May 24, 2017

A complete and total involvement from the heart

This work of Realization happens when there is surrender and patience. This is fundamental. There is no way to realize God, to realize the Truth about yourself without surrender and patience. This work is the greatest of all enterprises in your life, because that means recognizing the Truth.

If you look closer, you will realize that those who are close to you in your circle of friendship are not much interested in this. Realizing the Truth is a very rare thing! It is curious to say this... The only real purpose of life is to realize happiness. This realization of Happiness is the realization of the Truth about yourself. The curious thing here is that this is the real purpose of human life, but very few ones are in this enterprise; Very few ones are, in fact, involved in it.

A moment like this happened in your life, of great attraction for This, and that, itself, is a great miracle. A great and inexplicable action of Grace in your life. I will repeat that: look at the people you are in contact with. They are not interested in this. Their subjects are soccer, politics, various situations happening in this country and around the world... Their subjects deal with relationships, family, projects, dreams, profession... while you are here in this room, in that space called Satsang.

Satsang means encounter with the Truth, encounter with the Reality, encounter with What It Is. This is the encounter with Happiness, it is the encounter with your True Nature, which is this Reality of God in you. And if you are here, it is because that is the only moment for you. This moment is the moment of patience, it is the moment of surrender, it is time to turn your heart towards the only thing that matters. Realize that you are alone in this.
It is one of the things that begins to become very clear when you come across this work, because those around you do not share it, they have not a slightest notion, the least interest, they are not willing to be minimally involved with it.

I want to tell you in this meeting, at this moment, in this Satsang, that it is necessary that you give your heart to it totally, completely. You just suspect that there is something out of place in this common model, that is widely accepted and recognized as something normal, as a human standard. There is something beyond this pattern. In this common pattern, there is no Peace, no Freedom, no Wisdom, no Love, no Happiness.

What is challenging in Satsang is that you hear that a life centered on this "sense of someone" with a history, with various forms of experience, with a broad, or not so wide, circle of relationships that you have accomplished or that you are struggling to accomplish, it is a fraud and what it is experiencing is an illusion, being necessary that it disappears.

That is what sounds very complicated to you at first, and, yet, here you are before a fact. Notice that everything you have already accomplished was not enough, and if you look at others who have already accomplished what you still intend to accomplish, you will realize that they continue in the same pattern, which is the common standard of all: problems and all forms of suffering.

I have something to tell you at this meeting: none of this is real. A life centered on the common experience of everybody is a great illusion. You are something beyond that; you are something much bigger than that! When I say "you", when I use this expression, I am not talking about this entity, that image that you make about yourself. I am talking about That which is there beyond the body, beyond the mind, beyond the world, beyond these same relationships, beyond this personal history.

I speak about your True Nature, your Real Nature, the Nature of God. You are Love, you are Happiness, you are Freedom, you are Peace, and the only thing you are here for realizing, for conquering is That: Your own Being.

In history, we hear about great men and women, important figures, truly "successes" in some areas, so their names are recorded  in history. However, when you look at their lives, you realize that they have achieved a lot, they have accomplished a lot, but they were very problematic men and women, quite unhappy, rather miserable, despite their success.

Your True Nature, your Real Nature, That which You are in your Being is the only Reality. This has nothing to do with a story that can be told by someone later. This is not something that will make you be remembered as someone important, who made something, who accomplished something.

What I am talking about has to do with what you Are, with the Truth about you, with the Freedom that is you, with the Peace that is you, with the Love that is you, with the Silence that is you. This is possible in this Awakening; This is possible in this Realization; This is possible at the end of this illusory suffering that thought has produced, which the mind has produced, giving reality to what does not have, making real what is not real. I mean about this separate entity.

You are definitely not a person. There is definitely nothing you can accomplish. There is definitely nothing you need to accomplish. All you really need is to realize the Truth, the Truth about yourself. This is the end of this illusory suffering. This is the end of the sense of separation.

This has been, and it is still, the message that we are sharing and that we will continue to share. And that, for sure, is for you. There is something inside you "burning" for that, so you are here at this meeting. Therefore, the whole thing is in this patience and in that surrender, in that total and complete involvement with all your heart. So, this makes this finding possible.

This is the only Realization! There is no other! To Realize What you Are is the only Realization. This will not put your name on the story, this will show you that you are beyond history; This will show you that you are beyond the body, beyond form, beyond name, beyond success and failure. It is basically this.

* Transcribed from a talk of an online meeting on the night of November 11, 2016. Online meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10pm. Download the app “paltalk” on your mobile device or computer and join us.

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