April 22, 2017

All you need is to Awaken

This is a beautiful opportunity, a beautiful moment of investigation, which gives us the opportunity to go beyond the limitation that our beliefs are constantly placing us. Therefore, the word for us tonight is the word that gives us the opportunity of Awakening. Here Awakening is to go beyond these limitations, which are our beliefs, our concepts and judgments, our opinions, ideas and conclusions, basically what is happening there inside your head.

Now, while you listen to us, the mind has this conditioning, that old conditioning of listening to agree or disagree, to accept or reject, to internally the mind say: "I agree with it," or "I disagree, I do not think so." This is an example, among others, of this background, of this basis through which we hear someone or read something. That is, we have a conclusion or we already have a preconceived idea about something and we listen to with that background. So, the movement of the mind is this conditioning.

In these encounters I invite you to Awakening, which means to get out of that pattern, to go beyond the egoic mind, that same mind that compares, accepts, rejects, evaluates, concludes. Perhaps, when you first hear the word Awakening, you still cannot realize the implication of it. It is a word that we cannot perceive, at first, the implication and the meaning, not even intellectually, in an encounter like this. All you need is to Awaken, which means the end of all this conditioning, of all the way you come across, meet, with life. Awakening means something different from everything that the egoic mind knows.

For all of us the choice, the will, the control, is the basis of our life. I talk about this egoic life, which is the life charged with this sense of duality, where there is good and evil, right and wrong, liking and disliking, "I want" and "I do not want". So, every will, choice, and every control the mind knows, which the ego knows, is this state we call conditioning, sleeping state, unconsciousness... It is like the experience you have of the world. What is this world basically? The experience that you know about the world, in the world, is the experience of the sleeping state. Your experience of the world, as you know it in the mind, is the experience of sleep. What is the experience of someone who dreams? It is see yourself awake, but you are sleeping. You know it is just like that at night. When you sleep, you are "awake" and walk down the street, get in touch with people, travel, sell, buy, get married, etc. So is the dream, at night, where everything happens, when you have the feeling that it is not a dream, that you are awake.

Your experience of the world, sleeping, in the dream state, is similar to the experience you are having here, now, in this room, hearing this speech. You have the perfect certainty that what is happening there in the dream is with you fully awake. Only when you wake up in the morning you realize that it was a dream that it all happened while you were asleep. Notice what is happening to you right now: you can swear to me that you are awake. However, it is only when you get out of the dream that you realize that you were asleep. In India, they call Maya this magic, this divine trick, this divine joke. While you are dreaming, you are talking, eating, sleeping, walking, doing anything but sleeping. In the dream you do not sleep, you are fully awake, for the only thing impossible in the dream is to sleep, and you never dreamed that you were asleep. You always dream you are awake, is not it so? In that dream, at night, you are doing everything but sleeping, and you are quite sure that you are awake. But when the alarm goes off, and you actually wake up, you realize that all of that happened just inside your head, only in the mind.

You are having the same experience here, listening to this speech, only that at this moment I can tell you that "you are asleep." You will doubt me in the same way, as you would do in your dream. During the "dream," in "your dream," you marry, you have children, your children grow up, you get old; in "your dream" you face an accident, in danger of dying, but you are already old, and at that very moment you wake up. Then you say to yourself: it was a dream. In that dream you got married, had children, got old, were close to die and have just waked up; or you find out that you are still young and single, that all of that was a dream. You can remember this dream, but where is the reality of this world in which you got married, had children, got old and almost died in that accident? Where did this world go to? Where did your children, your wife, your family go to?

This is the reality of the egoic mind: it lives in its dream and has the full certainty, in its dream that it is not sleeping, as now, here. Let us suppose that you dream, that now all of you have a dream. In this dream you are climbing a mountain and I am on your side. Suddenly you slip and fall, but I am on your side and I say, "Relax. This is just a dream. "Of course, if I tell you this during this fall, you will not avoid fear; your fear will be there. You will look at me and say, "But I am falling." You will not believe me. I will repeat it and say to you: "but it is just a dream". You are "sleeping," just "dreaming," but suddenly you are falling, falling, falling, and when you are about to hit the ground, you "wake up." You start laughing, because now you are sure it was just a dream, but you have to be awake to know that it was just a dream, because you did not know it before. There was fear before, the sensation of falling, and even if, in the dream, I could tell you it was "just a dream", you would not believe me.

The same thing is happening now, here. I am telling you that "your life" is just a "dream"; that all your despair, suffering, and all your problems are only part of that dream. All of this is just a dream, but look at you now, at this moment. I am telling you this, but you are there clinging to this disease, to the idea of ​​lack of money, of being poor. You are clinging to concepts such as good and evil, happiness and unhappiness, but they are all concepts, beliefs, ideas that are just inside your head, because all of that is part of your "dream." You are clinging to this "person." I will repeat: you are clinging to this "person". This "person" is just your dream. You are not this dream, you are not this person, you are not this illness or that health, this wealth or that poverty; you are not a bad person, you are not a good person. That is, you are definitely not a "person" because this "person" is only in your "dream". This "person" is also married, it is already at a certain age, or it is single, or it is engaged...

