April 3, 2017

Stay here

This moment is always the moment to make the right thing. However, what is this right thing?

If you got in this room (online meeting via Paltalk) and if you are here for listening to a lecture, you are not facing the right thing to be done. The right thing to do in this room is not to listen to a speech. We are in this meeting to do the right thing!

Listening to a speaker, listening to a teacher, listening to someone who knows something you do not know, someone who will explain something you need to understand are not the right thing to do; Not in this room! This is not a real proposal. So, I say it again: this moment is a moment that you can do the right thing. And this right thing is to settle on this Silence, before this Silence. The right thing to do in this meeting, in all meetings in this format, is to settle on this Silence, to stand before this Silence.

There is nothing to be taught, explained, and there is nothing to learn. However, in this Silence, a complete thing is revealed. What is revealed in this Silence is this Truth, the Truth of what can really be communicated within this space called Satsang. What can be communicated within this space is the “Nothing”. That is exactly what you heard: only Nothing can be communicated within that space. Nothing to hear, nothing to learn, nothing to discover...

This Silence represents only this: this Nothing. The whole Truth is in this Silence, and this Silence, which is the Truth, is something so simple. This Nothing reveals everything; This Nothing shows up as the only thing that matters; This Nothing shows up as the only thing necessary; This Nothing is the Nature of God, It is the Essential nature of the Emptiness, That which Buddha discovered under the Bodhi Tree, that which Christ realized in the desert. Buddha, after thirty days under that tree; Christ, after forty days in the desert.

The only revelation that matters to your life is the revelation of that Emptiness; It is the revelation of that Nothing. This Nothing is Wholeness, it is Completeness, it is the end of suffering, it is the entrance of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the language of Jesus. Jesus used to say that the one who will not born again, who does not experience this new birth directly can not enter into this Kingdom.

In the language of Buddha, there is no way of going beyond Samsara, beyond Maya, beyond the illusion of being someone, of being an entity, of being a person without that Emptiness, without entering into that Emptiness, without entering into Nirvana. This is the end!

It is the end of what is known, of the illusion, that fear that is always constant, which is a constant in this life when the illusion of separation is present, when the desire is present. In the Buddha language, suffering is present when the desire is present. Desire is suffering, it is another side of that coin. Fear is present when desire is present. So, we have two sides of a coin: on one side, we have the desire; on the other side, we have fear. And human life walks within this duality. In fact, this duality of mind is present in many aspects of this egoic life, this mental life. Desire and fear are just one aspect of this duality.

It is not about learning about it, studying it, talking about it. The only thing within this work is to become fully aware of this movement and to discard it, to let it fall, to let it disappear. This is the movement of beliefs and thoughts, which means having a life always oriented by desires, keeping fear as something always present.

Liberation is not possible while this remains present; The end of suffering is not possible since this is present; It is not possible entering into the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Truth, Nirvana, or whatever name we want to give to It. In India, the expression is Samadhi - the state beyond all states, that is beyond what is known, beyond this limitation of a personal life, a life within these limits of time, these limits of the thinker, a personal history.

Are you following this? Is this clear? Is it weird? Is it scary? Is it too crazy? How does that sound to you?

So, here, it is a matter of letting go the known thing, of leaving aside this limitation of time, which is desire, fear, thought and history. We have given much value to the history. History has become very important. It is always important for someone.

The importance of it arises with memory, with this egoic need of self-expression. When we need to place ourselves into time as a present entity, we need that history, and so we steadily hold memory, we constantly valorize the thought in order to keep this.

It is necessary to see the importance of going beyond time, going beyond what is known, the history, the memory... That means the end of this past. When the past ends, the future does not matter anymore, it is no longer valorized. It is always the illusion of someone present here waiting for something... Something better compared to everything that has already happened.
So, you create the future because you look at the past. You are always thinking about yourself as an entity present, just because you valorize the idea of ​​the past. You value memory and project the future based on it. I do not know if this is clear...

You are always placing yourself in time as a present entity. You are always saying, "Yesterday was like this, but it could have been different"; "I did not get it yesterday, but I will make it tomorrow"; "Tomorrow it will be different than it was yesterday."

