April 5, 2017

Addicted to acquire information

Satsang means to come across what is present!

Thought does not do that there. Thought is something present, sometimes yes, sometimes not, but it does not come across what is present. Thought is just an apparition, like any other apparition (like the sound of the rain, now). All experience, all knowledge, and all concepts and beliefs are just thoughts. None of this is the Truth, because it does not come across what is present ... None of this. This is also something that appears there, that comes and goes, comes and goes...

Thus, all knowledge, all experience, all forms of ideology, belief, concepts, is not the truth. It appears in the Truth, but it is not the Truth. Truth is that which is present and which does not change, and there is nothing inside the known that is like this. The body is not like this, nor the mind, nor the sensations, the emotions, the thoughts, or any form of knowledge and experience.

Then, what is Satsang? Satsang is to come across That what is present, in which all of this appear and disappear, and where the present also appears. The present is not the Truth. Truth is That in what the present appears. The present moment is not the Truth, for it becomes the moment "that was" for the thought, which, also, is not the same.

So, what is Satsang? Satsang means to encounter the Truth. It is the encounter with Truth, which is out of time; it is out of the past, the future and the present. Truth is out of history, of this history of the "person" there, because this "person", also, is not what is present but it is what appears in that which is present. Every Consciousness you have of the world is not the Truth, because that consciousness, also, is not yet the Truth. The Truth is when "you" and "your" world are not there.

You cannot find the Truth. In other words: you cannot find God. You cannot find Liberation, Salvation, Realization, because "you" is the obstacle. You only appear with your world. Without your world you do not appear, you are absolutely nothing. You without your story are absolutely nothing, so, without your story, there is no "you". When there is not you, this "absolutely nothing" is what interests us to investigate here, because this "absolutely nothing" is absolutely The Whole, that is not you, "I", "she", "he", "we".

Sometimes you have a glimpse of That, but it comes and goes. You have a brief glimpse that there is no "someone" there until the next thought comes up. When thought arises, you cling to it and begin to make personal affirmations, and, once again, you are inside the story. Inside the story you have "your" world, inside it you are "someone", in addition to having "some", several, around you. And there you are again lost in maya (illusion), in the illusion of the "I", of the sense of "someone", of course, with problems. "Someone" always has problems, because "someone" always has choices, desires and therefore, it is afraid.

Do you realize how simple that is?

It is enough the first pronoun, "I", for everything else to emerge. You do not want to come across What is, because That means the end of "your" world, of the body, of the mind, of the world, of the history, of the "person".

What is it that is now falling from the sky? What is it? Now, for example, what is it happening? How do we call this which is falling from the sky? Rain! But what is this basically? When it comes out of a rock, what do you call it? Spring! When it makes a path by a trail, you call it stream. When it deepens and opens space, this stream reaches a certain volume of water and you call it a river; when it reaches the end of this great volume and reaches a much larger volume of water, you call it sea. Notice that the names are changing. When it falls from the sky it is rain, when it comes out of a rock it is spring, when it follows a small trail it is a stream, when it widens a little more and deepens it is river and when that river is lost in a much greater volume of water you call ocean, sea. But what is the name of that which is falling from the sky? Water...

This is like your name: your name is different from her name, which is different from his name, just as the same water is called rain, river, stream, spring and ocean. You have a name, she has a name, he has a name, each one has a different name, and so the names are different, the shapes are different. As rain, water falls from the sky; as spring water comes out of the rock; as stream, it follows a small trail and it grows; when it reaches the river it has deepened and has a larger volume; when it arrives in a much larger space is the sea. Names and shapes change for the same "thing”. The same "thing" is changing shape. The name changes, but it is always the same thing. Water is always water.

The Being is always the Being. It has the form of boy, girl, flowers, trees, monkey, bird, poultry, fish, but it is the same Being, the same Reality, the same Truth with different names. It is like gold that at some moment it is an earring, at the other it is a necklace, at the other it is a bracelet, at the other it is a statue, but it is gold. So, only the shapes and the names change, but it has no name, because it is what we give. We call water this thing liquid, transparent, colorless, odorless, in its natural state. Then, we call it steam, ice, etc., that is, we begin to give names to the forms it assumes. The names, we give, and this is something that thought invents, but the thought is not the Truth.