Is that clear?

You are now here, on the Paltalk room, listening to a Guru. You are the disciple or suitor to the disciple, but this is also just a dream, an idea, a belief, a concept. You do not doubt the person you believe to be, that is, you do not doubt this "dream". I am also on your side, as I was there in that dream of the fall, saying to you: "Relax, this is just a dream ". “You are not falling. You are not going to die". Do you remember the dream, when you were about to hit the ground, you woke up and started laughing? It is like here, now. I am saying to you, "You are Sat-Chit-Ananda, Being-Consciousness-Bliss. You are what God said You Are and He said that You are Him. You are not what your mind says you are, for what it says is what that 'dream' seems to be to that 'person' that you believe to be."

Then, do not get attached to your "person" or to other persons, because these are also part of the "dream" of this "person" that you believe to be. They are going to disappear from this dream, along with this "person", who you believe to be and who is also going to disappear from this dream. When the "dream" ends, the persons of the dream end, too. Do not cling to places, because these places are also in that dream. Do not cling to things. Do not forget that this is just a "dream". You have forgotten this, as a matter of fact, nobody has reminded you anything about it, because everyone around you is in the same "dream", giving "reality" to the unreal, believing in the same world of dream where you are. If you believe that this world is real, they also believe that this world is real. If you believe you are suffering, they also believe they are suffering. If you do not get out of this "dream," it continues.

On these days, someone asked me what happens after death. What happens during life is the illusion of life. What happens during death is the illusion of a postmortem life. If you are in this illusion that you are alive, because you are in a "dream of life," this illusion is always illusion. So, the illusion of having a body or the illusion of not having a body, the illusion of being alive or the illusion of being dead is the same illusion - the illusion of a "dream." Every night you die to this world and wake up, awake, to the other world, which is the dream world. This dream world is considered real while the dream is happening, and this world here is forgotten. Notice that you never remember this world here, while dreaming, is not it? You never remember your family from this side, when you have a family in your dream at night. So, what is your real family? Is this from here or the one you have while dreaming at night? While you dream at night, you have no idea of ​​this life and that family this side. So, what is your real life, the life from this side or the life on the other side?

What I mean is that there is nothing like "life here" or "life there", "life on this side" or "life on the other side." Everything that exists is a "dream" and it is in this "dream" that you are born and die. So you ask what happens? First you have to answer me who you are and if you are alive. If you can answer me this question, I can tell you about the "after this life." But first, answer me if you are alive or if you are dead. For I say you are dreaming and in this "dream" you are going to "die." First, you need to know what your "life" is now, here; you need to know if you are alive, now, here. Then, do not worry, because it is just a "dream" like someone falling on a cliff. I am by your side and I say, "Relax, it is just a dream and you are not going to die." Then, understand yourself, realize your own Self, acknowledge what you are now, what life is now. If you know what it is now, every problem ends, including this life and death issue. First, find out if you are alive or if you are "sleeping" thinking that you are alive.

The point is that the "person" wants to know if it can die; but that person is just a "dream"; that is, it is a dream worried about the end of this dream. The "person," which is the dream is concerned with the end of this dream. If you are really worried about the end of this dream, wake up! Wake up now! You only have this moment, which is now, to wake up. If you wake up now, you find out you were never born, that this is just a "dream" and therefore, that you are not going to die, because that is also just a "dream". To be born and dead, just like being dead or alive are just concepts. Here we are not interested in dreams. In some religions, they are worried about "dreams," such as the "dream on this side" or the one "on the other side," but if they are "dreams," they do not interest us. The ego is concerned to survive on a "new dream" after this "old dream." But this new "dream" is just a repetition of the old. Then, if everything is still the same, if the "dream" continues, it does not matter whether in this life or the afterlife, these lives are only a "dream."

So, what does this matter if you do not know who you really are? If you do not know who you really are, it does not matter if "on this side" or "on the other side", on this so-called life, or on this so-called postmortem. If something continues, it is only a repetition of what is here, the continuity of the "dream." Religions are interested in this. Some of them talk about living in heaven, in paradise, in spiritual colonies, in higher worlds, and so on. But it is the same dream, the same illusion, where there is the sense of an "I" present with its experiences, inside the sense of separateness, of separation, living in a private world full of people, of things and places, full of experiences and of the desire to enjoy these experiences. There it is this emptiness, this sadness, this pain, this suffering, but all of this is in the "dream", in the illusion. In this present self with its choices, wills and control is the ego, the "sense of someone", the illusion of separateness.

Therefore, I would say to you that the primary main thing is to Awaken; it is to go beyond this "dream", for beyond it, it is this Freedom, which is Happiness, Love, Peace, Wisdom... which is God's Consciousness. This is the end of the "dream", in this world or in any other world, on this so-called, life or after death. All this ends, finishes, here and now, in your Reality, in your Being, in your True, Essential Nature!

* Speech transcribed from an online meeting via Paltalk at night, on October 19th, 2016 - Virtual meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 p.m.

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