When you do this, you always reaffirm yourself as someone... always hoping, always waiting for things to change. In fact, your future will be no different than what your past was. And why? Because the ego is just that! Ego is this movement in time, it is the illusion of a present entity that repeats itself in time. Time is illusion, but this entity assumes to be real and repeats itself, and its repetition is only memory - it is still past, it is still thought, it is still the imagination; it is that supposed person that you believe to be.

Is this clear? I do not know if I am saying it too fast ...

You are a set of memories, a set of beliefs, a set of imaginations... You are just that: a fraud, illusion. This is the ego, the sense of an "I".

Only this repeats itself, only this has continuity in time. This continuity is the own time, and this time is just that imagination. Notice that we are using several words, but we are always saying the same thing. Interchanging words, but only speaking one thing.

All of these are just thoughts. I have been emphasized the importance of not giving importance to thoughts. The egoic mind needs thought. You as a separate entity are not real without thoughts. As a separate entity you are only "real" by reason of your thoughts. So if you are willing to go beyond the illusion, from that supposed reality of being someone, you need to stop relying on your thoughts, you need to settle on that Silence.

That is why I started the talk by saying that the most important thing to be done in this meeting is to be here, in this Silence. In front of Silence, in silence. Free from the past, free from the future, from memory, from imagination, from time. That means Meditation! Meditation is another word for Consciousness, which is another word for Samadhi, for Nirvana, for Kingdom of Heaven... The Kingdom of Heaven is This which is now, at this instant, presenting Itself out of time, out of what is known, out of the particularity of the "I". The Kingdom of Heaven is the Kingdom of God, it is something out of history. The Kingdom of God is the kingdom free of the imagination and; therefore, free of thought, free from the person.

It is necessary to recognize yourself as Samadhi, as Silence, as Consciousness, as Nirvana, as Kingdom of Heaven, as God! That means no person! That means that the thought is not important! We now have to speak, and speaking is the verbalization of thoughts, but this is not dealing with that "Thing", it is only a signalization, a “pointing in”, because that Thing Itself is Silence, it is Samadhi, it is Consciousness, it is Being!
Anything else? Any questions about that?

Participant: Master, it is simple when I am here listening to it, I even feel a "freedom to be nobody", but the next day arises and everything comes back!

Master: So, stay here! Do not go to the next day! Why do you need to take that step for the next day? When you believe there is another day you are back in time. When you believe that there is another day you move from that moment to an imaginary space called time, and it is in that time that the future is, and within that future is the "I", this illusion of being someone. The "I" always stands in the past or the future and sees this as a portal. On the left side is the past, on the right side is the future, and this "I" is situated in that so-called present, the portal that is always bringing the existence of time.

So, I recommend you to give up time. That means: do not go to the next day, stay Now! The present, like this portal, will be a great temptation for you to go left or right, to the past or to the future. I am telling you: stay Now! Settled on Silence, on that Silence which is Consciousness, which is Presence, which is Samadhi, which is BEING. In the Silence there is no person, there is no future, there is no past, there is no history.

Do not worry about the time for accomplishing It; This is not within time. This means that all this "life", which in this chronological time can take another thirty, forty or fifty years, this is completely irrelevant. This so-called chronological time is not even time. This is not within time. Put this so-called chronological time or clock time available to that non-time, that timeless Realization. In other words, what I am saying is: you have your whole life to realize It. You have all the time in the world to find out that there is no time.

Therefore, place your heart entirely on this; put your life entirely into it. This your life is this one Timeless Life. So do not worry about time. When there is no longer this concern, there is no longer the idea of ​​Enlightenment. When there is no such concern, there is no longer the idea of ​​getting somewhere, of reaching this or that state. You are here, now, with your whole heart dedicated to the end of this illusion, which is the illusion of the tomorrow, which is the illusion of time, which is the illusion of yesterday, which is the illusion of the past, which is the illusion of the future. So, you are doing the right thing, that is to be in this Silence, here and now!

* Transcribed from a speech via Paltalk on the night of  August 12th 2016
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