When you realize, when you realize your Real Nature, you see that they are only names and forms for the same Truth, which is You, because there is only You. Now you are no longer confused with a name, with the form, because you know that You are God ... Because there is only God.

This multiplicity, this separation between forms is created by thought, at a necessity of the egoic mind of giving explanations, create concepts. You are addicted to acquiring information, to feel safe in the ego, of that you know something. However, the only thing you really can know, "you" cannot know. "Being" is not possible to know. "Being" is possible to be, but it is not possible to know. So if you know something, you are a fool and you are still bound to a set of ideas, beliefs, thoughts, names (names for forms). When you do this, you are lost in the illusion of separateness; you are in the illusion of the sense of an "I," which is only a name, too. So you say, I am Isabel, I am Cristina, I am Margarida, I am Selma, I am Celia, I am João, I am Marcos, I am Paulo, I am ... And then you identify yourself with a story, which is the story of a girl, a boy, a "person", a "human being." There is no human being, as there is no animal being, vegetable being, mineral being... There is no such thing ... It is like saying: rain-water, river-water, fountain-water, sea-water ... There is no water like this; water is water.

The recognition of this, of your Real Nature, is the end of duality, the end of the sense of separation. This is Happiness, it is Love, it is the end of suffering. Because there is nothing important, because you are not important, nothing can make you suffer, because there is not "someone" there to suffer for something; there is nothing that "someone" can still suffer there, because there is not "someone" there. There is only Life. This is Enlightenment, this is the Buddha State, it is the State of Christ, this is the Natural State. This is a State that is not a "state" (which changes to another "state"). This is not a "state", it is You. This is Wisdom, it is Love, it is Truth, it is Freedom, it is Sanity, it is Holiness, it is being God, it is Being only What You were born to be.

Note that there is no graduation in this, which is also created by thought. It is not possible to be closer or further from God. This "farther from God" or "closer to God" is like water in a state of steam, which, if it could speak, it would say: "I am almost water, I am not liquid, but I am almost water"; or as if the ice could say, "I am almost water, but I am still very petrified." There is no such thing, which is only a matter of philosophy, of religion, which you have learned. That you are closer or further away from God, that sin has edged you away from God, it does not exist. Sin is only the illusion that "you are not" What You Are, that "you are something else". The trust in the sense of separateness, that you are one and God is another, this is the sin. The only possible sin is this heresy of thinking that you are not God ... This is the sin. The illusion of separateness, this "knowing" good and evil is the sin. The idea of being "someone" surrounded by many, looking at and seeing oneself as "someone" looking at "someone" is the sin (the illusion of separation).

The sin is the gold believing that it is the form of the earring, or the cord, and saying to everyone: "I am the cord," "I am the earring." It is gold, but it is saying that it is the earring, that it is the cord. It is worse when it says "I am the cord" and, looking at another, says "you are a cord too" ... It sees a heap of strings and earrings around it. The "gold" has forgotten that it is gold, that there is only gold, that it is only seeing gold, because it sees only what it has been conditioned to see, by religion, by philosophy, by culture, by society, by parents, by the world around it. It sees like everybody sees, but everybody sees like the blind one sees, that is, it sees nothing; it imagines everything and sees nothing, but it imagines that it is seeing. It is all conditioning, it is all belief, it is all illusion.

When you come to Satsang, you come to be with me, which is to be with yourself, because there is only “I” here, which is you. If you know how to stay the way that I need you to stay here, you will find yourself ... you will stop saying that you are cord, that you are "an earring, a bracelet, a statue, or some piece made of gold." You will stop saying you are "ice, steam"; that you are…

Being in Satsang means being in that intimacy, which is the intimacy of your Real Nature... Having an opportunity to go beyond the illusion of the "I".

*Transcribed from a speech that took place in Ramanashram Gualberto on October 2016 in the city of Campos do Jordão.

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