones, sun, moon, stars, the sea... Anything else.

The nature of thought is the same in everything! The nature of the drawing in a cartoon is the same in everything... scratches... colored scratches. Some drawings have more colors or more movements than others, which are the characters, and we say they are alive there. You know it is a drawing, but the characters do not know that they are just a drawing. You know they are not alive, but they do not know they are not alive. 

When you listen to these speeches, what kind of challenge do you have in front of you? Each character, whether in this "movie" here or in that film there, feels odd, unique, leading its "own life", enjoying or suffering the consequences of its taken and chosen actions. But in this "movie" here or in that movie there, is this true?

Participant: No!

Master Gualberto: So, when you watch a cartoon, you can accept that the author of the whole story has designed those characters and he is doing what he wants with them, but do not you accept it here? It is because here there is this sophistication of thought that confuses. And what about the sophistication of the drawing? What is the difference between the sophistication of drawing and the sophistication of thought? Is there a difference? There is a sophistication of designs "there" and a sophistication of thoughts here, but what is the difference?

Participant: The drawing is not with us, it is not me, it is not personal.

Master Gualberto: But the character of the drawing can say too: "the life of you human beings is not with me". I think that this is what makes it personal, is not it? When you say: "this is not my business, it is its business". Is not that personal? When you do that, what have you done?

Participant: When I do this, I assume the reality of this "I".

Master Gualberto: When you do this, you assume that you are a separate entity. Where? "In this movie". So why will you keep doing it now, after you have been warned about it. Who has problems here, yet? Everybody?

When you say "I have a problem", it is like a cartoon character saying the same thing, is not it? What is this character saying in this "movie" here, or in that movie there? What is “he” basically saying? “He” is saying, "I have an illusion", "I exist", "I exist as a problem". 

As for your name, your family, your goods and real state, your body health or disease, health or financial illness, health or emotional, psychological illness, etc., may you say that this is "yours"? May you realize how this is clear, that saying this means assuming something that is not yours ?!

* Transcript of a speech from a Presential Satsang in the city Cabedelo - Intermares Beach - João Pessoa; On October, 2016.

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